Supplier Profile:  Mecal by Starn

Mecal by Starn supplies high-quality crimping equipment to the North American Market. Mostly known for their crimp applicator products, they are the US manufacturer & distributor for Mecal Italy and have been for over 15 years. It began as a partnership between Mecal and Starn Tool in order to supply the North American Wire Harness Industry with world-class applicators, presses and spare parts. From its modest start in 2008, Mecal By Starn has successfully grown into one of the most sought after suppliers in the industry. By adding equipment, implementing the latest technology, and attracting top talent. Mecal By Starn now supports the largest companies, and major projects in the industry.

Their customer-centric philosophy centers on simplicity, while never detracting from exceptional quality. Compromising on quality is never an option, and a rigorous quality control process is designed to guarantee consistency and reliability across their product range. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, Mecal By Starn has demonstrated a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality management and continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations.

A Proud History of Excellence

The partnership made perfect sense. Mecal Italy was established in 1976 with the aim of supplying the wire harness industry with the best crimping equipment available. Starn Tool, a well-respected precisions machining company for nearly 80 years, had supported the wire harness industry, specifically with applicator dies and parts, since the 1960’s.

To really understand Mecal by Starn, you have to look at the history of Starn Tool. Starn Tool was founded in Meadville, PA in 1945 by Gleason Starn, who was a tool room supervisor for the Talon Zipper Company. It was in his blood as his father, William Jacob Starn, had been an inventor/toolmaker in the early 1900’s. In fact, it was his father who designed the star with the “N” logo that has been the hallmark of Starn companies.

Gleason’s brother James (J.O) returned from WWII and purchased half the business. Gleason had never given up his full-time position at Talon, so J.O. became President and Manager.

The company grew rapidly through the years. Gleason retired from Talon in 1966 and turned his focus to Starn Tool. By that time, they were working for some prestigious customers like Scovill Fasteners, Corning Glass, Zippo and Packard Electric. Starn was producing parts for Packard’s crimp applicators. Through decades of supporting the wire Mecal Side Feed Applicatorharness industry, they have perfected techniques and processes of machining, hardening, and polishing. Bill Starn, now President/CEO, joined the company 50 years ago in 1973, and bought the company in 1992. Through his entrepreneurial spirit, he has successfully led the company through many periods of growth, maintaining the latest equipment and technology, as well as several building expansions and new companies.

In 2008, Mecal Italy approached Bill about the prospect of manufacturing their applicators for the North American Market. The aforementioned partnership was agreed upon and Mecal By Starn was created. Today, Mecal by Starn has its own bustling facility on Blooming Valley Road in Meadville

A Commitment to Uncompromising Quality

Together they are producing what they hold are the most reliable crimp applicators in the industry, boasting a longevity of millions of cycles. According to their internal data, Mecal and Mecal by Starn perishable tooling longevity is among the best in the industry.

Today’s investments at Mecal by Starn are as much in people as they are in cutting-edge equipment. They operate on a very customer centered approach. Requests for quotes are turned around in 24 hours as are all technical inquiries. Often times, customers can speak with the technician who actually built their applicator. Customers also have unfettered access to management should anything need to be addressed by them.

One of the most impressive things Mecal by Starn has to offer is the intensive training courses at their Meadville facility. The Mini Applicator training program is a comprehensive and hands-on course designed to introduce participants to the assembly and testing of Mecal mini applicators. This course is for any individual(s) seeking a foundational understanding of mini applicators. Whether it be for new employees in the field, technicians, or engineers looking to expand their skill set, this comprehensive course equips participants with the knowledge and expertise necessary for effective maintenance, adjustments and operating. It is typically a day and a half and attendees will learn how to disassemble, assemble and adjust an applicator. Proper maintenance is covered, and attendees leave with a thorough understanding of how the various parts work in unison to produce reliable, quality crimps.  

Mecal by Starn is the OEM applicator builder for Samtec Terminals. The partnership means they have all of the Samtec part numbers on hand, so customers don’t have to send in samples for those terminals.