Sonobond Ultrasonics Will Demonstrate Industry’s Number One Ultrasonic Metal Welder at EWPTE Booth 1226

WEST CHESTER, PA –. Sonobond Ultrasonics announced today that technical sales personnel will display and demonstrate the capabilities of their Dual Head Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder at EWPTE, May 17-18, in Booth 1226.

In 1960, Sonobond (then known as Aeroprojects) invented ultrasonic metal welding, and received the first patent ever issued for it. Their patented Wedge-Reed System, designed specifically for ultrasonic metal welding, eliminates the bending stress caused by other ultrasonic welders, achieves more durable welds than crimp or solder systems, and eliminates the metallurgical changes found in fusion welds.

Sonobond’s Dual Head Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder, considered the industry’s number one ultrasonic metal welder, produces strong, precise, highly conductive welds in non-ferrous wires and metals. It uniquely joins metals that are oxidized or lightly tinned in just one pulse and without pre-cleaning – no other ultrasonic metal welder has this capability.

The welder features two ultrasonic welding heads, one on either side of the welding area, for increased welding capacity. This enables welding of wire bundles up to 100 cross-section area. Plus, it has the capability to weld non-ferrous sheet metal, including aluminum up to 3mm thick, while reducing the tip sticking common on thinner aluminum used for automotive applications.

In addition, it welds up to 100 layers of anode and cathode foils – as thin as seven microns, without tearing – to battery taps and terminals for lithium-ion and NiMH batteries. These batteries are used in electric vehicles, charging stations, and high-capacity energy storage batteries.

It’s microprocessor controller recalls up to 250 weld protocols, can weld by time, energy or height (when equipped with Sonobond’s Advanced HMI), and provides automatic frequency control and overload protection.

Sonobond personnel will be making sample welds at booth 1226 to demonstrate the Dual Head Welder’s capabilities. Show attendees are welcome to bring their own non-ferrous materials to the booth so no-cost sample welds can be made in Sonobond’s Applications Lab. This enables manufacturers to see the quality of welds produced in their materials before they decide to purchase any unit.

Those who are not attending EWPTE can order no-cost viability testing of their own materials by visiting the website and filling out the order form:

For more information, please contact Sara Karmilowicz at 610-696-4710, 800-323-1269, or [email protected],