Komax Group wins Swiss Manufacturing Award 2023

The expansion of the Komax Group’s headquarters in Dierikon, Switzerland, and the combination with Schleuniger are a clear commitment to Switzerland as a business location. In recognition of this, the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen presented the Swiss Manufacturing Award 2023 to the Komax Group.

made an outstanding contribution to Switzerland as a manufacturing location over the year.

The award is based on the Swiss Manufacturing Survey which was completed by 379 Swiss companies in 2023. The survey is designed to give insights into the current state of Switzerland’s manufacturing sector so as to allow any negative trends or developments to be identified, analyzed, and addressed.

The Komax Group has continuously expanded its production capacities over recent years, be
it through the expansion of its headquarters in Dierikon, which involved the construction of
the vertical factory and extension of the site with the purchase of a production and office
building from Schindler, or through the combination with Schleuniger. As a globally active
technology group, the Komax Group seeks to be close to its customers at all times. These
steps are, at the same time, a sign of a clear commitment to Switzerland as a business location, and as the solid foundation for success.

“Switzerland is extremely important to us as a manufacturing location,” explains Matijas
Meyer, CEO Komax Group. “We generate around 60% of our revenues in Switzerland, with
98% of this being exported.”

The Komax Group’s commitment to Switzerland as a manufacturing location was honored at
the “St.Galler Produktionsmanagement-Tagung 2023” in St.Gallen, Switzerland, with the
Group being presented with the Swiss Manufacturing Award 2023.

“I am delighted that we have won this award, all the more so because it is testimony to the
very valuable work of our employees and to the Komax Group as an employer that is aware
of its responsibilities. I would like to thank all our members of staff, who made this award
possible thanks to the work they carry out every day and who will also go on contributing to
the success story of the Komax Group,” said Matijas Meyer.

The Swiss Manufacturing Award is presented each year to a successful, highly innovative industrial company in Switzerland. It has been awarded by the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St.Gallen since 2019, and is presented to companies that have