CAMI Releases External Measurement Instrument Port Option

CAMI Research Inc.  (Acton, MA), manufacturer of the CableEye® automation-ready cable and harness test system, has released an option for its HVX product line permitting leakage measurements of 10 GΩ isolation at a test voltage of 100 Vdc. This new capability will be of special interest to customers requiring extremely high isolation resistance measurements at very low voltages. The option may be ordered with new testers or added as an upgrade to previously purchased systems.


The company has been a leader in innovating highly configurable test solutions for simple and complex multiconductor cables and harnesses for over thirty years. CAMI provides these advanced wiring analyzers and guided assembly systems to discerning global customers who require accurate and dependable assembly and testing in order to deliver top quality product. Systems are used for countless test applications of products destined for Transportation, Aerospace, Energy, Appliances, Medical Devices, Defense, Robotics, Telecom and much more. Trusted by industry leaders such as CERN, Ford, GE, Hitachi, NASA, Abbott, TESLA, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Airborn, Furukawa, TE Connectivity, and the Nobel prize-winning group, LIGO, thousands of test systems have shipped globally over the years.

Testing your cables and wire harness assemblies is only part of the solution. By combining test, fault location, design, documentation, labeling, database storage, and automation in one instrument, your CableEye test and management system covers all the bases. Use for R&D, prototyping, production (batch testing, HMLV, LMHV), diagnostics, and design.

Set up your test station to perform multiple background tasks, including environmental data acquisition, all triggered automatically with a single click of a button or a barcode scan.

All CableEye testers ship with comprehensive software providing test functions, connectors database, graphic wiring display, reporting, data logging, automation scripting and many more features. Truly future-ready, this software is readily upgradable so that in twenty years, your system will have even more features than when it was purchased.

The new add-on option comprises custom software and a hardware upgrade that allows an external measurement instrument to be used in combination with the HVX’s internal relay-switching matrix and reporting software. It uses the built-in external terminals of an HVX series tester to accept stimulus signals from the external source, and that source’s USB or Serial channel to control it and read measurement data. CableEye internal software presents the acquired data in the standard report format used for all CableEye wiring reports. The customer will need to purchase a third-party instrument, the Keithley Model 2410 SourceMeter®, to obtain the described function.


Applications for such high isolation measurements at very low voltage include mission critical devices with densely packed pins that would arc at higher voltages potentially causing damage: For example, the testing of military or aerospace cables with nano connectors.

Exacting Reporting Standards

CableEye software allows customers to meet the most exacting reporting requirements of government-contracted and ISO 9000-style certified companies.


All new testers ship ready-to-use with a two-year Product Support Subscription (PSS) comprising warranty, free tech support, complimentary software upgrades and more. The PSS is renewable, though not required for tester operation.

Availability & Domestic US Pricing

Available immediately, the External Measurement Instrument Port option is $1,995 (Item 835) and co-requires the 4-Wire Kelvin Resistance Measurement option (Item 832), and a third party source meter (Keithley Model 2410). Instrument Port Retrofit fees apply.

Contact [email protected] or (978) 266-2655 for a quote.

Note: Prices are USA only and subject to exchange rates, freight and import costs. Contact your local authorized distributor for local pricing.

About CAMI

CAMI Research produces expandable and upgradable diagnostic Cable & Harness Test Systems for assembly, prototyping, production, and QC of standard or custom cables. CableEye® testers display and document basic electrical properties such as continuity, resistance, capacitance, dielectric breakdown, insulation resistance, miswires, and intermittent defects. Measurement of 10GΩ Isolation at 100V