Experience Next-Level Heatshrink Printing with Techflex® Heatshrink Designer

Are you working on a wire project that requires that something extra to take it from ordinary to extraordinary? Do you need that finishing touch to deliver the branding and customization that you — or your client — are looking for? Would you like to have your company’s brand readily visible where your customers will see it?

Then you are ready for a quantum leap in your heatshrink experience, with a game-changer from Techflex® — the newly redesigned and exclusive Techflex® Heatshrink Designer. This top-notch app-based heatshrink printing program was specially designed for the convenience of our B2B customers and is just one of the many phenomenal perks available to Techflex® B2B members.

While one might expect a complex undertaking would be required to generate such an exceptional heatshrink product, the process that leads to a high caliber customized creation is a straightforward one. Techflex® Heatshrink Designer is where B2B members can create quality heatshrink faster and more efficiently than they could on their own.

How does it work? The heart of Techflex® Heatshrink Designer is the user-driven environment. It enables our B2B members to produce a quality, personalized product with only a few touches on our mobile app. Techflex® B2B members literally have the power in their hands to design their own heatshrink, with just some simple steps and taps on their smartphones.

How does one begin the process? Members first choose their heatshrink type from the generous selection of Shrinkflex® tubing varieties and colors.

Then they will need to select their shrink ratio, which is the final shrunk diameter of the heatshrink tubing after it is heated. The size one chooses will depend on the diameter of the harnesses one expects to cover. How is heatshrink size measured? One calculates a cable or wire harness diameter using a ruler, tape measure, or caliper. Simply place a ruler or tape measure on top of the bundle to determine its breadth. When measuring with a caliper, the measuring jaw should be expanded around each side of your wire or cable’s end at its thinnest area. Should the cable bundle not be uniform in size, measurements should be taken at the widest point. If there is a connector within the harness and you plan to add heatshrink over that, a measurement should additionally be taken at that connector’s widest point. The heatshrink size you ultimately use will depend on the largest diameter taken. The inner expanded diameter of your heatshrink should exceed that of your item, where you are able to slip a wire harness or connector over its widest section. It is additionally important to ensure you have adequate length to cover what you need to, as heatshrink will shrink in length as it is heated with a tool like a heat gun. The size you ultimately choose will need to tightly seal your wires and cables. For a 2:1 shrink ratio, tubing shrinks to one-half its original diameter, 3:1 ratio shrinks to one-third, and 4:1 to one-quarter.

Techflex® B2B Members can then pick coordinating print colors for imprinting onto the heatshrink, including black, blue, gold, green, orange, purple, red, silver, white, or yellow. These ink colors will vary based on the type and color of the heatshrink tubing chosen, along with the coordinating colors that are available.

It’s within the Heatshrink Designer program where you can additionally upload your high-quality logo or image in .JPG or .PNG format, which will be imprinted onto the heatshrink you create.

Heatshrink Designer offers layout and proofing tools to digitally design and save your heatshrink artwork. All designs and print jobs are saved into the Heatshrink Designer system. This makes it easy for you to retrieve and repeat your saved orders of any size, whether they are small or bulk quantities. It also saves time when reordering, whether you choose to reprint the same quantity in a later round or opt for the same design but a different number of pieces in the future.

What happens next? Your heatshrink is printed at Techflex® based on your specifications. The output is factory-level, customized quality heatshrink that is then shipped to your door.

One of the other many benefits to printing your heatshrink using Techflex® Heatshrink Designer is the flexibility of the program. Using the Techflex® equipment more efficiently manages your time because you just print your heatshrink wherever you have internet access. There is also a cost savings benefit because our B2B members don’t need to purchase or maintain their own specialized equipment but can exclusively and conveniently access the Techflex® high tech equipment and software.

There are other advantages to using Techflex® equipment instead of your own. One of them is the quality standardization and consistency you have with every run. Our support team also handles troubleshooting of any technical issues that may arise, which you would have to deal with on your own, as well as the downtime, when utilizing your own equipment.

Techflex® furthermore provides your access to our Heatshrink Designer program remains secure, and your confidential and proprietary label designs are safeguarded within our system.

Heatshrink Designer is also a scalable solution because it accommodates businesses of varying sizes, from smaller family-run entities to larger-scale operations.

This B2B convenience is additionally a more environmentally friendly way to go. We have already mentioned you no longer need to have your own equipment, which of course is more economical. And doing so saves on the manufacturing footprint for the equipment and supplies it takes to operate it. But your tubing’s carbon footprint is also reduced because it does not need to be transported to various places for printing. It instead can simply be printed at Techflex®, then shipped to you after the final product has been created.

Ready to experience Techflex® Heatshrink Designer and the many other B2B membership benefits? Speak to your sleeving specialist at 1-833-SLEEVING or email them to request B2B membership access. See Techflex® solutions on their website HERE.