WHMA Wired-In Sept/Oct 2022

WHMA/IPC Offer Wire Harness Operator Training in English and Spanish


The Wire Harness Operator’s (WHO) course introduces operators to the key tools, materials, and processes required to consistently produce quality wire harness assemblies in both English and Spanish. This course is designed to encompass the entire wire harness assembly process, including a customizable selection of modules to address the current needs and future goals of operators and organizations. The course’s seven mandatory modules will be covered in this training, enabling participants to earn a qualified IPC wire harness assembly operator certificate.

Modules include introduction to wire harness assembly; safety; engineering documentation; materials and components; tools and equipment; wire preparation and processing; and inspection and training.

Modular training allows for flexibility in implementation to your team. Each learning module contains meaningful opportunities for students to engage with the content and apply what they learned in real-world contexts. The program’s carefully curated video presentations, detailed illustrations, interactive activities, and practice quizzes are all formulated to make even the most complex topics easy to understand and master.

“IPC learning specialists teamed up with industry experts to provide the knowledge and skills that every operator needs to build quality wires and cable harnesses,” said Carlos Plaza, IPC senior director of education.

WHMA/IPC’s workforce training programs are available in online self-paced and instructor-led formats. Self-paced courses can be completed independently from any device with an internet connection. The instructor-led format similarly allows instructors to stream the course to their students from any connected device.

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