TE Connectivity Introduces New Hybrid and Electric Mobility Products

TE Connectivity Introduces New Hybrid and Electric Mobility Products to Meet the Unique Needs of the Commercial Trans- portation Market

High voltage accessory connec- tors and charging inlets designed specifically for ultra-rugged ap- plications while addressing safety and reliability requirements

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in innovative connectivity solutions for Industrial and Com- mercial Transportation (ICT), is in- troducing three new products for the hybrid and electric commercial

transportation market. As the world quickly shifts away from internal combustion engines towards hy- brid and electric mobility, the ICT market is key to meeting world-

wide goals of electrified transport, lowered emissions and a cleaner planet. TE is taking major steps in the electrification revolution by offering a new trio of products

squarely aimed at help- ing ICT customers meet the challenges of tomor- row.

The new IPT-HD power bolt connector performs exceptionally well when exposed to extreme temperatures (-40oC to 125oC) and, thanks to its low contact resistance design, can withstand excessively high engine-level vibra- tions. The IPT-HD power bolt high-voltage con- nector features a new shielding design that complies with ISO and LV standards, as well as thicker options for con- ductor cross-sections used in MCU (Motor Control Unit), E-axle and E-motor applications. To support diverse ap- plications and increased assembly flexibility, the IPT-HD power bolt se- ries can support up to 3 positions, as well as 50 mm2 and 70 mm2 con- ductor cross-sections with a 95 mm2 option available soon. Further-