Press Release – WAGO Introduces Three New Modules for use in Harsh Environments

WAGO Introduces Three New Modules for use in Harsh Environments

WAGO has added a new Ethernet- based PLC controller and two new I/O couplers for use in extreme environ- ments. These new modules, part of the 750 XTR Series, have two switched Ethernet ports for feedthrough cabling and support any of the XTR digital, ana- log and specialty I/O modules.

The new PLC controller (750- 890/040-000) has the ability to be pro- grammed with WAGO-I/O-PRO based Codesys v.2 software and supports MODBUS TCP/UDP fieldbus communi- cations. It offers the latest hardware technology, providing faster process- ing speeds and more memory than previous generations.

The new distributed I/O couplers (750-362/040-000 and 750-363/040- 000) offer dedicated fieldbus ports with faster boot-up times. The 750- 362/040-000 supports MODBUS TCP/ UDP while the 750-363/040-000 sup- ports EtherNet/IP communications.

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thing we do at WAGO. From our pio- neering CAGE CLAMP® spring pres- sure connection technology to our extensive range of Interconnect, Inter- face and Automation solutions, such

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