Zuken Innovation World 2020

Upcoming Zuken Innovation World


In order to stay abreast of industry developments and ever changing customer needs, Zuken has created a series of user group meetings called Zuken Innovation World. The gathering that covers the Americas will be held on April 27 – 30 on Coronado Island in San Diego, and WHN spoke with Paul Harvell and Bob Potock to discuss the event in detail.

“This is our user conference that we frame around technology and innovation,” Bob mentioned, “and it revolves around the pillars of innovation, education and networking.” The innovation pillar, as he described, will reveal ways Zuken’s software portfolios, along with partner integrations, can optimize the engineering and design process, while overcoming manufacturing challenges. You’ll see, for example, the Harness Builder for E3.series transfer information from the quoting process all the way through to manufacturing and testing.

Zuken partners in manufacturing and test equipment will be on hand to demonstrate the ways their products interface with Zuken software to maximize time and cost savings. “It’s quite a big mix from the design and PCB side, all the way through the harness side,” said Paul, “so we like to bring as many things into them room as we can.”

On the education pillar, Bob noted they will have about 40 technical breakout sessions that cover printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, and digital engineering. “We call it Zuken University,” Bob detailed, “and it has very much of a classroom feel with learning on design best practices, but with the tools right there.”

In addition to the classes, Zuken will also have an Expert Bar set up. “It’s a very popular activity where we have our product experts set up at a bar area with a 50-inch monitor,” Paul described. “It allows our customers to go up and have one-on-one time with our technical team.”

As Bob pointed out, Zuken Innovation World events provide an outstanding opportunity for networking. “This is a great opportunity for our customers and prospective customers to network with one another, with our valued partners, and with the Zuken technology team.”

Paul emphasized that the event is different from a typical trade show or conference because you’re closer to the technology. Zuken and their partners are there in a more informal setting to answer questions and solve problems. “So, in that respect, it’s much less of a sales event, and more of a learning and doing event.”

Equipment Manufacturers Welcome!

As much as prospective customers are encouraged to gather for the event, so too are harness manufacturing test equipment suppliers. “We’d like to people from the wire harness side because we’re always looking to expand our partnership ecosystem,’ Bob mentioned, “so, from that perspective there’s a lot to be gained by third party attendees.” Zuken hopes that industry equipment suppliers can meet with them to talk about integration solutions, and also meet with Harness Builder for E3.series customers to see how they are using the software.

More about Harness Builder for E3.series

Harness Builder for E3.series is a wire harness design software that supports the custom wire and cable harness market. This E3.series integrated module is designed to be used by harness manufacturers for the accurate quotation/estimate and full creation of nailboard/pegboard documentation. OEM’s and contract manufacturers can easily create their harness documentation from drawings and/or a wirelist, in a short amount of time. Data sheets can be easily added to documentation. Pricing information, lead time and assembly time can also be calculated automatically.