Women Impacting the Workforce at Mecal by Starn

Women Impacting the Workforce at Mecal by Starn

Melissa Femia is off slaying dragons, so we don’t have a Power Women feature in this issue. But we were recently approached by the folks at Mecal by Starn about some outstanding women within their organization. These impactful women are key to the great products and customer service the company offers, and we thought they were worth recognizing.

Michele Bernosky

Michele has been with Mecal By Starn since June 2004. She is responsible for many operations in the business including shipping, receiving incoming orders and working with customers and manufacturing to ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. She is the “hub” of the wheel at Mecal By Starn. Michele always exceeds our expectations with the work she performs and is more than capable of handling any challenge you give her. Thank you, Michele, for all you do to maintain our excellent reputation in this industry!

Willow Peterman

Willow has been with Mecal by Starn / Starn Tool since June 2013. Starting as a CCCTC drafting student and working at Starn part-time, she worked her way through every department, eventually moving into an assistant position in Engineering. In 2017 she transferred into an Office Manager position, as the current manager of 48 years, Linda Maloney, was retiring. Willow learned and mastered the position quickly and advanced into the financial aspect of the job, becoming the Starn Family of Companies Controller. She now sits on the Starn Family of Companies Executive Team and is a voting member and Executive Secretary of the Starn Family of Companies Board of Directors. She always has an open door and an open ear to discuss all issues and challenges throughout the corporation. Thank you, Willow, it has been amazing to watch you learn and grow so quickly.

Diane Schlosser

Diane has been with Mecal by Starn since May 2018. She is at the heart of our Wire EDM operations at our secondary facility. Diane is responsible for multiple tasks including receiving, shipping, purchase orders, quality, and much more. Without Diane, no jobs would hit the floor or leave the shop. Thank you, Diane, for consistently being a key part of our team. You are a big part of helping make customer satisfaction a given!

Hailly Ruhl

Hailley was a CO-OP student at CCCTC who began working for Starn Tool in June 2019 and transitioned to Mecal by Starn in March 2020. It didn’t take long for Hailley to win our hearts and prove that once again women fit the Starn culture and thrive in the manufacturing environment. She has a great work ethic and always jumps into tasks with a smile on her face. She is more than capable of taking on whatever work we give her and always exceeds our expectations. This is why Hailley is now the head inspector of all our crimp tooling. Thank you, Hailley, for choosing the Starn family of companies. You have been and will continue to be a wonderful addition to the team!