Wiring Harness News Pilots a Spanish Language Newspaper

Wiring Harness News Pilots a Spanish Language Newspaper

Wiring Harness News (WHN) recently partnered with M-Expo and WHMA to produce a Spanish language newspaper. The publication was delivered specifically to harness manufacturers in the all-important Juárez market, as well as distributed at the M-Expo Wire Processing Show held in Juárez last October.

The publication featured information on process improvement, equipment maintenance, testing/quality control, software, and other editorial pertinent to the industry. Like the main publication, it also featured new products and services in these fields. “We are trying to create a more global footprint,” explained Joe Tito, Editor for WHN. “We now have the electronic version that is available free anywhere in the world, but only in English. The concentration of harness producers in Mexico, especially Juárez, makes a Spanish language version the next logical step in increasing that footprint.”

The opportunity for the pilot publication was presented to WHN in mid-August by Gustavo Farrell, President of Cesar-Scott, who also promotes the M-Expo. Timing was an issue as it was determined the best way to distribute was as an insert in El Mexicano, a general manufacturing publication for the Juárez market. “We had 20 days to put this thing together,” Joe recalled, “and that included getting advertisers on board with Spanish language ads and translating current articles.” He went on to indicate the latter would not have been possible without the efforts of Gustavo in finding a translator capable of handling technical material.

“Most of the advertisers in the pilot publication will be familiar to readers of our main newspaper,” said Jim Brown, Sales Manager for WHN, “but we also intend to reach out to businesses like tool and die makers, who support the Juárez market on a more local basis. “

Special thanks are also due to Ingrid Flores, Marketing Manager of Cesar-Scott, and Christine Siebert, Owner of Siebert Consulting Group, for their efforts. Plans are already underway for what will likely become a quarterly Spanish language version of WHN. If you are interested in placing an ad or supplying editorial, please contact Jim Brown or Joe Tito respectively. (See contact info on page 3) You can view the entire publication by following this link: