Why Exhibit at M-EXPO – Exhibitors Perspective

Several companies exhibiting at M-EXPO 2022 were interviewed for their insight regarding the upcoming show. You will learn about the importance of M-EXPO in this region through these interviews.

Why is the M-EXPO show important to the wire harness industry?

“We have been serving manufacturers in Mexico for over 30 years and see tremendous opportunity to expand our service coverage and build business relationships with additional manufacturers,” states Khoi Nguyen, Director of Marketing, LAPP Tannehill.

“Our company exhibited at the Mexico Supplier Summit at the end of March. Most of the people that came into the pavilion were from Mexico, but it was not a very specific industry-based expo. One thing I really like about M-EXPO is that it is very, very industry-specific. People are coming there to learn more about wire cutting, stripping, product wire management, crimping, and things like that are very specific. So, you know your audience is prequalified. Not everyone needs the parts and products that you offer but you know they are prequalified because they touch the things you represent and understand what you do. So, engagement there is a lot higher,” states Jeff Barth, President and Founder, JWB Manufacturing.

“The fact that we’re going there for the first time and making a presentation in Spanish designed to address the local population says that there is a need for that. Over the past six years at EWPTE, we saw a diversity of attendees coming from Europe, Canada, and Mexico. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we saw a lot less this year, so I think holding a show in Mexico is very important to the industry to bring the message where it’s needed. Again, bringing solutions to a sector of the industry that may not be able to travel to the US,” states John Tomaz, Wardwell Braiding.

Why is your company exhibiting at the upcoming M-EXPO Wire Processing Technology Expo on September 27-29, 2022?

“There’s more manufacturing of wire harnesses in Mexico than anywhere else, even the Americas. As a result, Mexico has a strong focus for harness manufacturing, and this is our new main focus for our software – manufacturing harnesses,” states Fergus Kendall, CPO and Co-Founder, Cadonix, Inc.

“More than ever, as leaders in our teams, companies, and industry, we need to prioritize the carving out precious time to step out of the day-to-day and look out ahead and ‘out there’ for both challenges and opportunities BEFORE they happen or pass us by.

Otherwise, we’ll always be in reactive mode with respect to change. While the Web and digital communications are great, Google can only do so much with providing in-depth, practical, real-world awareness of problems and solutions that may or may not be in our field of vision. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t ‘Google’ what you’ve never heard of.

That is why M-EXPO is so important for our industry, as it sits at the crossroads (figuratively AND geographically) of what is happening in our industry.  Bringing together like minds who are encountering problems that we may also be experiencing (or that may be hiding right around the corner for us), along with people who are at the forefront of solving these challenges with technologies, practices, and people resources that we may not be aware of.  With all the uniqueness of our industry, the ROI from sending our thought leaders to M-EXPO and engaging with other like-minded thought leaders is immeasurable,” states Khoi Nguyen, Director of Marketing, LAPP Tannehill.

“As I continue to expand my business and reach, I enjoy working with Mexican companies. Many of these companies are US-based and are either shoring or reshoring, so there are a lot of commonalities. I enjoy the value systems of the people in Mexico. In Mexico, it’s more relationship-based than transactional-based. Networking is a big part because it is a very tight-knit industry, and I feel very comfortable going and talking with anyone about their business and my business. It’s a great networking thing; you never know who you will meet and hear their challenges. Some people are nervous about sharing too much about their business, but that’s not me. I look for individuals who want to develop a deep relationship, not just a transactional one,” states Jeff Barth, President and Founder, JWB Manufacturing.