WHMA Wired-In Sept/Oct 2020

Wired In – Sept/Oct 2020

By Christine Siebert

We are all busy professionals and as busy professionals; we know that it is hard to take time to attend off-site classes/trainings. I mean who can take 3-4 days to attend a training or send our team off-site to attend. The hard part is that most of the time, we really want to send or attend these trainings but just don’t have the manpower or are in the middle of an important project. Aren’t we always in the middle of an important project? We’ll catch that training the next time it’s available, right?

Of course, right now, there’s this pandemic called COVID-19 and who can go anywhere! Luckily WHMA/IPC has thought of the solution even before COVID, it’s called a Video Training Library, also heavily known as “remote learning” in today’s world. But honestly, it’s been going on for a long time and really saves a lot of companies’ time and money.

Let me introduce you to the “Introduction to Wiring Assembly”. It’s a mini-library of 6 trainings that teach cable / wire assembly manufacturing to your current and new employees in a class room setting for wire / cable assembly, stripping, crimping, preparation, connectors, terminals & coaxial cable assembly. It’s incredible! Perfect for training during this time and in the future. The course titles are listed below.

  1. Wire Harness Assembly Methods (56C)
  2. Intro to Wire Crimping (58C)
  3. Wire Preparation (59C)
  4. Electronic Connector Assembly (62C)
  5. Terminology Training for Wire Assembly (152C)
  6. Coaxial Cable Assembly (167C)

The great part about these courses is that they were created by IPC who specializes in providing industry-developed video training for electronics assembly. These instructional videos are perfect to be used over and over again, for new employees, refreshers, cross-training and continuing education.

If you are a WHMA/IPC member you get a discount on this library, and trust me if you’re not a member, it’s worth becoming a member! If you become a new member before September 30, 2020, you will receive 50% off your first year’s membership AND receive a copy of IPC/WHMA-A-620 Revision D Standard. Which literally pays for the membership itself, along with all the great benefits of the WHMA membership and the IPC membership.

For more information, please go to or contact [email protected].