Waytek’s Top 10 DC Component Innovations

DC electrical components are constantly evolving to meet challenges for use in heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, and mobile equipment. Here’s a look at 10 innovations by Waytek suppliers that are making it easier for upfitters and technicians to complete their builds and maintain their fleets.

1. Series 87 Switchable High-Amp Circuit Breakers from Mechanical Products

These much-anticipated entrants to the marine-rated market category can be used as main or branch circuit breakers. Heavy-duty and ignition protected, they are ideal for any application that may encounter conditions of water, humidity, or vibration—such as boats, heavy-duty trucks, buses, RVs, off-road vehicles, and heavy equipment. Series 87 circuit breakers are available in a wide amp range (from 25 to 250 amps) and are offered in panel mount or surface mount options.

2. Littelfuse High-Voltage DC Contactors

These robust, remote-operated contactors from Littelfuse are designed for use in EV applications and other switch controls. Available with polarized and non-polarized contacts, they are ideal for safely disconnecting DC energy sources in 48-volt applications that require continuous run time. They can be installed in any orientation, making them easy to incorporate into battery and electric vehicles, battery energy storage systems, construction machinery, heavy-duty trucks, and buses.

3. MagnaMate™ ATHP Power Connectors from Amphenol Sine Systems

The latest in a steady stream of connector innovations from Amphenol Sine Systems, the MagnaMate ATHP connector series is designed for “xEV” applications (hybrid, plug-in, and fuel-cell electric vehicles). These rugged, sealed connectors feature high-performance RADSOK® contact technology and are rated for up to 180 amps. Designated application areas include inverters, power electrical boxes, junction boxes, and EV batteries.

4. Voltage Regulators from Pollak

With the growing number of applications and circuitry on today’s heavy-duty vehicles—often with varying voltage ratings—a high-quality voltage regulator helps ensure that the battery receives a steady and appropriate charge. Pollak voltage regulators are made with highest-grade components and utilize precision-manufactured PC boards encapsulated in epoxy for maximum performance, reliability, and long service life.

5. Molex Perma-Seal Terminals on Reels

Molex is now offering a wide selection of its industry-leading terminal products on mylar tape reels, enabling automated use and thus reducing labor time and costs. Reel-packaged options include ring terminals, bullet connectors, and quick disconnects—all of which are sealed and durable even when immersed in anti-freeze, brake fluid, and other chemicals.

6. TechLace™ Braided Lacing Tapes from Techflex

Available in nylon or polyester, braided lacing tapes from Techflex present a durable alternative to cable ties. Lacing tapes don’t get brittle or degrade over time and, unlike cable ties, they leave no sharp edges after cutting that could snag or get hung up. These tapes are very robust and able to withstand long-term environmental exposure and extreme vibration. They are ideal for applications requiring reductions in size and weight.

7. Littelfuse High-Voltage LC 10EV Fuses

These new 500-volt fuses from Littelfuse are ideal for EV and hybrid vehicle applications. They utilize diffusion pill technology to provide time-delayed protection and low heat dissipation for use with high-voltage accessory circuits. As a growing number EV and hybrid vehicles in the field age and begin to require service, demand for these reliable high-voltage fuses is sure to increase.

8. Miniature Snap-Action Switches from CIT Relay & Switch

Snap-action switches are tactile or “quick” switches that respond to physical pressure from movement or weight, such as a door opening. These small-sized snap-action switches manufactured by CIT Relay & Switch provide flawless actuation force and quick response times. They are available in roller lever and hinge lever options and, when ordered through Waytek, come with pre-assembled 20-gauge wire leads for easy installation.

9. EVO Cut Cable Tie Cutting Tool from HellermannTyton

The new EVO Cut cable tie cutting tool from industry stalwart HellermannTyton has garnered lots of industry attention as a no-nick solution for removing cable ties, preventing damage to cable insulation. This tool is very lightweight and ergonomically designed for single-handed operation. It comes with three interchangeable nosepieces for use with corresponding cable tie widths and thicknesses. Just center the nosepiece on the cable tie and squeeze the lever.

10. Intelligent Dual USB Charging Ports

The latest generation of USB charging ports for vehicle use feature both a 2.0 socket and a type-C socket to accommodate a wide range of phones and other devices. The Intelligent Dual USB Charging Port now available at Waytek features the “traditional” 2.0 rectangular port above and the type C (oval-shaped) port below. They type C slot offers the convenience of easy orientation: You don’t have to insert a type C plug “right side up” to go into the socket – it fits either way.


These ten products represent just a sampling of innovations from renowned suppliers of DC electrical components, with a focus on ever-improving ease of use, reducing component size and weight, and reliability in the context of growing electrical system complexity and voltage requirements. For a more detailed look at these and other industry-leading components, see the wide selection at