Ultrasonic Metal Welding Quality Guidelines Poster

New edition for 2023

Wire harness assembly manufacturers must adhere strictly to industry standards if the highest levels of quality are to be attained and maintained.

The current standards for ultrasonic wire splicing and termination have been developed globally by both industry OEMs and their Tier1 suppliers. One recent standard being used commonly are SAE/USCAR 45 for wire splicing, and the SAE/USCAR 38 for wire termination.

There are several opportunities to follow best practice guidelines for ultrasonic welding, initially during trials in the laboratory and ultimately in the production plant environment where process validation takes place. Necessary information and easily accessible visual display for quick reference can be very effective for the staff in the plant and the development laboratory.

Based upon existing industry specifications and valuable contributions from some of our customers, Telsonic has produced an informative single page poster to function as a guide covering common wire splicing and wire termination welding applications. Important quality and operational criteria are highlighted using text and images, together with test criteria and a useful table of wire sizes.

Access to this user-friendly guide will enhance user confidence in the operation of ultrasonic metal welding which in turn will enhance consistency and quality on every application.

Our 2023 edition poster is now available for download in few languages – Click on the poster image to download or go to .

Select the language, if available, for download of the poster.  The English language poster is also available in landscape format size A0 (4619/24” x 331/8“, 119 cm x 84 cm). If you are interested in obtaining this Telsonic “Ultrasonic Metal Welding Quality Guideline” poster, please send your inquiry  to [email protected]