Thermosleeve USA Announces Move to Central US Location

WHN speaks with Vice President about the move and other developments.

I recently got an email blast from Thermosleeve announcing their pending move to a new location. I knew the company had changed hands about a year ago, and thought it was a good time to contact them to get more details about the move, and see what other changes may be taking place there.

I chatted with Tim Bagley, Vice President of Thermosleeve USA, and he brought me up to speed. “We purchased the business about a year ago and we have grown it tremendously in the old location,” Tim reported. The company is currently located in California and Tim mentioned it can take 5 to 6 days to ship product to the East Coast. “The new building in Noblesville Indiana will allow us to ship coast to coast within a couple days. This central location means well be able to service our customers faster. At the same time its a much bigger facility and will allow us room for growth and space for additional inventory to meet our customers’ demands for heat shrink tubing.”

The new facility will also house Thermosleeve’s sister division Cable Tie Express. The Cable Tie division made the move in late May/early June, and the Thermosleeve move should be final by the end of July. Our goal is to do the move in stages so that we dont disrupt our shipments,” Tim indicated. “We’re going to start shipping overstock product from the new facility in late June. Then, during the month of July, we will slowly transition the remaining product lines into the new location.” The company already has staff in the new facility, and the existing staff in California will be fulfilling orders until the move is complete, so there will be no disruption in service.

I asked Tim to explain their phenomenal growth over the past year. “First, weve been very aggressive in the marketplace promoting the company and calling on new customers. Also, we began working with national wire distributors in the US and Canada to promote the brand and develop new opportunities,” he explained.

Tim feels confident that the number one thing that helped propel their recent success has been their investment in stock. “As you know, over the past 12 to 14 months, inventory has been gold. While our competitors have been out of stock, weve been able to capitalize in that we have product on the shelves and can ship right away.”

Tim is very happy with the success theyve had over the past year, and looks forward to the future in Indiana. Stay tuned for further developments as Tim and his team intend to take on new challenges to better serve the industry. Check out Thermosleeve at Don’t forget to also take a look at their sister company, Cable Tie Express, at