The Largest Trade Show for the Wire Harness & Cable Processing Industry

By Brittany Martin – WHMA –

The Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (EWPTE) will be held at Baird Center in Milwaukee, WI, USA, from May 14-16, 2024. EWPTE is produce by the Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association (WHMA), IPC and Wisconsin Center District. WHMA is the wiring harness industry advocate and the only trade association exclusively representing the cable and wire harness manufacturing industry. With EWPTE WHMA is striving to innovate new trade show experiences to meet the needs of electrical, wire harness and cable processing manufacturers and suppliers.

EWPTE is the industry’s most exclusive trade show, attracting over 200 exhibitors and over 3000 attendees from over 40 states and 25 countries representing the electrical wire harness, wire, and cable processing industries.

Highlight EWPTE is a keynote by Christina Rutherford, Advanced Materials & Process Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace Technologies. Rutherford will address industry professionals and enthusiasts in a keynote titled “Process Controls and their Impact to Supply Chains” on Wednesday, May 15. In her keynote speech, Rutherford will provide a deep dive into the critical role of process controls in shaping and enhancing supply chain dynamics, with a focus on the development and successful implementation of these controls.

EWPTE also features a technical conference and professional development courses. Professional Development Courses provide content designed to deliver new information, skills, and techniques related to the cable and wire harness industry. Courses will take place on Tuesday, May 14.

Technical Conference Sessions are presented by engineers, researchers, academics, technical experts, and industry leaders who will share new technical data and significant results from experiments and case studies. Presentations will emphasize new techniques and discuss trends of interest across the industry. Sessions will include talks such as ultrasonic welding solutions support trends in E-mobility, trends in harness design and new automation capabilities, sustainability in electrical design, and more to increase your knowledge of the cable and wire harness industry.

EWPTE will also feature an overview of the Wire Harness Assembly for Operators (WHO) training course which instructs participants how to identify and use the key tools, materials and processes that wire harness operators need to reliably and repeatable assemble quality harnesses.

Additionally, EWPTE attendees can participate in peer-to-peer networking opportunities throughout the event during refreshment breaks, break events with exhibitors and luncheons. There is no better place to mingle, collaborate, share and learn from other industry professionals than networking events that offer food, drink, and great conversation!

If you are a decision-maker who designs, specifies, purchases, installs, sell, maintains or manufactures electronic cable assemblies, cord sets, wiring harnesses and other related products, EWPTE is the place for you! Register now at:

EWPTE 2024 Schedule:

TUESDAY | MAY 14 (Exhibits Not Open)

10:00 AM-12:00 PM | 201DE Improving Reliability of Continuity and HiPot Testing, Part 1

Christopher E. Strangio, President and Founder, CAMI Research Inc.

*Separate registration fee for Improving Reliability of Continuity and HiPot Testing Part 1 and Part 2 is $200. One single paid registration includes Parts 1 and 2. Competitors are not allowed to attend, and the registration list will be vetted

10:00 AM-12:00 PM | 201C Basics of Ultrasonic Metal Welding

Home Mojal, Special Systems Sales Manager, Telsonic

10:00 AM-12:00 PM | 202DE 10X Your Brand and Website Traffic Utilizing Social Media

Jeff Barth, President, JWB Manufacturing LLC

10:00 AM-12:00 PM | 203C Magnet Wire Insulation Piercing Connectors: Connector Selection and Validation for Magnet Wire Workshop

Henry Stefanov, Product Marketing Specialist, ABB Inc.

1:00 PM-3:00 PM | 201DE Improving Reliability of Continuity and HiPot Testing, Part 2

Christopher E. Strangio, President and Founder, CAMI Research Inc.

1:00 PM-3:00 PM | 201C Understanding and Mastering High-Voltage Testing Kevin Shelley, Product Manager, Cirris Inc.

1:00 PM-3:00 PM | 202DE Electrical and Electronics Protection: Low Pressure Molding

Terry Ng, Lead Material Scientist and Alek Poniatowski, Lead Mechanical Design Engineer, LPMS-USA

Technical Conference WEDNESDAY | MAY 15

9:30 AM-10:00 AM | 201C Wire Harness Assembly Test Using Spring-Loaded Probes and Contacts Matthias Zapatka Dipl.-Ing.(FH), CIS, CTO and Co- Founder, INGUN USA Inc.

9:30 AM-10:00 AM | 201DE Digital Transformation Applied to Cable and Wire Harness Manufacturing David Johnson, Application Engineer, HP Inc, and David Tucker, Product Developer, New Wave Manufacturing

9:30 AM–10:30 AM | 203AB Improving Reliability, Using Applications of Both PA6, PA12 Nylon Non-Metallic Conduits and Fittings and Metallic Conduits and Fittings to Improve the Strength and Life Cycle of the Wiring Harness Designs for Off-Highway Heavy Industrial Vehicles and Other Non-Automotive Sectors Such as Industrial, Food & Beverage and Oil & Gas

Dave Hurd, National Business Development Manager, AES-USA

9:30 AM-10:30 AM | 203D Using Data-Driven AI to Troubleshoot and Prevent Wire Harness Errors

Scott Ruland, Director of Engineering, DIT-MCO International

10:00 AM-10:30 AM | 202DE Grounding and Bonding

George B. Robertson, Outside Application Engineer for Conductivity & Grounding, ABB Inc

10:00 AM-10:30 AM | 203C What You Need to Know about Ferrules

Maria Schierscher, MBA, Product Marketing Manager for Tooling, Phoenix Contact

11:00 AM-11:30 AM | 201C Overcoming Mismatched Wires and Ferrules with the Right Crimping Tool

Niklas Bode, Business Development Manager, Weidmuller

11:00 AM-11:30 AM | 203AB Ultrasonic Welding Solutions Support Trends in E-mobility

Greg Ruscak, Engineering Manager, Telsonic

11:00 AM-11:30 AM | 203C Developing a Successful Test Interface Scheme

Willam Downton, Sales Engineer, Cirris Inc.

11:00 AM-12:00 PM | 201DE Fine Wire Bunch Ropes: Manufacturing and Applications

Yulia Leskovets, MBA, Director of Sales and Marketing, International Wire Group

11:30 AM-12:00 PM | 202DE Testing Electrical and Electronic Components with Cable Harness Testers: LEDs, Switches, Thermistors, Control Valves, Slip Rings, Motors, and Catheters

Christopher E. Strangio, President and Founder, CAMI Research Inc.

11:30 AM-12:00 PM | 203D ESD and Thermal Properties Achievable via Resin 3D Printing

Brian Martin, Application Engineering Manager, Loctite 3D Printing, Henkel

1:00 PM-2:00 PM | 201C Automation in Harness Construction & Emerging Technologies

Lee Humphreys, Regional Sales Manager, Komax Corp

1:00 PM–2:00 PM | 203D Navigating the Complexities of Design Rule Checks (DRCs) in ECAD for Wire Harness Designs

Arik Vrobel, MBA, Founder and CEO, Cableteque

1:00 PM-2:00 PM | 202DE Advancements in Liquid Sealers for Splices and Terminals

Dennis Chung, Engineering Manager and Tony Tizzano, Sales Engineer, Eurotech

1:00 PM-1:30 PM | 201DE Polyetherimide (PEI)-Siloxane Copolymers as an Alternative to Fluoropolymers

Dr. Kyle Mehringer, Product Developer, SABIC Specialties

1:30 PM–2:00 PM | 203AB Wire Harness Re-Work Process Integrated into Business Process Workflows

Scott Ryan, Consultant, Cetec ERP

3:00 PM–4:00 PM | 201C Wire Harness Protection Workshop (Advancements in Tapes)

Tyler Murphy, Customer Technical Support Specialist, Eurotech

3:00 PM-4:00 PM | 203AB Introduction to WHO: Wire Harness for Operators

Carlos Plaza, Senior Director of Education Development, IPC

3:00 PM-4:00 PM | 203C The Essential Guide to Crimp Force Monitoring

Terry Curtis, President, WireProcess Specialties


9:30 AM-10:30 AM | 201C Heat Shrink Tubing—Product Selection and Application Fundamentals

Raynes Brown, Product Manager, Heat Shrink Tubing, Eurotech

9:30 AM-10:30 AM | 201DE Software Defined Vehicles in All Forms of Transportation – Will This Trend Decimate the Wiring Harness Industry?

Paul Johnston, Portfolio Development Executive, Siemens Digital Industries Software

9:30 AM-10:30 AM | 202DE Sustainability in Electrical Design: A Green Revolution

Paul Harvell, Product Director for E3.series, Zuken USA

9:30 AM-10:30 AM | 203AB Automating Wire Identification

Peter Crichton, Aerospace and Defense Strategic Account Manager, Brady Worldwide

11:00 AM-11:30 AM | 201DE Predictive Modeling of Large-Scale Flame Tests on Cables Using Cone Calorimeter

Dr. Jiyuan Kang, Engineered Material COU, UL Solutions

11:00 AM-12:00 PM | 201C Digitalization and Future Readiness for Automation

George Tilli, Digital Product Manager, Komax Corporation

11:00 AM-12:00 PM | 202DE Fast and Efficient Setup for High-Mix-Low-Volume Cable Harness Manufacturing and Testing

Kevin Shelley, Product Manager, Cirris Inc.

11:00 AM-12:00 PM | 203AB The Right Crimp: The True Difference Between a Good and Poor Connection

Henry Stefanov, Product Marketing Specialist, ABB Inc.

[Schedule Subject to Change]


ABB – Thomas & Betts               1501

860 Ridge Lake Blvd

Memphis, TN 38120


ABB Installation Products (T&B) designs and manufactures products used to manage the connection, distribution, and transmission of electrical power in industrial, construction, and utility applications globally. We have specialized flexible conduit systems for critical power and data cable protection with Trade Names that include Harnessfles, Adaptaflex, PMA and Liquidtight fittings.

Advance Cable Technologies Pvt. Ltd.                250

G1, Sunrise Serinity, 40ft Road, m.r. Garden,

Geddalahalli, Aswathnagar

Bangalore, Karnataka 560094


Phone: +919591503624

[email protected]


Advance Cable Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is at the forefront of the cable manufacturing industry. With leadership comprising experts who collectively hold decades of industry experience, ACT stands to bring unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions to the US market. We are eager to connect with enterprises seeking cutting-edge cable solutions. Our innovative products incorporate the latest technology to meet the rigorous demands of modern industries. At ACT, we are not just about selling products; we are about building partnerships that drive your business forward.

Advanced Cable Ties                 1400

245 Suffolk Lane

Gardner, MA 01440

Phone: +1 978-630-3900


Advanced Cable Ties, Inc. is a privately owned, leading, full-line American manufacturer of cable ties and wiring accessories, with our manufacturing facility located in the heart of New England.

AdvancedTek                1301

255 E. Roselawn Avenue Suite 45

St. Paul, MN 55117

Phone: +1 651-489-6990

[email protected]


AdvancedTek is a trusted Midwest advisor for the 3D printing industry and leading distributor for Stratasys and EOS metal additive manufacturing solutions. For over 25 years, AdvancedTek has worked closely with its customers to help accelerate their design and manufacturing process by connecting them with additive technologies tailored to match their unique business challenges.

AerosUSA                     402

2409 Herr Street

Harrisburg, PA 17103

Phone: +1 717-238-1444

[email protected]


AerosUSA is a leading wire and cable protection supplier for multiple industries. We partner only with global manufacturers that demonstrate product quality and performance. As a result, our customers receive dependable conduits and wire protection for a variety of applications. Through cutting-edge innovation, our supplier network helps you meet your industry’s ever-changing needs. Count on AerosUSA for unsurpassed cable protection and strain relief for your applications.

AES USA Corp               600

131 Garlisch Drive

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


AES USA Corp are the official master ABB distributor for Harnessflex. Harnessflex, electrical and electronic wiring protection systems, are used widely in the heavy automotive markets. Including: Engines, Truck and Bus, Construction and Mining, Argircultural and Specialist Vehicals. Founded in 2016 we are part of AES Group, which was founded in the UK in 1992. We stock and sell a very wide portfolio of Harnessflex products across the Americas. We also have access to other brands within the ABB group, to include, but not limited to; Adaptaflex, PMA, Kopex, Sta-Kon, Color Keyed and Ty-Rap.

Aircraft & Commericial Enterprises, Inc.            1424

800 N. River

Derby, KS 67037


Amerline Enterprises                611

9509 Winona Avenue

Schiller Park, IL 60176

Phone: +1 847-671-6554

[email protected]


We are Amerline Enterprises, celebrating 44 years of successful international experience in the electrical connector OEM market. Growth for us has come at the expense of billion-dollar companies such as Amphenol, ITT Cannon, and Souriau. Our connectors are used in a wide range of military and industrial applications. They are produced to be drop in equivalents to the mil spec circulars you are currently sourcing while offering an opportunity for cost saving and lead time reduction. We also specialize in backshells, adapters, and other connector accessories.

AMTI Products              424

4330 Regency Drive

Glenview, IL 60025

[email protected]


Our SLICE™ and SHRINK™ product lines have found a market niche in the processing of heat shrink tube, convoluted loom tube, pneumatic & hydraulic hose, medical grade tubing, flat ribbon cable, ground strap, wire, and more for Value Added Wire Harness & Cable Assembly companies and OEMs in the Automotive, Aerospace, Appliance, Industrial Equipment and many other industries.

AOP Technologies                     436

301 30th Street NE Suite 112

Auburn, WA 98002

Phone: +1 253-735-5449


AOP Technologies is the manufacturer of the Strip-Pro and Crimp-Pro precision hand held and bench mounted wire processing equipment. Designed for standard and custom applications from 30 AWG to 4/0 AWG in Mil-Spec, Industrial, Fiber Optic and custom tools for for simultaneously stripping multiple wires on multi conductor cables. Self aligning dies leave a clean and consistent strip while precision guides align the wire without flattening or deforming.

Apollo Seiko                 406

3969 Lemon Creek Road

Bridgman, MI 49106

[email protected]


Apollo Seiko is the inventor & world-wide leader of selective soldering solutions. Apollo Seiko offers a variety of affordable selective soldering systems utilizing several different soldering technologies including iron tip, micro-laser, ceramic sleeve, and selective flow. Beyond soldering there are several related tasks that we have developed tools to automate such as board cutting, screw tightening, generalized Cartesian applications, dispensing, and more. Ask us about our no cost application evaluation program!

ASK Power                   1218

1674 Fortenac Road

Naperville, IL 60563


Terminal Lug Manufacturer & Supplier – Part of SICAME GROUP ASK Products is a terminal lug manufacturer and supplier. We carry high voltage terminal lugs, splices, power and grounding straps, and cables for the automotive, military, telcom and OEM marketplace.  We offer friendly, personalized service from dedicated well-trained employees, and inventory large enough to stock your part. Products Terminal Lugs Flag Terminals MIL Spec Terminals Electrical Butt Splices Grounding Straps and Power Assemblies Copper Wire.

Assembly Resources                 601

15738 West National Avenue

New Berlin, WI 53151


Assembly Resources is a leading provider of wire processing equipment along with soldering equipment,hand tools, inspection equipment, torque control tools, benches, chairs, hand tools and chenicals.

Astro Tool Corp             438

21615 SW T-V Highway

Beaverton, OR 97003


Atlas Wire Corporation             910

1601 Glenlake Avenue

Itasca, IL 60143


Atlas Wire, LLC manufactures PVC insulated, Nylon insulated, and Cross-linked Polyethylene insulated wire in either single or multi conductor constructions. Atlas can provide insulated wire that meets hundreds of industry and Underwriter’s Laboratory specifications including UL Appliance, UL Fixture, UL Insulated, UL Machine Tool, Canadian Standards Association, Automotive, and Military requirements. Atlas Wire has manufactured over 4,900 different types of wire in sizes from 4 to 30 AWG.

Avalon Technologies Limited                 255

B7 & B8, TPI Block, First Main Road

MEPZ-SEZ, Tambaram

Chennai, Tamilnadu 600045


[email protected]


Avalon Technologies Ltd is a multi-faceted manufacturing company based in India. The Avalon group has manufacturing and design locations in USA and India. Our India operations started in the year 2000, bringing almost two decades of expertise in manufacturing. Our Global manufacturing facilities span 1 million Sq. feet employing 2000+ talented personnel. We are the leading global provider of electronic manufacturing services focused on providing superior quality end-to-end manufacturing solutions to leading OEMs across various industry segments.

Avery Dennison            442

224 Industrial Road

Fitchburg, MA 01420

[email protected]


Global manufacturer of plastic fasteners and cable ties designed to perform in many wire management applications. Our products safely secure items in many environments: high heat, harsh weather, and high vibration.

Brady Corporation                    311

6555 W. Good Hope Road

Milwaukee, WI 53223


C. Davis Systems & Software, LLC.                     434

725 SE Lincoln Street

Portland, OR 97214


CDSS specializes in custom designed automation products for a wide variety of industries. We also maintain a product line of machines for the wire processing industry. We manufacture both fully automated and benchtop wire termination machines for quickly crimping loose piece turned electrical contacts. We have fully automated and hand-held machines for inserting seal plugs and dummy contacts into electrical connectors. MIL-SPEC contacts and plugs are our specialty but we can customize our machines to process whatever parts you use, including your proprietary parts.

Cable Solutions Private Limited             254

Plot No: 7, 32 Kuthambakkam Village

Madhura Ukkottai, Poonamallee Taluk, Thiruvallur

Chennai, Tamilnadu 600056



Cableteque                   238

17771 Sampson Lane

Huntington Beach, CA 92847


Cabletree Industrial Co Ltd                    413

15, Liudu 1st Street, Qidu District

Keeling, 206



Cadonix Ltd                  1316

John Eccles House, Robert Robinson Avenue, Oxford

Robert Robinson Avenue

Oxford, Oxforshire, OX4 4GP

United Kingdom


Cadonix is the undisputed global leader in cloud-delivered ECAD tools for full end-to-end design, simulation, manufacture and management of wire harness designs and costing. Created from the ground up for the new age of collaborative online working, the Arcadia suite runs in the web browser and offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of use, licensing, systems integration and supply chain collaboration. Harness manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs are enjoying the benefits of Arcadia today.

CAMI Research Inc. (CableEye)              1507

42 Nagog Park, Suite 115

Acton, MA 01720

Phone: +1 978-266-2655


We provide advanced ATE systems for cable and wire harness test and cable management to discerning global customers who require accurate and dependable assembly & testing in order to deliver top quality product. CableEye® wiring analyzers and guided assembly systems benefit products used in Transportation, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Defense, Robotics. Automation-ready, PC-based continuity and HiPot testers for PASS/FAIL checks and diagnostics – scripting, labeling, documentation, data-logging, relay control. Easy-to-interpret color-coded graphics help identify fault presence, type, location.

Carpenter MFG CO. INC.                       901

110 Fairgrounds Drive

PO BOX 188

Manlius, NY 13104

Phone: +1 315-682-9176

[email protected]


For over 60 years Carpenter Mfg Co., Inc. has been designing and manufacturing quality bench top wire processing equipment. Our diverse product line has evolved from a simple bench top magnet wire stripper to fully automated measure, cut & strip machines that are marketed world-wide. As an independently owned, third generation company our philosophy has always been to provide the customer with a quality product and outstanding service. With global sales representation Carpenter supplies companies all around the world with precision wire processing equipment.

Casmo Cable LLC                       200

1100 Town & Country Road Suite 1250

Orange, CA 92686


Cembre Inc.                  1113

300 Columbus Circle, Suite F

Edison, NJ 08837


Cembre Inc is a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, crimping & cutting tools, railroad products, as well as identification & labeling systems. Strong research and developement activity and continuous innovation in manufacturing technologies and product specification, allow Cembre to respond quickly to an increasingly demanding market expectation for high-quality products that are reliable, durable and safe.

Cetec ERP                     1324

1700 Montopolis Drive

Austin, TX 78741


Cetec ERP is a manufacturing-rich, web-native ERP system for small/med manufacturers.

Cirris, Inc.                     421

401 North 5600 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Phone: +1 801-973-4600

[email protected]


Cirris provides easy-to-use test products for electrical connections.<br /> We strive to ensure that the electrical cables in devices you use are tested to guarantee functionality and accuracy. Whether you are manufacturing cable assemblies, or using the end product yourself, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with quality tested cables and harnesses.

Cobra Braiding Machinery Ltd.              1329

River Dane Road

Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1Pl

United Kingdom

[email protected]


Manufacturers of wiring harness braiding machines.

COFICAB                       1125

29777 Telegraph Road, Suite 2100

Southfield, MI 48034

Phone: +1 915-920-7593


COFICAB is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of wire and cable solutions for automotive, appliances, healthcare and industrial applications in more than 40 countries. With over 19% of global market share produced in 15 modern manufacturing sites around the globe, COFICAB is at the forefront of technologies in E-mobility, Connectivity and Autonomous Driving (ECAD) through a large range of products including HV, data, sensor and customized cables either, copper, aluminum or alloy-based.

Commission Brokers Inc                        1517

P.O. Box 8456

Cranston, RI 02920


Commission Brokers Inc. is a broker of second hand Non-Ferrous Wire and Cable Machinery, Wire Processing/Assembly/Harness Machinery, and Braiding Machinery. Additonally, we provide Appraisal services, as well as full Auction and Liquidation capabilities, either for an entire plant or individual assets.

Conductores Monterrey SA DE CV                     234

AV Conductores 505

San Nicholas De Los Garza, Nuevo Leon 66490


Phone: +52 81 1990 4964

[email protected]


Manufacturer of electrical wires and cables with more than 65 years of experience. With its products, Viakon participates in various markets such as automotive, energy, appliances, renewable energy, industry and building, among others. Viakon is a great ally for harness manufacturers located in Mexico since they find in Viakon excellent quality, on-time delivery and fair price.

Connector Concepts, Inc.                      452

1530 McCormick Blvd

Mundelein, IL 60060

Phone: +1 847-404-6227

[email protected]


Connector Concepts provides a wide variety of Transportation and Industrial OEM customers with custom wiring/assembly solutions and distribution products.  The custom products include wire harnesses, custom assemblies, and panel/enclosure builds.  The distribution products are the following:     -Eaton / Sure Power -Topcon / Wachendorff -Shallco -Optifuse -Hellermann Tyton

Control Laser Corp                    927

8251 Presidents Drive, Suite 1688

Orlando, FL 32809

Phone: +1 407-926-3500

[email protected]


For over 50 years, Control Laser Corp has been continuously improving upon and developing new industrial laser systems, with a focus towards the processes of wire stripping, cutting, marking, welding, and engraving, providing unmatched total solutions to our global customers. CLC offers risk free, pre-sales application research in workpiece samples tests, standard and customized laser automation systems, and customer-oriented, fast responding service plans to ensure all systems perform at or beyond the customer’s expectations.

Cross Technology Inc                 1328

305 Junia Avenue

Winston Salem, NC 27127

Phone: +1 336-725-4700

[email protected]


Cross Technology Inc. is a manufacturing company in Winton Salem, North Carolina. Our exclusive Nu-Tech heat shrink product line is an approved, practical solution for the application of tight, thick walled, abrasion resistant protective covering to anything that will be subjected to the extremes of heat, friction, corrosion, shock, moisture and other critical environmental conditions. In addition to the above we offer precision machining, plastic  injection molding, as well as turn key manufacturing solutions.Please visit us at our new Headquarters in beautiful East Bend, North Carolina.

Curti USA Corporation              1243

2000 E Randol Mill Road, #608

Arlington, TX 76011


Curti SpA – Wire Processing Division is a leader in the production of automatic lines for processing of electrical cables, with more than 30 years in the industry. The specific knowledge of the different connection technologies as well as the elements to be processed allows Curti to ensure the most complete and competitive offering in the market today. Thanks to flexible and proactive organization, CURTI now provides high value-added engineering solutions for these applications: Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Telecommunications and Lighting Systems

Custom Auto Wiring                 345

50 16th Street SW

Barberton, OH 44203

Phone: +1 330-745-8833

Custom Auto Wiring is a custom wiring harness manufacturer for over 35 years located in North East Ohio. We specialize in short to medium run wire harnesses – with annual quantities from 10 up to 10,000. Custom Auto Wiring also has injection molding and is capable of building and designing custom wire connectors.

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation                  221

526 Thorpe Road

Orlando, FL 32824

Phone: +1 407-855-6161


For over 70 years DMC® has been the trusted provider of tooling & technology to support safety-critical applications for land, sea, air, and space vehicles. The DMC lineup of wiring system products includes manual, manual/hydraulic, battery & pneumatic tools for wire termination & processing. DMC also offers an extensive lineup of connector backshell and torque tools. DMC’s latest offering is LaceLok®, an alternative to cable ties & hand tied lace for secondary cable & wire bundle support. DMC also manufactures Alphatron® Wire Crimp Pull Testers, Twist-Strip®, and Safe-T-Cable®.

DaSheng Electronic Co., Ltd.                  1408

3 Floors, Blocking A, No.45 Kangyi Road

Qingxi Town

Dongguan, Guangdong Province, 523657



Delta Sigma Company               1049

2125 Barrett Park Drive Suite 110

Kennaswa, GA 30144


Diamond Die and Mold             603

35401 Groesbeck Hwy

Clinton Township, MI 48035

Phone: +1 586-791-0700

[email protected]


Diamond Die and Mold specializes in the design and manufacture of terminating applicators ~ small gauge through heavy duty with loose piece applicators available. Products include terminating presses, applicators (dies), hand crimpers, and perishable tooling with reverse engineering available.

DIT-MCO International              1525

5612 Brighton Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64130

Phone: +1 816-444-9700

[email protected]


For cable testing, harness testing and other automated product testing, customers rely on DIT-MCO wiring analyzers. DIT-MCO is your complete solution provider for electrical testing of cables, harnesses, wired boxes, panel assemblies and more. From simple cables to complex assemblies requiring EE & LM, DIT-MCO has the solution. We also provide custom adaptation and test programming, giving you a complete turnkey solution.

Drossbach                    700

1500 Commerce Drive

Stow, OH 44224


Drossbach specializes in Wire & Cable Protection & organization. Products Include – Conduit,Textile Sleeving,UL/CSA Water Tight Connectors, UV rated tubing, EV Market Tubing.We service the Industrial Markets Including – Commercial Vehicle, Heavy Truck, Marine, Distribution, Construction, agriculture, Robotics & Automation and many other markets/applications where wire protection is needed..

DSG- Canusa                 707

25 Bethridge Road

Etobicoke, ON M9W 1M7



Dunbar Products                      1319

1302 Champion Circle

Carrollton, TX 75006


International Supplier of QPL and UL Listed Irradiated Heat Shrinkable Tubing Products Including Polyolefins (Thin Wall, Medium Wall, Heavy Wall, Standard and High Expansion Shrink Rations), Dual Wall Adhesive Lined, PVdF, Kynar, Neoprene, Diesel Resistant, Viton, Fluoroplastic and Fluoroelastomer Compounds. Used in the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, CATV, Commercial and the General Electronic and Electrical Industries. Primary Supplier to the U.S., Canada and Mexico Distribution and OEM Markets, Meeting the Requirements of M23053, ISO 9001 and AS9100D.

DuPage Tying Solutions, Inc                  701

811 Sivert Drive

Wood Dale, IL 60191


We are Twist Tying! Serving The Wire Industry for 40+ Years. Increase production and lower costs with our Solutions for bundling wire. Whether it’s twist tying or string/elastic tying, we’ll find the best solution for your needs. We also offer tape and label dispensing solutions.Our Customer Service is Unmatched! Sales • Service • Inventory. Featuring Equipment & Material from:Bedford Industries, Plasties, Tach-it Felins, Start International. Machines pay for themselves with: Reduced Labor Costs, Increased Productivity, Decreased Cycle Times and Reduced Repetitive Motion Injuries

Dynalab Test Systems               1021

555 Lancaster Avenue

Reynoldsburg, OH 43067-1128

Phone: +1 614-729-6550

[email protected]


Dynalab Test Systems is a world leader in wire harness continuity testers and Hipot testers. With over 30 years of experience and 40,000 testers sold ensures that we offer solutions that reflect a high level of industry knowledge and expertise.

East West Automation Technologies Pvt .Ltd.                253

45, Hartron Electronics City, Sector 18

Gurgaon, Haryana 122015



E-BEAM Services, Inc.               1505

118 Melrich Road

Cranbuty, NJ 08512


ECC                                          409

5905 Green Pointe Drive

Groveport, OH 43125


ECC is a manufacturer of continuity test fixtures designed to aid wire harness manufacturers in their assembly and test processes.  The fixtures reduce operator and maintenance time and can help reduce operator fatigue.  Constructed with spring probes (pogo pins), the fixtures mitigate the risk of terminal violation and eliminate the typical locking that occurs when using a mating connector to perform a continuity or functional test. ECC fixtures offer flexibility in addressing special quality requirements.  The fixtures can incorporate locking and marking devices and switch pins.

Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council               354

155, Okhla Phase III, Okhla Industrial Estate

New Delhi, 110020


Phone: +91 11-4748 x0000

[email protected]


Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) is India’s apex trade promotion organisation mandated to promote India’s exports of Electronics, Telecom, ComputerSoftware and IT Enabled Services. ESC has built a strong membership base of over 2000 manufacturers and exporters across the country covering the entire gamut of Electronics and Software Industry in the following areas: Consumer Electronics, Electronic Components, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Computer Hardware and Peripherals, Computer Software and IT Enabled Services.

ElectroShield                706

708 South High Street

Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Phone: +1 800-662-1054

[email protected]


ElectroShield is an authorized distributor of Industrial, Harsh Environment, Threaded and Quick Disconnect Circular Connectors, Over-molded Cables and Accessories. Our manufacturing partners include Amerline, Sealcon/Hummel, Fujikura/DDK, Switchcraft/Conxall, CONEC Connectors and SPI Connects. Markets served include Automation, Food/Beverage, Robotics, Energy, Medical, Agriculture, Lighting, Welding and Marine. The ElectroShield difference: Consultative expertise, latest technology available, no minimum order on stock items, same day shipping, flexible scheduling, ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Entrada Group              914

2002 Forest Trail

Austin, TX 78703

[email protected]


Entrada Group is more than a conventional shelter company. Entrada offers wire harness manufacturers a base of operations with available and cost-competitive labor you will not find in other regions of Mexico. You bring your production resources and knowledge; we reduce your costs, minimize risk and allow you to focus on growth.

Envision Technical Sales, Inc.                 1450

313 North Plankinton Ave.  Suite 207

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Phone: +1 414-303-2223

[email protected]


Envision is a Manufacturers’ Representative Firm for the OEM marketplace covering Illinois, Wisconsin and some associated territories specializing in custom, semi-custom and high value electronic assemblies and components.<br /> <br /> We specialize in the following product offerings: -Displays and Touch Screens -AC/DC & DC/DC Power Conversion -Battery Pack Design & Assembly  -Cable Assemblies -EMI Shielding and Associated Products -SBCs, HMI Systems, SOMs/COMs, Rack Servers, Edge Computing, and AI Software Solutions -Vietnam based Contract Manufacturing for Consumer Electronics

Essex Brownell             1221

1601 Wall Street

Fort Wayne, IN 46802


Essex Brownell is a leading distributor providing multiple solutions for the wire and cable harness assembly in wire, shrink tubing, terminals, sleeving, potting compounds, solder, and more. Our broad product portfolio showcases leaders in connectivity such as LS Cable, Southwire, Champlain, Belden, 3M, Elantas, Von Roll, Dow, and others. Our network of warehouses throughout North America, combined with personalized service from our staff, creates an optimal experience – providing the products our customers need at the right time and place.

ETCO                1426

3004 62nd Avenue E

Bradenton, FL 34203


Founded in 1947, ETCO is a privately owned company. The Company manufactures precision stampings and rubber and plastic molded products used principally by major automotive and appliance manufacturers. ETCO also has major customers in a variety of other industries in the USA and over 30 countries throughout the world. ETCO has factories and a research complex in Bradenton, Florida and a factory and engineering center in Warwick, Rhode Island.

E-Tronix                        1055

1441 Branding Lane, Suite 110

Downers Grove, IL 60515


Eubanks/Cablescan                  213

1921 South Quaker Ridge Place

Ontario, CA 91761

Phone: +1 909-483-2456

[email protected]


Eubanks automatic wire strippers and markers offer high production rates, fast setup changes, simplicity of operation, reliability, and easy maintenance – features that have made these machines popular with quality-conscious companies the world over.  Cablescan was founded in 1969 as a pioneer developer and producer of a small line of harness assembly aids and continuity testers.  They afforded electrical manufacturers distinct advantages in assembly and testing efficiency and made true quality control a reality.

Eurotech Distributors                615

9503 Brandywine Road

Northfield, OH 44067

Phone: +1 330-467-0205

[email protected]


Eurotech is a market leading materials and engineering solutions provider for performance adhesive tapes, heat shrink tubing, high voltage cables and splice sealing solutions to our customers and OEM partners in the wire harness industry. Our sales engineers and service representatives work closely with customers at all levels to solve engineering problems and offer technical support when needed. Eurotech has proven to be an innovative company with experience in wiring, protection, connection systems, and has numerous products approved by Ford, GM, Stellantis and more.

EY Technologies                        1325

939 Currant Road

Fall River, MA 02720


We provide custom-designed extrusion-coated yarns for braiding harnesses for the protection of electrical wire assemblies. Custom-designed products can be prepared for specific applications.

Factur               1534

9000 Keystone Crossing, Suite 350

Indianapolis, IN 46240


We help manufacturers find new customers and grow revenue.

Flat Cable Solutions LLC            513

500 W. 2nd Street

Delta, CO 81416


Fraenkische USA, LP                  444

2691 Product Drive

Rochester Hills, MI 48309


Frasier Campbell Wire & Cable              916

400 North Zarfos Drive

York, PA 17404

Phone: +1 717-900-1084


Frasier-Campbell Wire & Cable was founded by a team of individuals with over 200 years of collective experience in the high temperature and thermocouple wire markets. Our team has expertise in endineering, product design, production, marketing and customer service. By utilizing many different insulations and jacketing materials, we manufacture high temperature wire that is rated 150C to 1000C. Most of our products ara approved by the NEC , UL and CSA. Some of our approvals are, but not limited, to UL 1330,1332, 10086, 1726 1727,10109,10086,5226,5107, 5128 and many, more.

Frisimos Technologies Ltd.                    337

Haofe 2

Kadima, 6092000


[email protected]


Frisimos Tehcnologies is the first to offer fully automated and modular cable to connector assembly lines. Our small footpring modular lines enable customers to bring home production, control supply chain, standartixation and quality and a competitive costs by e​​​​liminating entirly manual labor and associated costs and management attention. We supply ethernet/RJ45, industrial (M8/M12) and soon also USB-C. Recently won the Productronica 2023 Innovation Award, we have agents and customwers across Europe and now focusing on the North American market, seeking partners and customers.

GCG Connectivity and Power Solutions             1002

101 Kestrel Drive

Collegeville, PA 19426


Gem Gravure Company Inc                   226

112 School Street

Hanover, MA 02339


Since 1952 Gem Gravure has been a third-generation family-owned business specializing in product identification and traceability. Gem is known for developing and customizing specialty inks and fluids to help our customers achieve their coding requirements. Our unique marking solutions have enabled clients to improve their print quality, increase equipment reliability & uptime, & reduce high scrap rates. Gem Gravures’ exclusive partnership with Koenig & Bauer has allowed us to provide technology that integrates easily with your current production processes while obtaining permanent ink adhesion

GEP Power Products                 1451

16830 Pheasant Drive

Brookfield, WI 53005

Phone: +1 262-784-7887

[email protected]


GEP Power Products is a power distribution products manufacturer. GEP is uniquely focused on providing innovative custom and standard power distribution product solutions for applications in the off-road, outdoor power equipment and heavy duty vehicle markets. Our goal is to provide our customers with engineered power distribution product solutions that meet or exceed industry performance standards and specifications while supporting critical program deliverables.

GPC Electronics             815

17125 Blue Lake Court

Riverside, CA 92503


Phone: +1 805-432-5199

[email protected]


Since our inception in 1985, we’ve had a track record of working with leading OEMs in North America, Europe, Asia & the Pacific. We are able to customize processes, delivering unique solutions to our customers, and providing them with a competitive advantage & positive outcomes. We are a full-service EMS, including 100% box-builds and cable harness provider with four manufacturing sites globally. We have ISO certifications for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 (medical), IATF 16949:2016 (automotive), and AS9100D (aerospace). All sites are planned and managed with Industry 4.0/SAP.

Guangdong Xiongrun Electrical Co., Ltd.            1022

No.10,Xinhui Road, Wusha , Daliang, Shunde

Foshan, Guangdong, 528333



Heat Shrink Direct                    454

6170 Commerce Drive

Westland, MI 48185

Phone: +1 231-599-9956

[email protected]


Heat Shrink Direct is a family-owned business based in the Greater Detroit Area, specializing in premium heat shrink solutions. Visit us at the EWPTE to discover our extensive range of products, including heat shrink tubing, EV tubing, customized options, and Focus Lites. With a commitment to quality and personalized service, we cater to professionals seeking reliable heat shrink tubing for their projects. With our wide range of sizes and colors, we ensure that you’ll find the perfect fit for any project.

Heilind Electronics                    415

58 Jonspin Road

Wilmington, MA 01887


Heilind Electronics is one of the world’s leading distributors for interconnect, electromechanical, and sensor products. As the industry’s preeminent distributor, Heilind stocks the largest inventory of connector products in North America. We are franchised for over 150 of the industry’s leading manufacturers, and offer products in over 25 component categories including connectors, relays, sensors, switches, thermal management and circuit protection products, terminal blocks, antennas, wire and cable, wiring accessories, insulation and identification products.

Hellermann Tyton                     401

208 Lake Drive

South Milwaukee, WI 53172


HellermannTyton is a global leader in cable management and protection products, identification systems and network connectivity solutions. Our systems and solutions are specified by major manufacturers and contractors in the automotive, OEM, data communications, truck/heavy equipment, renewable energy and related industries. We design and make our engineered solutions and innovative products to meet the strictest quality standards while delivering reliable implementation at the lowest cost. HellermannTyton operates in 39 countries, with North American headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Helukabel                     325

1201 Wesemann Drive

West Dundee, IL 60118

Phone: +1 847-930-5118

[email protected]


HELUKABEL is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of over 33,000 wire and cable products, serving as a one-stop shop for electrical system solutions. Originating in Germany, it caters to industries like renewable energy, automation, and telecommunications. With a focus on quality, innovation, and a vast product range including control and data cables, HELUKABEL has a strong global presence, ensuring efficient service worldwide and establishing itself as a trusted partner in the cable and wire industry.

Henkel                                     1549

5110 Port Chicago Hwy

Concord, CA 94520

[email protected]


LOCTITE® brings industrial application expertise to develop customized products for your industrial requirements.  The journey of digital manufacturing transformation requires deep industrial know-how and application expertise. Henkel has been transforming processes for 100+ years across 800+ industry segments, through our expertise, strong customer intimacy and global footprint. Our engineering team & manufacturing capabilities will guide you from application landscaping to implementation in an industrial environment. We are your partner in your journey towards additive manufacturing.

Herrmann Ultrasonics               1119

1261 Hardt Circle

Bartlett, IL 60103


Ultrasonic metal welding joins nonferrous metals efficiently without any consumables, resulting in low energy usage, strong connections, and high conductivity. Providing a strong and durable joining process, ultrasonic welding is ideal for wire/cable manufacturers. Our main area of expertise include wire, terminal, and battery welding applications. The HiS VARIO W welds high voltage cables to terminals while improving resistance values, pull strength, and corrosion resistance, as required for electrical connections in the automotive and electronics industry.

Herzog GmbH               339

Am Alexanderhaus 160

Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, 26127



Heyco Products Corp.               811

1800 Industrial Way

Tom River, NJ 08755


Founded in 1926 and acquired by in 2016, Heyco Products offers decades of experience in the design and manufacture of molded wire protection products and stamped electrical components to meet demanding customer application requirements. Our unique, in-house ability to offer customers the latest design and prototyping technology along with years of high volume manufacturing experience is our way of turning challenging “just-in-time” manufacturing deadlines into production realities.

Hillsdale Terminal                     905

266 Industrial Drive

Hillsdale, MI 49242

Phone: +1 800-447-3150

[email protected]


Hillsdale Terminal is a domestic manufacturer of solderless electrical terminals and wire connectors. In addition to stamping, we also produce our own molded and extruded nylon and PVC insulators and also assemble heat shrink terminals. Many of our products can be Mylar tape mounted and most are UL/CSA listed.

Hueson Wire                407

134 Ferry Street

South Grafton, MA 01560


Hueson Wire and Cable is a custom wire and cable manufacturer with expertise in enviro-friendly halogen free wires, high flex robotic cables, sensor cables, agricultural cables and anti-capillary waterblocked wire and cable.

IEWC                                        301

2001 South Towne Drive

New Berlin, WI 53151


IEWC advances the way the world connects, stays powered, and drives forward through comprehensive supply chain and logistics solutions for wire, cable, and wire management products. For 60 years, IEWC has been an entrusted partner for thousands of companies in manufacturing, infrastructure, telecommunications, broadcast, and professional audio-visual. We stock a wide range of materials available for same day shipment, from cables to cable ties, providing a complete interconnect solution for a variety of markets.

Imada, Inc.                   335

3100 Dundee Road, Suite 707

Northbrook, IL 60062


Imada, Inc. is your source for force gauges, manual and motorized test stands, wire gripping attachments and data acquisition software for testing the pull-off and insertion force of wire crimp terminals. Our gauges and stands are assembled into wire crimp testing systems- from portable lever-operated systems for testing in the field to automated motorized systems with wireless data acquisition and force profile graphing. Imada is ISO 9001 registered and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited. We maintain a large product inventory and most items ship from stock.

International Wire Group                      1519

12 Masonic Avenue

Camden, NY 13316


Itasca Automation Systems                   917

4602 County Road T

Egg Harbor, WI 54209

Phone: +1 920-868-3266

[email protected]


Leading manufacturer and solutions provider of coil winding and automation equipment. A full line of equipment including single spindle and multi spindle winders up to complete winding systems. Fly Winders for stator slot and rotor winding. Programmable Electronic Tensions and De-spoolers. Customized winders are our specialty..

ITO America Corporation                      327

952 E Baseline, Suite 106

Mesa, AZ 85204


Ito America Corporation is an Engineering, Services and Sales company focused on precision assembly of electronics. We offer a wide variety of manufacturing equipment including Laser Wire Processing by Furukawa Bussan, Resistance and Ultrasonic Welding by Avio, and  Precision Dispensing by Musashi Engineering. As part of Ito Group, our experienced teams currently support multiple manufacturing sites around the world doing complex electronic assembly. Let’s see how we can help you.

JobFlow                        1313

12124 Road 111

Paulding, OH 45879


Jobflow has built wire harnesses for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve purchased a lot of machines, and tried different manufacturing strategies. In every case, we’ve been chasing the same thing: higher output efficiency. More specifically, how can we get more jobs completed with the resources we have? Introducing the BraiderBot, an add-on for common harness braiders you’re likely already using. It lets a single worker run multiple braiders at once, and removes a lot of the repetitive boredom from the job. BraiderBot – Let the braider do the work.

JOKARI USA                  512

355 Remington Boulevard

Bolingbrook, IL 60440


For more than 50 years, the name JOKARI has stood for high-quality stripping tools “100% Made in Germany” worldwide and was founded in 1969 by Josef Krampe. We are the market leader and manufacturer of specialized, professional high quality wire and cable strippers which are distributed worldwide.

JWB Manufacturing, LLC                       612

841 W. Fairmont Drive, Suite 103

Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: +1 480-967-4600

[email protected]


Manufactures and distributes standard and custom wire cutting and stripping blades throughout the world. Manufactures standard, custom and modifies connectors and machined parts. JWB Manufacturing is a machine shop focused on the wire processing, cable assembly and electronic industries.

K.S. Terminals Inc.                    343

42606 Christy Street

Fremont, CA 94538

[email protected]


K.S. Terminals Inc. is a full service, global manufacturer of high-quality electrical terminals and lugs, automotive connectors, battery modular connectors (BMC) and EV Charging Connectors.

Kalas Mfg. Inc.              1345

167 Greenfield Road

Lancaster, PA 17601


For over sixty-five years, Kalas has been a leading supplier of wire & cable, bare copper and engineered cable assemblies to a range of OEMs and markets.  As a full-service manufacturer, we support our customers with quality materials, on-time delivery, flexible minimum order quantities, as well as also comprehensive engineering support, product design and manufacturing consultation. Our competitive advantage comes from drawing our own bare & tin copper with UL and SAE stranding (18 gauge – 500 MCM), and our flexibility to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.                   350

Block Nos. 117-119, Santej-Vadsar Road

Santej, Tal. Kalol

Gandhinagar, Guiarat 382721


Phone: +91-9328197619

[email protected]


Katlax is the technology centre for circular connectors and cordsets. Katlax designs, manufactures and markets circular connectors in sizes <strong>M8, M12 and 7’’/8’’. We develops, configures, and produces customer-specific cabling systems, harness, splitters, and other cabling solutions . The primary end market are Industrial Automation, Factory Automation Communications and Networking markets including Railways,Textile and. Globally, we are selling our products to more than 25 countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Turkey etc. Our products confirming to EN/IEC,CE,UL,cUL,RoHs,REACH,UKCA.

Kiran Udyog                             236

Plot No. 40, Naubad Industrial Area

Bidar, Karnataka 585403



KM USA                        1035

6479 M 66 N

Charlevoix, MI 49720

Phone: +1 231-237-9060

[email protected]


KM USA offers semi-automatic and fully automatic Wire Processing Equipment  including Crimping Applicators, Presses, Stripper Crimpers, Splice Crimping Machines, Cutting Machines, Cut and Strip machines, and Fully Automated terminating (crimp x crimp) machines along with custom machines built to fit your needs.  For quailty control, we also offer crimp force monitors, pull force test equipment, and crimp cross section equipment.   We serve the Automative, Appliance, Electronics, Farming/Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Marine, Military, Medical,  Recreational Vehicle, Solar and Telecom Industries.

Komax Corporation                   421

1100 E Corporate Grove Drive

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


Komax offers a wide range of advanced automatic and semi-automatic wire processing equipment including wire strippers, measure cut and strip, crimp x crimp, state-of-the-art processing and quality modules, wire marking, testing, crimping presses and taping machines. Also offering fully automatic customer-specific wire processing machines with various crimping machines, assembly processing modules and testing stations with modular designs. Komax serves the Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace, Telecom, and Consumer Electronics.

KWANGIL Electric Wire Co., Ltd.            921

30, Bogwang-ro 128beon-gil, Deogyang-gu

Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 10267

South Korea


Lakes Precision, Inc.                  1114

1900 Epler Court

PO Box 630

Three Lakes, WI 54562


Lakes Precision Incorporated was established in 1989 by our founder and Chairman, Mr. Jon Olsen as an enterprise focused on manufacturing replacement wire processing blades to serve the global market. From A to Z brands,  we produce replacement blades used on different OEM brand’s and more than machine models.Our engineering staff continuously updates our products to provide the replacement needs for older to newer generation machine models. Over 40,000 individual part numbers available spanning all wire gauges and OEM equipment fit.ISO 9001-2015 certified

LAPP Tannehill              607

8675 Eagle Creek Parkway

Savage, MN 55378


LAPP Tannehill is a wholesale and distribution company for wire, cable, connectors, tubing, sleeving,and other accessories. Headquartered in Savage, Minnesota, LAPP Tannehill has a nationwide presence in all 50 states with distribution centers also located in Nevada and Texas. We offer over 100 million products from 250+ leading manufacturers and our team has over 60 years of experience.

Laser Wire Solutions                 246

QED Centre, Main Avenue

Treforest Industrial Estate

Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff CF37 5YR

United Kingdom

Phone: +441443841738

[email protected]


Our expert team design and manufacture bench-top, automated systems that provide our customers with a safe, easy and efficient method for stripping the delicate wires and cables. Our laser wire stripping machines are suitable for the following applications: Micro Fine Wire, Twin Ax, Tough Insulations, MRI, Micro Coax, High Value Coils, Aerospace, Electric Vehicles. We ensure you operate more efficiently and sustainably by providing easy to use, compact machinery that delivers precise insulation removal resulting in less scrappage.

Leister Technologies, LLC                       501

1275 Hamilton Parkway

Itasca, IL 60143


For over 70 years, Leister has been a global leader in the field of industrial hot-air applications. Whether you’re heat shrinking, soldering, desoldering, or performing carbon fiber lay-up, the performance and reliability of our hot-air hand tools and accessories makes Leister an ideal choice for today’s demanding professionals.

Lindstrom Precision Tools                     319

2801 80th Street

Kenosha, WI 53143


We design and manufacture precision hand tools tailored to the most demanding professionals, focussing our design on innovation, performance and ergonomics. As innovators for over 150 years, we have introduced the most advanced hand tools in the world, and sell through distributors with whom we build long-term partnerships.

Linko Electronics (Vietnam) Limited                  1255

Khu nha o Dabaco,Thon Ho Ve,Xa Lac Ve

Tien Du, Bac Ninh 221910


Phone: +1 647-774-9603

[email protected]


Linko is a manufacturing company that produces wiring harnesses and cable assembly. We have plants in both China and Vietnam for over 15 years producing customized wire harnesses and cable harnesses. We are the main supplier of Pointer, FLextronics, Mobilicom, ACS, Electreon, FenDa, TDK Israel Lambda, TDK America-Lambda, and TDK Wuxi-Lambda.

LPMS USA, LLC              312

1441 Branding Lane, Suite 110

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Phone: +1 800-353-7773

[email protected]


LPMS USA leads the industry with more than 10 standard equipment platforms – from low-volume R&D to high-volume production. Each platform can be customized to meet customer and production requirements. We also offer a complete turnkey solution, including collaborative engineering to design, develop and manufacture prototype and production tools, full-service contract manufacturing, and material selection and distribution.

M. Holland Company                1406

400 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 600

Northbrook, IL 60062

Phone: +1 800-872-7370


M. Holland is a leading international distributor of thermoplastic resins, providing suppliers with the most strategic channels to market, offering clients innovative sourcing and supply chain solutions, delivering materials that empower sustainable innovation, and helping people lead rewarding careers. Since 1950, a deep commitment to personal relationships and innovation has formed the core of the company’s heritage, culture and vision.

Machine Control Specialist, Inc.            708

35 North Garden Avenue

Roselle, IL 60172

Phone: +1 630-980-3200

[email protected]


Manufacturer of new coiling/winding machinery and controls. Product line includes standard and custom designed machines. Precision layering with “Electro-Guide”. Refurbished machines, rebuilding and control conversions available. Closed loop electronic tensioners.

Mark-10 Corporation                1536

11 Dixon Avenue

Copiague, NY 11726


Mark-10 designs and manufactures force, torque, and materials testing solutions. From handheld force gauges to advanced, automated tensile and compression testers, Mark-10 products help quality control, engineering, and research professionals around the world assess and ensure quality. Made in the USA since 1979, Mark-10 products are covered by an industry-leading three-year warranty and free lifetime support.

Marsh Electronics, Inc               929

1563 South 101st Street

Milwaukee, WI 25214


Electromechanical distributor as well as a UL an IPC-A620 validated Wire Harness Manufacturer.

Master Appliance Corp             317

2420 18th Street

Racine, WI 53403


Master Appliance is a family-owned industrial heat gun manufacturer headquartered in Racine, WI. Over the last six decades since its start in 1958, Master has made a name for itself as the heat tool experts with its core focus on engineering rugged, reliable heat tools that will stand up to the most demanding industrial work environments. Today our heat tools are used for heat shrink, drying, heating, welding, shrinking, packaging, soldering and for many other applications where heat is the need. With six decades of experience, we don’t just make heat tools, we make heat tools better.

MasterGraphics Inc                   420

2920 Marketplace Drive, #101

Firchburg, WI 53719


MasterGraphics has provided innovative print technology to the engineering and design community for over 70 years in the central Midwest.  Our mission is to provide the most advanced technology to our clients to ensure they have best-in-class processes for leveraging both 2D and 3D printing.  Improving our clients’ efficiency, competitive advantage, time to market, and innovation by offering state of the art solutions from valued partners is our pledge.  Find us at

MAX USA CORP.                        214

205 Express Street

Plainview, NY 11803


MAX is a leading international manufacturer of high-end industrial tools and office products for over 75 years. Our wold headquartes is in Tokyo, Japan with US headquarters is Long Island, New York. Over the years MAX has provided innovative tools for professionals in a variety of industries including Rebar Tying Tools, Nailers and Compressors. The Office Product Division consists of Sign and Marking Solutions that are used for Electrical Market applications like tube marking, wire ID, wire harness labeling and panel building. Our solution facilitates cost savings and improve work processes.

Mecal By Starn                                     1027

20524 Blooming Valley Road

Meadville, PA 16335-8014


Mecal by Starn is the distributor and manufacturer of the Mecal product line in North America. The partnership of Mecal and Starn Tool, creating Mecal by Starn, provides world-class applicator, presses, and spare tooling for the wire harness industry.

Mecalbi USA, LLC                      1110

9100 Mayflower Avenue, Suite H

El Paso, TX 79925

[email protected]


Mecalbi is a Portuguese company specialized on development and production of heat shrink systems, being nowadays an important part in the daily work of all major cable harness manufacturers. Laboring since 2006, it has recorded a continuous and solid growth in its segment being today a world reference in heat shrink systems. Mecalbi is a worldwide company working for the global market. It’s represented in four continents by local partners who provide sales and technical support.

Mechtrix Corp              227

W147N9461 Held Drive

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051


Since 1982, the Mechtrix Corporation has specialized in the design and manufacture of tooling, technology, and equipment for the electrical wire processing industry. Mechtrix provides proven technical expertise in areas such as stripping blade design, wire applications, materials, and coatings to help solve even the most difficult of wire processing challenges. From replacement wire stripping blades to specialized auxiliary equipment, Mechtrix is here to support your wire processing needs.

Meisei Tools                 217

948 Tourmaline Drive

Newbury Park, CA 91320


Manufacturer of Thermal Wire Strippers

Mexico Assembly Wire Tech                  1349

Prolongacion Texcoco 4937-2

Juarez, Chihuahua 32310



Miracle Electronic Devices Pvt. Ltd.                   356

No 48/1. Thigalarpalaya Main Road

Peenya 2nd Stage, Peenya Industrial Area

Bangalore, Karnataka 560058



MK Test Systems                       506

22102 N. Pepper Road, Suite 116

Lake Barrington, IL 60010


MoldMan Systems                    503

95 Distribution Drive

Sparks, NV 89441

Phone: +1 775-332-1600

[email protected]


MoldMan Systems™, an Ellsworth Adhesives company, is a provider of low-pressure injection molding machines with a focus on energy efficiency, a small machine footprint, and completed parts directly out of mold sets. MoldMan Systems™ low-pressure molding machines use silicones, polyamides, polyamide-acrylic, and copolyester materials to create a faster and more efficient process for your application. We assist with developing molds and mold set designs used to encapsulate, protect, and seal electronics.

Molex              416

2222 Wellington Court

Lisle, IL 60532

Phone: +1 800-786-6539


Molex is a global electronics leader committed to making our world a better, more-connected place. Molex enables transformative technology innovation in the automotive, data center, industrial automation, healthcare, 5G, cloud and consumer device industries. Through trusted customer and industry relationships, unrivaled engineering expertise, and product quality and reliability, Molex realizes the infinite potential of Creating Connections for Life.

Multi/Cable Corporation                       1320

37 Horizon Drive

Bristol, CT 06010


Multi/Cable Corporation is a custom manufacturer of multi conductor cable and wire. We offer a broad range of specialty cable products that can save money, reduce on-site errors, and speed up installation for your specific application. For 40+ years, we have supplied our customers with the exact cables and wires they need, in the needed amounts, when they need them.

MWTS Inc                     1338

8 Ewing Place

Essex Junction, VT 05452


National Standard Parts Associates                   400

1301 East Belmont Street

Pensacola, FL 32501


New England Wire Technologies                       710

130 N Main Street

Lisbon, NH 03585

Phone: +1 603-838-6624

[email protected]


New England Wire Technologies designs and manufactures custom specialty wire and cables; including multi-conductor cables, miniature/microminiature coaxes, high/low temperature cables, low noise cables, flexible interconnects, Litz wire, custom hybrid cable configurations, and a full range of proprietary cable designs. We service a variety of industries including aerospace/defense, medical electronics, robotics/automation, alternative energy, and industrial manufacturing.

Nexeya Canada Inc.                  1435

400 Alden Road

Markham, ON L3R4C1



Nexeya Canada designs, manufactures and supports embedded and stand-alone products for a variety of capital intense and mission critical environments.  We are a global provider of engineered solutions, products and services, supporting a variety of industries across the globe with a focus on space, aviation, transportation and high-tech manufacturing.

Nexthermal                  1237

1045 Harts Lake Road

Battle Creek, MI 49037


Nexthermal is a heater and sensor manufacturer with vast application knowledge and a combined 150+ years of experience in thermal solutions. We can be a part of your engineering team, working with our in-house design experts to bring the best solution for your applications. Using our global supply chain, Nexthermal can build heater-based assemblies and UL rated wire harness systems. We welcome a challenge and look forward to sharing with you our thermal systems knowledge, effective customer service, quality workmanship, and reliable products with you and your team.

NICHIFU America Inc                 1239

2677 American Lane

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

[email protected]


Our advanced technology combined with years of experience has enabled us to manufacture a range of original products, including high solid terminals, insulated chain terminals, and a variety of solderless connecting components. From the first tubular lug developed in our Osaka factory back in 1941 to now more than 8,000 products in our online catalog, Nichifu has cemented its name as a leading global manufacturer for a host of high-quality terminals, connectors, and crimping tools.

Northwire                    1446

110 Prospect Way

Osceola, WI 54020

Phone: +1 800-468-1516


Northwire, A LEMO Group Company, designs and manufactures custom technical wire and cable interconnect solutions for healthcare, medical devices, off-raod heavy equipment, industrial manufacturing, test & measurement, transportation, aerospace & defense, and more. Certified to ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485. Qualified CSA Test Facility per ISO 17025.

NuWay Electronics                    456

165 Martin Lane

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Phone: +1 847-437-7120

[email protected]


NuWay Electronics has been serving clients with excellence for almost half a century. Established in 1975, we have evolved as a leading provider of tape and reel services, component forming and trimming services, and electronic assemblies. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation sets us apart. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, quality is the cornerstone of our operation. We adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure that every product leaving our facility meets the highest standards.

nVent HOFFMAN                      515

2100 Hoffman Way

Anoka, MN 55303

Phone: +1 763-422-2211


nVent HOFFMAN connects and protects critical controls and systems around the world while ensuring maximum productivity. For more than 75 years, customers have relied on nVent HOFFMAN to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio. Pairing panel shop automation platform with newly announced Design to Manufacturing Software, our high-quality NEMA and IEC enclosures, and climate control solutions are suitable for a vast range of verticals and applications. No matter what your application is, our local sales and product specialists are here for you.

Nysha Mobility Tech Private Limited                  251

276-D, Dobaspete 4th Phase

Avverahalli, Neelamangala Taluk

Bangalore, Karnataka 562111


Phone: +919845028973

[email protected]


Nysha Mobility Tech is a manufacturer of Wires, Cables, Specialty Cables & Wiring Harnesses for Industrial, Automotive, Appliance, Renewable Energy, Telecom, Automation, Power Applications etc. We have the capability to process cables made of PVC, PE, XLPE, XLPO, FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, Silicon, TPU, TPE, LSZH. Our range extends to UL approved wires, battery, sensor, spiral, control, co-axial, composite, multicore, shielded & screened, high temp, high current capacity cables & much more. Further, we manufacture spiral cables, charging gun assemblies for EVs, overmoulded products & power cords.

Oasis Connectivity Pvt. Ltd.                   252

Plot No 317, Sector 8

Imt Manesar

Gurgaon, Haryana 122051



OES Technologies                      812

4056 Blakie Road, London Ontario, Canada, N6L 1P7

London, ON N6L 1P7


Phone: +1 877-652-5833


We’re leaders in wire harness quality assurance devices. It’s what we’re known for and why hundreds of manufactures rely on us. For more than 40 years – and 16 patents later – we’ve been part of advancing industries we’re in by designing solutions that help customers take quality assurance to new levels of excellence. Our expertise comes from examining thousands of wire harness manufacturing lines, creating hundreds of applications, and installing thousands of crimp force systems worldwide.

Oetiker Tool Corporation dba. Elm City Tools                 1211

30 E Industrial Road

Branford, CT 06405


Panduit Corp                507

18900 Panduit Drive

Tinley Park, IL 60487


Since 1955, Panduit’s culture of curiosity and passion for problem solving have enabled more meaningful connections between companies’ business goals and their marketplace success. Panduit creates leading-edge physical, electrical, network infrastructure and AV solutions for enterprise-wide environments, from the data center to the telecom room, from the desktop to the plant floor. Panduit’s proven reputation for quality and technology leadership, coupled with a robust partner ecosystem, help support, sustain, and empower business growth in a connected world.

Paras Wires Private Limited                  353

Plot 17Q Sector 1 Phase 2

KIADB industrial area Bidadi

Ramanagara, Karnataka 562109


Phone: +919902700772

[email protected]


Established in the year 1986 as a small wire drawing unit and then grew into speciality copper wires and cables manufacturing unit. We expanded our activities gradually to become the pioneers in providing total solution to cabling and harnessing industry adding innovative products regularly. •Speciality Products introduction regularly-backed up with R&D •Consistent Quality and Product reliability •Flexible delivery performance to meet requirements •Fast prototyping for evaluation •Valuable Customers across industrial domains. Specialised products as per MIL,UL,VG and other specifications.

Phoenix Contact USA, Inc                      1413

586 Fulling Mill Road

Middletown, PA 17057


Phoenix Contact is a global manufacturer and supplier of hand and semi-automatic wire processing tools and identification systems. Industrial tools are available for wire cutting, stripping, and crimping connectors. Wire identification systems include thermal transfer printers and numerous label options. Our innovative products make it easy to implement the latest technology in various applications and industries.

Polar Wire Products, Inc.                      212


Anchorage, AK 99507

Phone: +1 907-561-5955

[email protected]


Polar Wire Products is a manufacturer of premium arctic grade harsh environment Arctic Ultraflex/Superflex Blue wire and cables, cable harnesses and value-added supplier of electrical connectivity products. In business for over 30 years, Polar Wire has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Anchorage, AK and Round Lake Beach, IL. Our wire and cables are proudly made in the USA.

Power & Signal Group               1412

801 Industrial Boulevard, Suite 200

Grapevine, TX 76051

Phone: +1 440-561-9779


Power & Signal Group is a strategic group within Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW) dedicated to the unique design and distribution requirements of the transportation industry . We are a worldwide distributor of interconnection systems and components for the transportation industry with all components needed on or around the wire harness.  From our North American headquarters and our sales and distribution centers in Asia and South America the company is able to provide global coverage to its customers – delivering product when, where and how it’s needed.

Powertronics                1257

143 Raymond Road, #10

Candia, NH 03034


Pressmaster                 602

825 N Cass Avenue, Suite 204

Westmont, IL 60559

PRO.EFF GmbH                         1443

4120 Rio Bravo Street, Suite 109

El Paso, TX 79902


PSTproducts GmbH                   1354

Junkersstrasse 1

Alzenau, Bayern 63755



Q5D Technologies Limited                     1356

Harbour Court

Serbert Road

Portishead, North Somerset BS207GF

United Kingdom

[email protected]


Automated wire harness manufacture. Q5D is solving the most challenging automation issue; how to manufacture electrical connections in increasingly complex products in all industries. Traditional wiring harnesses are heavy, space hungry and costly. Q5D has created a CAD/CAM manufacturing cell that adds a complete wiring harness to products. Our approach uses state of the art 5 axis manufacturing techniques and robotic handling to securely add components, connections and conductors onto products in a process we call Electrical Function Integration.

QuickCable                   1154

3700 Quick Drive

Franksville, WI 53406


Radix Wire and Cable                307

30333 Emerald Valley Parkway

Glenwillow, OH 44139

Phone: +1 216-731-9191


Radix Wire & Cable is the leading manufacturer of UL, CSA and factory‐rated electrical wire and cable for high performance, extreme temperature applications. The company’s product portfolio consists of unique wire and cable products with temperature ratings from 125°C to 1,000°C, voltage ratings from 300V to 40kV, and sizes ranging down to the smallest available in the industry. Radix products are used by original equipment manufacturers in a variety of consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. When your project demands high performance wire and cable, think Radix!

Rennsteig Tools, Inc                  1334

411 Hackensack Avenue, Suite 200

Hackensack, NJ 07601-6331

Phone: +1 330-315-3044


Rennsteig Tools is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, user friendly and ergonomic hand tools for professional users. These tools are regularly presented at the leading international tool shows, and we enjoy an excellent reputation with knowledgeable professionals. Rennsteig Tools supplies distributors, OEMs, secondary suppliers, private label customers, and individuals across various industries like: Automotive/Industrial machinery, Aerospace, Solar Energy, Industrial Installations, Construction Industry and wherever electrical connections need to be reliable, durable, and fast.

RETYZ/NetConnex                    1449

550 Commerce Drive

Quakertown, PA 18951


RPI Inc.             1256

2914 Carlise Ave

Racine, WI 53404

Phone: +1 262-633-6500

[email protected]


RPI Inc is a full-service electronics contract manufacturer with value-added engineering & a broad range of capabilities including design, engineering, production, assembly, & programming of printed circuit boards; wire & cable harnesses / assemblies; fabrication of custom electronic enclosures, & test equipment used for testing battery loads, anti-lock brake modules, air bag deployment devices, and engine controls. RPI serves the automotive (eV/HV), locomotive, clean energy and heavy industry markets. RPI’s 25,000 sq ft production facility is at 2914 Carlisle Ave, Racine, WI.

S V A Rikkon Lubes Pvt. Ltd.                  256

Plot No. C7 Sipcot Industrial Complex, Cheyyar Phase-II

Mathur Village, Vembakkam Taluk

Thiruvanamalai, Tamilnadu 631701



Sahasra Electronic Solutions Limited                 352



Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305


Phone: +91-0120 – 4202604

[email protected]


Sahasra Electronic Solutions, was established in 2020 as the 2nd EMS facility within Sahasra Group to meet the rapidly growing export market demand. As the market for electronic products expands worldwide we support our customers in the areas PCB fabrication, PCB Assembly, Wire Harness and Box build solutions. We have also set up state of the art IT Hardware Products manufacturing lines to cater to high end enterprise solutions. We carry the distinction of being the first domestic company in India to manufacture Motherboards & Server Systems and Enterprise grade SSD/memory solutions.

Schaefer Group             1101

2349 S Commerce Drive

New Berlin, WI 53151


The Schaefer Group manufactures and sells wire processing equipment ranging from hand-held stripping tools to fully customized and turnkey automated systems.  Schaefer provides individual solutions for all of our customer’s wire processing needs.

Schiffer Corporation                  408

3969 Lemon Creek Road

Bridgman, MN 49106


Distributor of Autosplice spare parts, machines and spliceband material. Training and refurbishing of machines in house or on-site.

Schleuniger, Inc.                       421

87 Colin Drive

Manchester, NH 03103

Phone: +1 603-668-8117

[email protected]


As a global technology company and innovative solutions supplier to the wire processing and testing industry, Schleuniger offers an expansive portfolio of products for virtually all applications to meet the industry’s evolving demands. If you process wire or cable, Schleuniger has a solution that will help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve productivity. With an extensive range of services, Schleuniger will assist you in achieving precision results throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment.

Schunk Sonosystems                 1001

250 Andover Street

Wilmington, MA 01887

Phone: +1 978-857-7480

[email protected]


<strong>Development and production of customized solutions for ultrasonic metal welding. We are a producer of ultrasonic welding machines based in Wettenberg, Germany with locations in the USA, Mexico, Morocco, China, South Korea and Japan. Our expertise covers various application areas such as wire harnesses, batteries, power electronics, cooling technology and special applications. Our wide range of products includes machines for different requirements. From table-top machines to fully automatic systems – tell us what you need

SDI LaFarga Copperworks                      222

1640 South Ryan Road

New Haven, IN 46774

Phone: +1 260-748-6559

[email protected]


COPPERWORKS manufactures copper rod and wire used in building wire, aerospace, automotive, data, magnet wire, and telecommunication applications. Every day, we apply our copper expertise and can-do culture to deliver copper rod and wire that works for our customers and meets their exact needs.

SEA Wire and Cable                  1535

451 Lanier Road

Madison, AL 35758


Senra Systems, Inc.                   244

2400 Marine Ave Unit 102

Torrance, CA 90278


Sequel Wire & Cable                 1401

151 Dewey Street

P.O. Box 34

Argos, IN 46501


Sequel combines a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with 130+ years of combined management experience. Employing the latest technologies for vertically integrated wire drawing and extrusion processes. Sequel products are used in a variety of markets including OEM, wire and cable distribution, appliance, automotive, and recreational vehicles. We maintain an unrelenting focus on engaged employees, customer-centric relationships, and we provide an unparalleled level of transparency by collecting and sharing service data to support our performance levels.

Shanghai Shenyuan High-Temp Wire Co.,Ltd                  1523

No.680 Heng Guang,Road Waigang Town

Jiading District, Shanghai, 201806



ShinMaywa America Ltd.                      243

10737 Gateway West, Suite 240

El Paso, TX 79935


Siechem Technologies Private Limited               257

RS No.104/8 & 105/7

Sedarapet Main Road

Pondicherry, Tamilnadu 605101


[email protected]


Siechem – a market leader in India for speciality wires and cables, established in 2002, having its head office at Chennai and factory at Pondicherry, India, equipped with state of the art automated manufacturing plant spread over 100,000 sq feet built-up area in an environment friendly surrounding.

Siemens                       1155

8005 Boeckman Rd

Wilsonville, OR 97070


Siemens Capital™ electrical and electronics (E/E) systems development software portfolio supports a full digital thread through to wiring harness design, manufacturing and service publications. Capital Essentials is a suite of wiring and harness design software tools for the demanding requirements of companies where ease-of-use and value are as important as capability. Capital Electra™ X is a cloud-native electrical design software as a service (SaaS) offering aimed at individual electrical designers or small teams that require an affordable yet powerful electrical design solution.

Sigma Terminals                                   817

Block # 257, Besides Satyam Mall

Sarkhej-Bavla Highway

Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382213


[email protected]


Sigma offers cable lugs, connectors and terminals for automotive, EV, heavy-duty truck, off-road vehicle, construction and farm equipment, DC power back-up systems etc. Apart from our standard product offering, we specialize in design and manufacture of connectors as per OEM requirements. Our core capabilities are – Ring terminals for battery and power cables -Industrial lugs & connectors -High voltage EV connectors

SIROCO S.A.                  1227

Zona Industrial de Taboeira, Esgueira

Aveiro, 3800-055



We at Siroco are comitted for 35 years in providing solutions to the Cable and Harness Industry. Dedicated to manufacturing crimping tools, going from standard to big and special terminals, not forgetting bending terminals, we cover a broad range of applications. In house development, design and construction assure the quality and durability of our tools. Siroco exports worldwide, being present in the automotive industry, consumer goods, household appliances and others. An additional advantage is our special machines operation, giving the possibility of providing a complete solution.

Sonobond Ultrasonics               1303

1191 McDermott Drive

West Chester, PA 19380


Southwire                    1407

1 Southwire Drive

Carrolton, GA 30119


STAR Technology                       1210

200 Executive Drive Waterloo IN 46793

Waterloo, IN 46793

Phone: +1 260-837-7833

[email protected]


For 35 years, STAR Technology, Inc. has been formulating hundreds of applications for the Wire Harness industry. Our Industrial adhesives and potting/encapsulating compounds can be customized with the custom price.

Steeger USA                 1016

2230 Highway 292

Inman, SC 29349


Steinel America            1000

9051 Lydale Avenue S

Bloomington, MN 55420


STEINEL is a global organization dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technology for the delivery of controlled heat. Being a heat tool technology leader is STEINEL’s driving force. In addition to design and functionality, 100 percent testing ensures the quality of STEINEL products. Each finished product is tested and every component is examined well before the final assembly. Beyond the factory, STEINEL is committed to superior customer service and technical support to create a true partnership with the professionals who specify and use our products.

STOCKO Contact GmbH & Co. KG                       713

Simonshoefchen 31

Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, 42327



STOCKO CONTACT is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of electromechanical components. In particular, the company manufactures multi-way connector systems (with connections for insulation displacement (IDC), crimp, press-fit or solder technology), crimp contacts, stamping parts, cable lugs, customized design solutions and terminating technology for all STOCKO CONTACT products.The range of applications are focused on HOME APPLIANCE and HVAC, AUTOMOTIVE and INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS.

Stranco Products                      1439

250 Gibraltar Drive

Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Phone: +1 630-685-8484

[email protected]


Value Added Distributor of all kinds of tubing and sleeving products; servicing wire and cable harness manufacturers in the automotive, agricultural, military, medical, electrical and electronic industries. Our in-house capabilities include cutting to length, kitting, respooling and private-labeling, as well as hot-stamping and thermal-transfer marking of many tubing materials.<br /> Other products offered include identification, adhesives and epoxies, cable ties, and specialty wire and cable management solutions.

Strunk Connect automated solutions, Inc                      1015

3203 Middlecoff Lane, Unit A

Florence, SC 29506


Resistance welding machines,from benchtop to fully automated systems,welding of wires from 0.01 millimeter to 300 sqare millimeter, welding of magnet wire with out Stripping of the insulation and welding of Bus bars

Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products                      1217

915 Armorlite Drive

San Marcos, CA 92069

Phone: +1 800-758-3515

[email protected]


Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer, seller and servicer of heat-shrinkable products worldwide. We supply product to a diverse range of customers in a variety of industries. These include the automotive, aerospace, appliance, communications, electronics, medical, and transit industries to name a few.

Techflex                        1028

104 Demarest Road

Sparta, NJ 07871


Telsonic Solutions, LLC              1335

16 Esquire Road, Suite 1A

North Billerica, MA 01862

Phone: +1 617-244-0400

[email protected]


Our focus at TELSONIC Solutions is the metal joining needs of a number of different industries such as Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Appliance, Aerospace and Green Technologies. Our expertise in the field of ultrasonic metal welding enables us to address customer requirements, starting with recommendations on material selection and application solutions all the way through the engineering design and manufacturing of the specific welding equipment. This is followed by unsurpassed support and service during the production run of the product.

Textape Inc.                  1212

915 Pendale Road

El Paso, TX 79907


The Appliance and HVAC Report                       1448

3793 Meadowbrook Boulevard

Cleveland, OH 44118


The Eraser Company, Inc.                      206

PO Box 4961

Syracuse, NY 13221

[email protected]


The Eraser Company, Inc. was founded in 1911 in Syracuse, New York and incorporated in 1935. Since its founding and throughout its 100+ year history, we have continually expanded and refined our product line to include all types of wire processing equipment including wire, cable and tubing cutters, wire and cable strippers, wire twisters, wire brush wheels, reelers and dereelers, infrared heating equipment, measuring tools and FybRglass® erasers. While Eraser is still based in Syracuse, we support our customers throughout the United States and all over the World. Visit us at

The Mello Company                  1111

1819 Firman Drive # 143

Richardson, TX 75081


The Mueller Group, Inc.                        1444

509 E State Parkway, Suite C

Schaumburg, IL 60173

Phone: +1 847-882-4333

[email protected]


The Mueller Group is a premier stocking distributor of European-made flexible control, robotic, power, tray and automation cables from Europe’s finest manufacturers to the North American market. We are one of the leading solutions providers within this industry and offer top brands plus high-quality, cost-effective equivalents and a stocked supply of all European approval ratings.  Our commitment to personalized service and our ability to provide ideal solutions for your applications are what make The Mueller Group your smart solution.

The Rubicon Group                   1225

2625 Butterfield Road #217N

Oak Brook, IL 60202


Rubicon ERP, built from the ground up for electrical wire and cable manufacturing, assembly and harness making businesses, allows you to streamline your operations, automate processes, and manage inventory, production, and sales more effectively. With real-time reporting and analytics capabilities, you can gain an in-depth view of your business operations and performance, which will help you make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Thermoplastics Engineering Corp.                     1307

11 Spruce Street

Leominster, MA 01453


Thermosleeve-USA                   1004

9580 East 150th Street

Nobelsville, IN 46060


Heat Shrink Tubing Supplier located in Noblesville, Indiana

Trans Cable                   1351

800 East 2nd Street

Bonham, TX 75418


Tri-Star Technologies, Inc.                     1026

1111 E. El Segundo Boulevard

El Eegundo, CA 90245


Tri Star has been a leading innovator in the field of laser marking, crimping, and adhesion improvement for over 30 years. We’ve developed patented technologies that enable our customers to maintain and grow production rates while adhering to the strictest quality standards.

Turbo India Interconnect Solutions                    242

#114, 1st Floor, P.C. Industrial Estate, Kamakshipa

Bangalore, Karnataka, 560079



TYTEK Co., Limited                    316

No. 1st, 26th Road, Taichung Industrial Park

Taichung, 40850


[email protected]


Giantlok has one-stop shop products lines, which included cable ties, stainless steel ties, security ties, cable markers, cable clamps, fasteners, cable clips, PC board supports, cable protection, wiring ducts, conduits, adapters, wire connectors, and terminals, to support different requirement of customers from every industry. By means of outstanding design, Giantlok supports customers with high quality cable ties and wiring accessories, which are UL, CE, CSA, GL<br /> and ABS accreditation and complied EU RoHS and REACH environmental regulations.

U.S. Tech                      BIN

10 Gay Street

Phoenixville, PA 19460


UKB Electronics Pvt Ltd             614

C-118/ 119 ,Sector 63, Noida- 201301

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301


[email protected]


UKB is a leading manufacturer of Wire Harness, Wire & Cable, Power Cords in India. Established in 1996 with 10 manufacturing plants across 45,000 sqm, Workforce of 3,500+ associates, Exporting to 20+ countries. In-house capabilities include Copper Machines from Niehoff Germany, Wire Extrustion – 0.08 Sqmm (28 AWG) to 300 Sqmm (600 MCM), Electron Beam Facility (3.0 MeV), Compounding line – PVC, EPR, EPDM, CPE, XLPE, EVA, Injection Moulding Machines, 20+ Fully Auto CNC Machines (KOMAX). Products are approved by UL, VDE, ASTA, ETL, SPRING, PSE, NSW, GCC, BIS, and 100% REACH compliant.

Unified Wire and Cable LLC                   1310

338 Wurlitzer Drive

DeKalb, IL 60115


Unified Wire and Cable has been a manufacturer of electrical wire and cable for nearly 50 years with an executive team that adds more than 120 years of combined wire and cable experience.  UWC is a fully integrated manufacturer from rod breakdown through single conductor lead wire as well as multiconductor jacketed cables.  We serve a wide variety of markets including appliance, automotive, commercial, lighting, marine and distribution.  We are now capable of extruding from 4/0 to 24ga single conductors to a .75 Max OD multiconductor cables.

Ushiyama Denki Co. Ltd            1149

9F Pinefield Building, 3-40-7 Matsubara


Tokyo, 156-0043


Phone: +81-03-5355-6231


Ushiyama Denki Co., Ltd is a distinguished Japanese trading company in the wire harness industry, boasting over 40 years of expertise. Our specialization lies in the provision of wire processing machines, hand crimping tools, and various wire harness components. We have operated globally since 2005 and support 7 languages, English, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Persian, Pashto, and Japanese. We provide ongoing customer care and support through extensive product knowledge and experience.

Varflex Corporation                  1214

512 West Court Street

Rome, NY 13440

Phone: +1 315-336-4400

[email protected]


Varflex Corporation manufactures electrical insulating sleeving tailored for OEM wire harness solutions. Specializing in high performance fibers including Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Polyester, Spectra, Nomex®, Nylon, Sewing Thread and more. Varflex offers twisted and plied yarns, braider packages, overbraiding wires and cables and customizable electrical insulating sleeving. All Varflex sleevings are compliant with RoHS, Reach and Conflict Mineral regulations meeting multiple Military, UL and CSA standards. ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

VTE Inc.                        1418

5437 Robinson Road PO Box 790

Pellston, MI 49769


WAGO Corporation                   1020

N120W19129 Freistadt Road

Germantown, WI 53022


About WAGO: Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at WAGO. From our pioneering CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology to our extensive range of Interconnect, Interface and Automation solutions, such as the fieldbus independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, our customers count on the unconditional performance and reliability of our products to ensure the safe, efficient operation of their systems every time. For additional information, visit Contact WAGO at 1-800-DIN-RAIL or [email protected]

Wardwell Braiding Co.              1235

1211 High Street

Central Falls, RI 02863

Phone: +1 401-724-8800

[email protected]


Since 1911, Wardwell has designed, engineered and built braiding and re-winding equipment for the wire and cable industry. Wardwell harness braiders, especially designed for braiding over electrical harnesses, are available from 12 through 72 Carriers in both vertical and horizontal configurations. With the addition of Cobra Braiding Machinery to our product line, we are confident that we can offer the ideal braiding solution for your harness applications. Contact us at (401) 7248800 or <u>[email protected] </u>and let us help you with your braiding challenges.

Waytek            909

2440 Galpin Court

Chanhassen, MN 55317

Phone: +1 800-328-2724


Waytek, Inc. is a distributor of automotive wire and DC electrical components serving OEMs, wire harness manufacturers, and upfitters across North America. A family-owned business, Waytek commits to providing exceptional service to our customers, shipping over 99.5% of in-stock orders on the same day.* We partner with product manufacturers known for premier quality and take pride in creating a consistent sense of purpose and unity for our employees. With a mission to provide an exceptional customer experience, we do our part so our customers can do theirs. *For orders received by 3:30 pm CST

Weetech Inc                 1419

1300 N. Skokie Highway, Suite 100

Gurnee, IL 60031


WEICON GmbH & Co. KG                      220

Koenigsberger Strasse 255

Muenster, NRW, 48157


Phone: +4925193220

[email protected]


Since 1947, WEICON has been producing speciality products for the industry in Germany. The range of products includes special adhesives and sealants, technical sprays and high-performance assembly pastes and greases for all areas of industry – from production over repair up to maintenance. Another field of activity is the development, sales and distribution of stripping tools.<br /> WEICON has branches in Dubai, Canada, Turkey, Romania, South Africa, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy. The company is represented by WEICON partners in more than 120 countries all over the world.

Weidmuller                  801

821 Southlake Boulevard

Richmond, VA 23236

Phone: +1 804-794-2877

[email protected]


For nearly five decades, Weidmuller USA, has been a beacon of innovation in smart industrial connectivity and automation. Our legacy is built on two centuries of industrial breakthroughs, including the groundbreaking terminal block, transformative SNAP IN technology, innovative remote I/O, and our future-ready open automation platform, u-OS. With Weidmuller, you have the perfect partner to support you in all phases of electrical installation within panel building. Stop by Booth 801 for a hands-on look at our Workplace Solutions Truck, Electrical Wire Processing Center, tools and printers!

WESCO                                     1011

225 West Station Square Drive, Suite 700

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: +1 412-454-2200


Wesco’s acquisition of Anixter in 2020 resulted in a combined company with a comprehensive portfolio that unites Wesco’s capabilities in industrial, construction and utility with Anixter’s expertise in data communications, security and manufacturing.  As a leading global distributor of wire & cable, network systems, security products, infrastructure, and MRO & safety, we represent the world’s leading manufacturers and maintain one of the broadest and most comprehensive inventories in the industry.

Western Filament, Inc.              1254

3041 N 15th Street

Grand Junction, CO 81506


WEZAG Tools, Inc.                     207

1864 High Grove Lane, Suite 108

Naperville, IL 60540


WEZAG Tools offers premium loose piece crimping solutions ranging from hand tools to powered units. Interchangeable die sets can be used in electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic crimpers. We are focused on helping with Drive Train Electrification connectivity.

Wire & Cable Technology International (WCTI)              1539

1741 Akron Peninsula Road

Akron, OH 44313

Phone: +1 330-864-2122


Wire & Cable Technology International (WCTI) is a bimonthly technical magazine for manufacturers, processors, distributors and users of all types of wires, cables, wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Each issue contains the Wire Harness & Cable Connector (WHCC) section which focuses on wire and cable processing, distribution and use. Additional WCTI publications include the OVERVIEW business and market newsletter and the annual WCTI Buyers’ Guide. WCTI is the “Seminar Room Sponsor” at the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, and it is a Media Sponsor of the WHMA.

WireMasters                1355

1788 Northpointe road

Columbia, TN 38401


Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association (WHMA), a council of IPC               1425

3000 Lakeside Drive, Suite 105N

Bannockburn, IL 60015


The Wiring Harness Manufacturers Association is the ONLY trade association exclusively representing the cable and wire harness manufacturing industry including manufacturers, their suppliers and customers. WHMA established a partnership with IPC, a global trade association with more than 3,000 member companies representing all facets of the electronics industry: design, printed circuit board manufacturing, electronics assembly and test. IPC produces the only standard for Requirements and Acceptance of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies, The IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard Revision D.

Wiring Harness News                235

424 Kennedy Avenue

PO Box 669

Schererville, IN 46375


Since 1994, Wiring Harness News has been the only publication dedicated solely to wire and cable harness assembly. Keep up with the very latest in wire processing, automation, testing, standards, best practices…and more! Wiring Harness News delves deep into information pertaining to harness assembly for the Automotive/ Transportation, Military/Aerospace, Medical, Communications, Photonics and Industrial markets.

Wuxi Airstorm Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd.             347

No.6 Hengyang Road Yangjian Equipment

Industarial Park Yangjian Town, XiShan district

Wuxi, Jiangsu 214107



Wuxi Airstorm Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the development research and manufacturing of wire harness processing equipment, and have an excellent design team and advanced processing equipment.<br /> <br /> With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the wire harness processing/pro duction process has been automated and is very professional and meticulous. We established Wuxi TD machine Co, Ltd. and hoping to build a bridge between standard and non-standard, and integrate innovation between traditional technology and new field applications to create more value.

Wuxi Anyiji Automation Technology Co., Ltd.                 1548

#99 Furong 3rd Road, Xishan Dsitrict

Wuxi, Jiangsu, 214000


Phone: +86 181-6832 x3598

[email protected]

Well known Ultra-Sonic welding machine manufacturer in China, providing HV industry customers with competent welding performance and high cost-efficient USW equipments. Machine capabilities cover most of the applications in HV industry( 1.5-150 Copper, 1.5-200 Al wire); Rich experience of different type of applications; Welding tooling is compatible for both copper and Al applications; Short lead-time and fast reaction speed;

Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory                    216

No.3 Yingbin Road, Xiaji Town, Baoying County

Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 225824



Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory, founded in 1997, is a professional manufacturer of high performance wires and cables. It is located in the City of Yangzhou, in China. The factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters with around 160 employees. Fongming is committed to fine management, and have obtained certifications such as ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016, ISO45001:2018, etc. Our wire and cables have gained UL, CSA, CCC, CE and other certifications. With the capability of designing and manufacturing, Fongming is committed to be a high-tech century-old enterprise of wires and cables.

Z+F USA Inc.                 201

700 Old Pond Road, Suite 606

Bridgeville, PA 15017


Z+F has been providing innovative wire processing technology for more than 50 years. We have extensive experience with a variety of applications, including contact crimping, wire-stripping, loose piece contact feeding with vibratory bowls and reel fed systems. Our wire processing equipment can be found in a wide range of markets, including industrial automation, automotive, energy, medical and military. Our cutting-edge crimping solutions that are stand-alone or integrated with automatic wire processing systems, maximize productivity and repeatability.

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Zhejiang Cardiff Cable Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with 14 years experience in Cables. It is mainly engaged in industrial automation flexible cables, new energy PV cables, car charging cables, energy storage cables, etc., are widely used in industrial automation, automobiles, new energy and other fields.<br /> Cardiff Cable own a factory with a production area of 70000㎡. It has passed IS09001-2015 & IATF16949:2016 system certifications, and its products own UL&cUL,TUV,CE,CCC,PSE,SAA, and other international Certifications, the product complies with RoHS environmental protection requirements.

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Zuken is a global software company delivering electrical and electronic design solutions. Founded in 1976, Zuken has a consistent track record of technology innovation. With its CR-8000 and E3.series product families, Zuken provides a robust lineup of system-level 2D/3D electrical and electronic toolsets complemented by design data management capabilities. Harness Builder for E3.series supports the custom wire and cable harness market. This integrated module is for harness manufacturers for accurate quotation/estimate and creation of nailboard documentation.