Telsonic Further Enhances Telso®Splice Wire Splicing Systems

Telsonic’s Telso®Splice TS3 & TS6 are recognized as established and industry proven, state-of-the-art wire splicing systems. The TS3 variant is already widely used for small splice welding applications and featuring most user’ friendly operation with a lightweight and compact design,
it is ideally suited to portable applications such as cable harnesses on assembly boards. TS3 is also a valuable asset in preproduction runs and is available in a variety of table-top and standing table configurations. The Telso®Splice TS6 variant embodies all of the same functionality as TS3, but with a more sturdy components to allow larger cross-section splices.

As a World leader in the field of ultrasonic technology, Telsonic maintains
a program of ongoing product development and innovation, and the TS3 and TS6 wire splicing systems now feature a number of enhancements and upgrades. The new TS3-7 uses an even more precise displacement sensor for the welding height, and the gather spindle now features dual bearings to allow additional service life. With a larger viewing window, and easier anvil side blocks replacement, operability and maintenance are further simplified.

Additional enhancements include longer life for the wire cutter blade and a sturdier stepper motor design feature.

For the new Telso®Splice TS6-4 is now available with power options of either 4.8 kW or 7.2 kW versions. TS6-4 is now available in either stand alone or tabletop configurations. The maximum opening width has been increased from 14.5 mm to 18 mm, allowing larger, wider splices to be welded, and more easily removed from the welding chamber at the end of the process. The welding parameters defaults for copper wires are optimized for the new weld head,

and a more powerful fan improves fume extraction for larger welds fumes. Furthermore, the enhancements for TS3-7 are utilized for the TS6-4 . The new Telso®Splice software V4.3.1 supports both the new TS3-7 and TS6-4 weld heads and contains, among other things, various new language variants, the interface to the Telsonic Production Server and other optimizations.

For those with previous Telso®Splice versions, much of the new features and enhancements are compatible and can be retrofitted using kits available from Telsonic. However, the TS6-4 weld head, anvil, gather, and knife arenot compatible with previous TS6 systems. The new Telso®Splice TS3-7 and TS6-4 retain the highly intuitive touchscreen. Jobs, splices, and sequences can be defined easily on the screen or loaded via the Telso®CON data interface. Integration into MES environments is achieved via corresponding software plugins; for example, for the 4Wire CAO from Di.IT or customer-specific systems. Alongside the standard limit value monitoring, a bad parts cutter, anti- side-splice accessory, wire stops, and a user and rights management system help guarantee the highest level of quality.

Ultrasonic joining technology is widely used to produce reliable electrical connections in the automotive industry, as well as in a broad range of other fields. The benefits of ultrasonic wire splicing include lower electrical resistance, improved cost efficiency and a high level of protection against corrosion. Typical applications include wire splicing in preproduction and wire harnesses on assembly boards, or the compaction of wires. Copper-to-copper and copper-to-aluminium combinations can be welded within the same machine.