TE Connectivity emphasizes the importance of product confidence and reliability for vehicles and machines operating in harsh environments

TE’s KISSLING relays and switches portfolio includes an extensive selection of sealed and specialty switching solutions designed to withstand the toughest challenges of the industrial and commercial transportation industry

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.  – When a vehicle or machine is operating in the harsh environments of the industrial and commercial transportation (ICT) industry, there is no room for error or failure, and downtime is not an option. That’s why having a reliable and trusted product partner is essential. TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, is enabling fearlessness in the field with its time-tested and industry-established KISSLING relays and switches portfolio. Proven in the field to seamlessly help power vehicles and equipment through relays and switches that operate in construction, agriculture, and commercial transportation – plus defense, aviation, rail and more – the KISSLING relays and switches portfolio is equipped for the most extreme environments.

If power relays, battery disconnect or emergency stop switches fail, time-critical projects and operations could be compromised leading to severe cost and performance implications along the way. Beyond that, strict completion deadlines in construction, seasonal yield targets in agriculture and time-sensitive operations in commercial transportation all depend on the smooth running of complex machinery. Regular repair and maintenance checks also absorb valuable time. To streamline these processes and get vehicles or machinery back on track, TE’s KISSLING relays and switches are robust, reliable and optimized to reduce downtime.

“Industrial and commercial vehicles and equipment are exposed to extremes of temperature, moisture, dirt, shock and vibration every day when operating out in the field,” says Jon Harman, vice president of sales, industrial & commercial transportation business unit at TE. “From battery disconnects and emergency stop switches to power relays and more, TE’s KISSLING relays and switches line enables complete confidence in all applications. Robustness is in our DNA, and we are committed to helping meet the needs of industrial and commercial transportation manufacturers, now and tomorrow.”

The KISSLING relays and switches product range includes an extensive and robust selection of sealed and specialty products, with a pedigree that spans over 70 years. In today’s landscape, manufacturers, engineers, and purchasers are calling for flexible and future-proof designs, which can support the rise of electronification and electrification. Both trends have resulted in a huge shift in industrial and commercial transportation, making a broad and versatile portfolio even more essential.

There is also health and safety to consider. High performance demands high power and voltage, making any potential failures not only threatening to the vehicle, but also its operator. And this risk only intensifies without reliable battery disconnect or emergency stop switches and power relays that provide reliability and help enable technician safety.

Not only does TE’s extensive KISSLING relays and switches line include standardized and customized options for added flexibility, but the portfolio’s robust solutions are specifically designed to endure and thrive under the harshest conditions while offering the trusted safety features to protect operators working at the highest levels of intensity.

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