Switchcraft 157/157G 1/4” Strap Nut End-Pin Jacks at TTI

Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, announces the availability of Switchcraft 157/157G 1/4” Strap Nut End-Pin Jacks from stock at TTI.

Switchcraft 157/157G 1/4” Strap Nut End-Pin Jacks offer the same trusted quality as a standard Switchcraft End-Pin Jack with the added functionality of a removable strap nut. These jacks are ideal for acoustic guitar applications, eliminating the need to drill a second hole into the instrument for an output jack, and include a handle and a cable clamp to ensure critical connections are protected and all hardware is included for easy installation. The 157/157G End-Pin Jacks feature a durable and copper alloy strap nut with nickel- or gold-plated options. Target applications include musical instruments and speaker connections, to name a few. They are in stock and available today.

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