Supplier Profile: AEROSPACE Wire & Cable

Supplier Profile: AEROSPACE Wire & Cable

AEROSPACE is a privately owned manufacturer incorporated in the state of New York since 1986. High temperature and custom designed wire & cable is their specialty.

They can design and manufacture your cables to precise specifications. The company’s manufacturing and engineering team has over 40 years of experience combined in cable design and production. They are dedicated to tailoring cables to fit their customers exact application.

AEROSPACE Wire & Cable provides specialty products to markets including aerospace, communications, computers, automotive, steel & paper mills, petrochemical plants, public utilities, nuclear power plants, mining and defense.

They are specialists in the proper cable insulators suitable for harsh environments where resistance to chemicals, moisture and mechanical abuse is essential. They use only the best materials S.A. (Teflon®†) allowing for reduced diameters and ensuring superior electricals that can carry data faster and maintain the signal integrity better than conventional or ordinary cables at high and low temperatures.

Manufacturing Capabilities

AWG Sizes: From AWG 4/O thru 30

Insulations: FEP, Foamed FEP, ETFE, PTFE, E-CTFE, PVDF, PVC, LS-PVC, PFA, PEEK, Kapton, ECA 3000

Shield Coverage: Aluminum / Mylar, Aluminum / Kapton & Copper Braids

Armor: Aluminum / Galvanized Steel Armor

Voltage: Up to 5,000 Volts

Temperature Range: -80 TO +300 Celsius

Color Code: Up to twelve solid colors plus striping and numbering

Markings: Private label (print logos or company names on cables)

Small Runs

AEROSPACE will run special and standard design cables in small quantities. Saving you money by avoiding the high minimums other manufacturers require. Our minimum run is usually 500 to 1000 feet.

Quick Turn Around Time

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in New York was designed to minimize production time. They are one of the fastest manufacturers of wire & cable in North America. On time delivery is unmatched, currently at 99%.

Industry Approvals

AEROSPACE is approved by the following (this is a partial list):

– Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

– U.S. National Electrical Codes – NEC

– (UL) FPLP for fire alarm cables for plenum areas

– (UL) NPLFP for non-power limited fire alarm cables for plenum areas

– (UL) CMP for communication plenum cables

– (UL) CL2P for Class 2 power limited plenum control & signaling cables

– (UL) CL3P for Class 3 power limited plenum control & signaling cables

– (UL) PLTC for 300V power limited tray cables

– (UL) TC for 600V/200C tray cables

– (UL) AWM for appliance wiring

– C(UL) Canadian Underwriters Laboratories

– Various municipal transit authorities

– Ratheon

– United States government facilities cage code #OT429

– Trane

– E-Systems

– Many others


AEROSPACE Wire & Cable also carries an extensive line of standard cables off the shelf. They cross reference to companies like Belden, Alpha, Berk-Tek, West Penn/CDT and Manhattan/CDT.

Quality Assurance

AEROSPACE Wire & Cable quality control procedures are implemented in accordance to MIL-I-45208A Rev B, MIL-STD.45662 and Underwriter Laboratories (UL). They inspect all of their incoming raw materials from suppliers very carefully to ensure the best quality. They implement an on-line check system from extrusion to jacketing to ensure that all cables meet or exceed the required specifications. Cables are then checked thoroughly by quality control professionals before shipment. Full Certificates of Compliance are available upon request.