Sequel Wire and Cable Welcomes Todd Eagan as Sales Manager, Expands Capabilities and Staff

After launching in 2020 and succeeding despite global economic challenges, Sequel is continuing to deliver on their dedication to exceeding customer expectations by hiring a new sales manager, additional employees, and expanding facility capabilities.

Todd Eagan was sought out by Sequel and selected as Sales Manager due to his depth of knowledge and experience for 30+ years in nearly every aspect of the wire and cable supply chain and major components. His diverse background covers the process from start to finish, including cast copper rod, compounds, and commercial uninsulated and insulated wire. He understands the interrelation of purchasing, manufacturing and selling the raw materials necessary to make insulated wire. He is also just a really enjoyable person to work with who has a strong reputation in the industry.

What makes Todd a perfect fit for Sequel is his unique approach of serving as a liaison between manufacturing and the customer and treating both sides equally. He values working as partners to simplify interactions and be fully transparent, so everyone knows what to expect. Mike Frigo, CCO, shared “Todd has a stellar reputation in the industry. His granular follow-up to details and natural rapport with customers are just something you can’t teach. He is culturally a fit at Sequel and is already a huge contributor.”

In January of 2021, after six months of insulating products, Sequel needed to initiate expansion of product production to meet demand. As of January 2022, the Phase 1 expansion is fully completed and operational. This facility expansion doubles internal wire drawing capabilities, and raises PVC output by a third. These investments benefit the customer with shorter lead times and better flexibility for reacting to demand. Furthermore, quality control is enhanced since the need to source uninsulated wire externally is significantly reduced. Our culture of empowering our employees to be their best and produce excellent quality products was a key to early and future successes.

Sequel is committed to constantly evaluating and reacting to ever-changing customer needs and being agile to meet that demand.

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