QPL SAE AS23053 – DSG-Canusa Qualified Heat Shrink Solutions

QPL SAE AS23053 – DSG-Canusa Qualified Heat Shrink Solutions

By: Peter Schwab

Over the past 10 years, The Heat Shrinkable Tubing & ID Markers group within the SAE AE8-D Wire and Cable Committee has worked to define and formalize the standard for heat shrink tubing in the military and aerospace sector.  The newest standard, SAE AS23053, replaced the old US military standard, AMS-DTL-23053 in October 2016. As part of the new version of the specification, a QPL (Qualified Product Listing) would be implemented and maintained by NAVAIR (Naval Air Systems Command), a system command group operated by the US Navy in Patuxent River, Maryland.  The QPL itself is a tool used by suppliers and sub-suppliers of products for the US government to expedite product identification and acceptance; basically, if you make products that meet the spec, and you can prove that you meet the spec through product testing (internal and external) and on-site audits, your products can be listed in NAVAIR’s QPL.  This attention to (and rigid interpretation of) the standard conveys a formal sense of conformance to our customers – any products listed on the QPL are certified to the standard by none other than the US Government themselves.  Through strict traceability and auditing of the material, this is the true gold standard of heat shrink for products that will eventually end up on US and allied military platforms – fighter jets, ships, munitions, land vehicles and more.

As one of the leading manufacturers of heat shrink products and shrink equipment, Shawcor have always considered the strategic important markets, Aerospace, Military, and Mass Transit, as an important avenue to be involved in the new standard and QPL. Our inclusion on the Qualified Products List represents years of product testing and inspections at our facilities, assuring our customers of complete conformance to the processes and requirements of both SAE and the US Military.  With the latest September 2020 update to NAVAIR’s QPL, Shawcor is launching the following DSG-Canusa branded, QPL-approved products:

  • Single wall – DERAY®-I and CNP 200 is used for identification, bundling and abrasion resistance
  • Dual wall – CPA 300 and FCFW is used primarily for battery and ground terminals, environmental sealing in military ground vehicles and exterior low voltage wiring applications
  • High temperature heat shrink tubing – DERAY®-KY175DERAY®-KYF190 and DERAY®-VT220 TW are used near engine exhaust, transmissions, high temperature areas in rockets, missiles and turbine engines
  • Diesel-resistant heat shrink tubing – DERAY®-V 25 is used for brake line covering, resists rock hits and in areas that need resistance to automotive fluids (diesel, gasoline, motor oil, aero fuels and lubricants)

We have qualified products from both our North American manufacturing site (Toronto, Canada), as well as our European manufacturing site (Rheinbach, Germany), serving both locations for distribution from our centrally located warehouse in Cincinnati, OH.  We stand at the ready to service any of your heat shrink needs and welcome the toughest applications whether its Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Electrical Utility, Communications, or Electronics. Visit to connect with one of our experts.