Pelican Wire: Putting the ‘Custom’ in ‘Customer’

Pelican Wire: Putting the ‘Custom’ in ‘Customer’

When you visit Pelican Wire at their Naples, Florida manufacturing facility, you’ll quickly hear the word “custom” quite a bit and you’re sure to see tangible evidence of the word, as well. “One of our primary talking points,” says company President Ted Bill, “is the fact almost every day we have at least one ‘first-time’ wire being produced on our manufacturing floor.”That manufacturing capability, along with the strength of two engineering teams which comprises about fifteen percent of the entire staff, gives Pelican Wire the ability to custom design a customer’s new wire solution or optimize an existing wire construction.

Pelican Wire Director of Engineering, Brinson White, says “We have designed our entire process around the ‘custom wire’ concept, including specific inventories of a wider-than-normal array of alloys, insulations, compounds and other components necessary to exceed a customer’s expectations.”White continues, “While many customers come to us with specs & drawings in-hand, our detailed onboarding process provides us an opportunity to improve an end-solution by taking the time to better understand the wire application and which attributes are most important to that solution.”

That word, ‘custom’,is also used in their other departments, providing everything from custom account management tools, custom spool labels, custom VMI stocking systems, and custom packing slips & invoices. “At every level of the organization, from the first phone call to the shipment going out the back dock, we work hard to provide a ‘custom customer experience’, which creates the opportunity for us to be as seamless as possible in how we integrate with the needs of our customers”states Frank Balsamo, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Examples of their custom approach to wire manufacturing include:

  • A major temperature measurement & sensing company was having leakage with their conventional duplex wire when it was being used in an autoclave. Their team redesigned their wire to include H-Bond, resulting in a product that prevented 95% of prior leakage.
  • A global manufacturer of alternate energy products needed to offer uniform and controllable heating for curing resins in their molds. Pelican teams of Product Design Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers developed a custom Resistance wire solution stranded to the customer specifications with resistance tolerances exceeding industry standards.
  • An automotive supplier was struggling with lead times and the expense of expediting materials from the Pacific Rim to North America. The Pelican Wire solution included an improved wire construction to meet the customers exacting specifications. The Maintenance Team at Pelican Wire, which includes the expertise & equipment to operate as a machine shop, custom-built testing equipment to match the customer’s testing equipment. They also began replicating the same testing process as the customer’s on-site quality lab.

Last Fall, Pelican Wire was named the 2018 ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ by the Manufacturer’s Association of Florida (MAF), with ‘Custom Solutions’ being a key element of the judges’ criteria.

“We are committed to growing with our customers and being as proactive as we can in responding to their overall product needs, but further, we strive for being the most effective business partner possible for each of those companies.

Pelican Wire can be found online atwww.PelicanWire.comor contact them [email protected] (239) 597-8555.