Pandemic Sales Practices Prove Worth for Future

Pandemic Sales Practices Prove Worth for Future

As the pandemic era transitions to the post-pandemic era, recovery continues as the business-to-business environment adapts to new norms. Among other trends, the ability to conduct remote business in creative ways has become paramount to a companys success. E-commerce has been the obvious go-to for remote retail sales, but how does an OEM make decisive process improvement purchases when they have cable, tubing, or wire material that needs to be cut, stripped, twisted, or uniquely processed?

The Eraser Company sought to tackle this issue with their Eraser Certification Program (E.C.P.). With the E.C.P., a customer sends 10-15 feet of raw material to Eraser for them to process with the appropriate equipment. The team also provides a formal evaluation report which they send back to the customer along with the samples. Time studies presented in this analysis provide the customer with data for production planning. It also provides additional programming tips and handling advice for operating the proposed equipment. This combination provides a personalized experience and helps the customer buy the right product for their specific application, all with a fast turnaround.

Eraser has been building industrial products since 1911, and similar programs have been used for most of their existence. But the events of the past year have necessitated efforts to enhance and formalize the program. “It’s has been around over 60 years,” mentioned John Smith, Manufacturers Rep Coordinator, “but the pandemic has really brought it to the forefront because its a way we can verify machines for customers and find solutions for their particular needs.” Although Eraser still uses reps to funnel in new opportunities, John sees this as an adjunct to their efforts, and a way to reach those who may be working remotely, or unable to accommodate in-person visits at their facility.

Amanda Yaworsky, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, mentioned the enhanced E.C.P. has enabled then to pick up new customers, especially in the medical device industry. “We’ve got a lot more customers that are making catheter-based products, so weve been able to reach beyond our normal pre-pandemic medical device manufacturers. That industry has really taken a new look at this and they really appreciate the remote business aspect of it.”

Marcus BeVard, President/CEO stressed that although the company has always prided themselves on world-class quality and customer service, the enhanced program has helped elevate that status. “Everyone has different requirements, different quality standards and different tolerances. But by getting the processed material in their hands, they can evaluate it with their own eyes and against their own set of specifications,” he explained.

The team feels strongly that the E.C.P is the ultimate method for socially-distanced sales transactions. But they feel confident it’s use will transcend well beyond the current business climate.

Many thanks to John, Amanda and Marcus for sharing time to explain the program further. For more information on the program and Eraser’s products in general, check out their website at