Wire Applicator Tooling


Custom crimp applicator tooling for attaching electrical terminals to wire, producing the strongest mechanical connection with the highest electrical conductivity, is being introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Bradenton, FL.

ETCO Applicator Tooling is custom manufactured from the highest quality tool steel to precisely match OEM electrical terminal attachment require-ments and features a specialty coating that improves wear resistance.  Proven to extend tool life by up to 140%, the coating allows the tooling to create a crimping slide without friction which increases production speeds and reduces the frequency of changeovers.

Offering greater toughness and lubricity to produce high quality crimp connections and cut tooling costs, the ETCO Applicator Tooling coating exhibits a compressive strength of -1.3/-1.5 GPa and a 0.30-0.35 dry coefficient of friction against steel.  The coating also reduces the need for sharpening and shimming by re-coating the same applicator tooling.

ETCO Applicator Tooling is priced according to customer requirements and price quotations are provided after receipt of prints.

For more information contact: ETCO Incorporated, (800) 689-3826,

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