New Injection Molding Equipment Hits Market

New Injection Molding Equipment Hits Market

Sept. 2019 – QSI Automation is proud to introduce Atlas, a new line of vertical clamp injection molding machinery designed specifically for insert molding and wire harness applications. The first in the Atlas line is the PMG-30. This machine features a C-frame design with 30 tons of vertical clamp force via dual hydraulic clamp cylinders.   Its designed to allow the injection unit to be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. The customer has the flexibility to reconfigure the injection unit to fit their molding needs.  A second injection unit can also be added for 2 component molding.

The Atlas features a user friendly 10” diagonal touch screen display with intuitive screens for easy navigation.  The control can hold up to 1000 mold recipes and programs are easily backed up using an on-board flash drive. Other standard control features include trending graphs, change log screen, production monitoring and includes different levels of password protection.  Screen configurations can also be customized per customer preference.

The PMG-30 is available as a stationary lower platen, side-to-side shuttle or a 2-4 station rotary table. Custom machine options are available to meet specific customer needs.

WHN Inquired Further

There hasn’t been a totally new entry into the injection molding equipment market in many years. Intrigued by a new player, WHN caught up with Mark Garrison, Mold & Machinery Sales Manager for QSI Automation. He explained that the company has made a name for themselves mostly by refurbishing old equipment. “We were taking machines that were maybe 20 or 30 years old and making them as close to new as we could.” As the equipment out in the market aged, however, it has become harder and harder to source parts and bring these machines up to date. The company decided to give their customers the option of buying something new. With years of experience disassembling and reassembling a myriad of molding machines, they went to work designing a totally new one from the ground up.

One of the unique things Mark revealed about the equipment, is that the customer can convert the equipment from injecting material vertically or horizontally (from the parting line). “In most cases, you buy a dedicated machine to shoot that material either vertically or horizontally, and it will always be that way.” Mark detailed. “It’s not a pull and tilt changeover. It takes the customer some time to do it, but the ability greatly ads to the versatility of the equipment.”

Mark shared details about one of the initial customers to take delivery, and what made them choose this equipment. “They are building expensive harnesses for the military, and with a harness that sensitive, you need much more control of the equipment so you don’t damage, say, a 12 ft. harness,” he explained. “We had the customer in our facility and we dialed in the right shot almost immediately. He could never get what he wanted cosmetically out of his old machines, and he was very impressed with the part quality we were able to give him.”

If you’d like more information on the equipment, you can email Mark at [email protected] or call him at 260-693-1500. He’s been in the industry for a while and just may be able to solve some of your molding issues.