New Advertiser Offers Low-Cost Crimper

Versatile, Reliable and Made in US

Over the past few issues of WHN, FKN Systek has introduced their C200 tabletop pneumatic crimp tool. It accepts a variety of dies, operates on standard shop air, and has a pressing capacity of 1200kp. The tool offers quick and easy changeout of dies and operates in a linear fashion unlike a standard scissor crimp which can wear out tools quickly.

Two crimp contact positioning and holding systems are available. A simple crimp contact star for standard contacts, or a positioning slide for holding both the crimp contact and the wire. A tool set for IDC Ribbon Cable assembly is also available and the company produces custom dies for unique crimping needs.

WHN caught up with Klaus Heimann of FKN Systek to find out more about the company. They began in 1996 in Millis Massachusetts with the sole purpose of supplying equipment and expertise to the electronics assembly industry. Their main product line has been PCB depanelizers and other PCB manufacturing peripherals. Following their customers’ needs, they branched into harness assembly tools and even a wire pull tester. “What sets us apart from our competitors is the ability to supply custom solutions,” Klaus detailed.

Although their standard equipment provides a wide variety of crimping options, he noted there are many occasions where unique geometry or particular designs call for non-standard applications. “Our in-house engineering and design team work with our customers to develop the tools they need to make their crimp process efficient and economical.

Standard tools are in stock, and ready to ship. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a special crimp application, you can contact them at (508) 376-2500 or send an email at [email protected].