Mechtrix MPF-40 Wire Prefeeder

Prefeeding Solution for both Benchtop and Fully Automatic Wire Processing Machines

Menomonee Falls, WI – The Mechtrix Corporation is introducing its’ most versatile prefeeder to date, the MPF‐40 Prefeeder. The MPF‐40 has been designed and developed to handle the wire prefeeding needs of the newest generation of both benchtop and fully automatic wire processing machines.

Mechtrix has incorporated over 30 years of proven robust design features, enhancements and customer feedback in the new simple to operate prefeeder. The MPF‐40 features the Mechtrix Auto‐TuneTM motor speed control system that automatically sets the feed speed of the prefeeder so that the operator does not have to make any adjustments while running. A High/Low selector switch allows for the top speed of 6.5m/second to be reduced to 3.0m/second for more precise feeding control of shorter wires or for feeding benchtop wire processing machines.

WHN caught up with Bil DeGrace about some of the specifics of the new MPF-40. Bil had this to say:

At Mechtrix, we really specialize in designing and manufacturing complementary equipment and accessories that enhance the operation of our customers’ existing machines. We’re always looking for customer feedback and input into what they need and what they’re looking for. Our customers have told us they would really like a single pre-theater that can handle either a bench top machine, or a fully automatic wire processing machine. So, rather than a machine specific prefeeder, we wanted to develop one that could be used with any piece of wire processing equipment. We managed to fold two of our existing designs together with some new and improved control logic into a prefeeder that’s going to cover the entire market. Customers can move the MPF-40 from machine to machine as needed within their facilities.

The prefeeder has been designed to handle a wide range of wire reels up to 22” wide x 34” in diameter and weighing up to 400 lbs. The prefeeder is also perfect for pulling wire directly from a wire rack with multiple wire reels for even faster set‐up and change over.

For more information contact Mechtrix directly at 262‐255‐6555 or visit their website