M-EXPO Opportunity for Suppliers/Equipment Manufacturers

Opportunity for Suppliers/Equipment Manufacturers

Are you looking for the right opportunity to grow your business? Do you want to get in on the ground floor of the hottest new EXPO? Then come on down, right over the Southern US border to Cd. Juárez, México, in the State of Chihuahua, aka “the Wiring Harness Capital of the World!”. Here you will find THE 3rdAnnual M-EXPO’s Wire Processing TechnologyEvent on October 9th– 11th. Due to the high demand, from both Exhibitors and Attendees, M-EXPO 2019 has doubled its event space to accommodate approximately 50 exhibitors. (Some of the exhibitors who participated in both 2018 and now 2019 are BiTech, Cami, Cirris, HellermannTyton, HST, Identco, IMMSA, Komax, Lone Star Industrial, Schaefer Megomat USA, Schleuniger, Stapla, WHMA and Wiring Harness News, and more new exhibitors.)

There are still booth spaces available but are filling up fast. This is an incredible ground floor opportunity for Suppliers/Equipment Manufacturers that want to create or grow their business in this world class manufacturing industry that utilizes wires and cables in their processes and products.

With the new partnership with IPC /WHMA,M-EXPO feels it will gain enough momentum and support to exist on its own, without co-locating with EXPO-MRO, for 2020. The M-EXPO team is setting the stage for an independent M-EXPO event to take place September 2020 at the Cuatro Siglos Convention Center in Cd. Juárez. Speaking with the M-EXPO team they stated, “We’re trying to make sure the M-EXPO doesn’t compete with other related industry activities and September seems to be a good month. If the M-EXPO is in September and with the Milwaukee show (EWPT Expo) in May, that seems to be a good time period between the two.” They stressed that the M-EXPO is not trying to compete with EWPT, rather it seeks to be a compliment to it and definitely the right place to have it – the “Wire Harness Capital of the World”.

One of the main benefits of working with the M-EXPO show is the international logistical aspect is taken care of by E-POSTAL LOGISTICS. All logistics and the movement of materials and equipment to/from the M-EXPO site will be handled by E-POSTAL LOGISTICS, an El Paso Company specializing in border logistics, pack and freight to/from Mexico. All you have to do is get your equipment, tradeshow supplies to El Paso and E-POSTAL LOGISTICS takes care of the rest!

M-EXPO also knows that many people worry about traveling to Cd. Juárez, Mexico and if it is safe. First, Cd. Juárez has improved greatly in the last decade. Of course, there is some safety concerns as there is in every city but in a recent report (Mesa de Seguridad y Justicia, FBI, 2017) showed that Cd. Juárez was safer than Detroit, Baltimore and St. Louis per Homicide Rates.


M-EXPO also wants to make traveling over the border easier and safer for all their visitors. They have set up transportation to/from the show when staying at the Holiday Inn in El Paso. The M-EXPO sponsor hotel. This makes border crossing easy and of course Safe.

Now, if all the above hasn’t enticed you to exhibit or attend the show, how about some interesting Manufacturing Facts in Cd. Juárez:

  • Among Mexico’s largest Manufacturing Centers
    • Over 300,000 mfg jobs
    • 0ver 320 “IMMEX” plants
    • Main markets: Automotive, Appliance, Aerospace, Electronics, Industrial, Metal
  • Over $99 billion in US-Mexico Trade (2016)
    • $55 billion exports
    • $45 billion imports
  • Over 550 manufacturing operations

So if you’re looking to expand into México’s Wire Processing Industry, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your latest wire and cable processing equipment, tools, materials and technologies. M-EXPO gives you the opportunity to exhibit to qualified decision makers. They are in search of suppliers with latest technology and equipment to assist them in improving their processes and overall competitiveness.

If you’re looking to expand into the Maquiladora Industry, you do not want to miss M-EXPO!


Contact Ricardo Aguirre at 915-304-4291 or [email protected] visit their website at www.mexpowire.comfor more information.