NEW IO-Link Gateway for connecting up to 15 LOCC-Box-Net modules

The IO-Link Gateway provides a wide range of valuable functions, such as advanced energy management, monitoring status information like flowing current or operating voltage, as well as remote control and parameterization of all connected LOCC-Box-Net modules. By incorporating a gateway into DC applications, each LOCC-Box-Net module can be configured and controlled individually or collectively as an entire set.

The LOCC-Box ECB is commonly used in control cabinets for overload and short-circuit protection. With the IO-Link Gateway, LUTZE is adding a module to its LOCC-Box portfolio that shares the same compact housing width of 8.1 mm as the LOCC-Box-Net modules themselves. The networkable LOCC-Box modules and the IO-Link Gateway create an interconnected system via jumper combs. The jumper combs connect communication and 0V signals from one LOCC-Box module to another. In addition to the I/O Link interface, the gateway features a USB port, through which all relevant status information, such as trip diagnostics, and current and voltage measurements, can be read using the free LOCC-Pads software.

Not only is LUTZE’s IO-Link Gateway well suited for new machine builds but it is ideal for retrofitting and modernizing existing machinery to be part of a fieldbus connected network. In such cases retrofitting is performed only in one location: inside the control cabinet and not in multiple decentralized locations on the plant floor.

The communication capabilities of the IO-Link Gateway offer a powerful full-featured connectivity solution that is robust, reliable, and easy to integrate into any fieldbus applications. The gateway communication capabilities make LOCC-Box-Net ideal for remote locations and hard to access applications. Further network capabilities are enhanced by LOCC-Pads software offering customized parameter settings, analyses, and remote diagnostics.

LOCC-Box Electronic Circuit Breaker Overview

LUTZE LOCC-Box electronic circuit breakers provide reliable load monitoring and protection in 24V DC control circuits. Innovative features include adjustable trip current range (1-10A), patented adjustable characteristics (fast, med, slow 1, slow 2 and slow 3), LED signaling at 90% overload ratio, remote reset and remote on/off functions. In addition to factory floor applications, LOCC-Box ECBs serve very well in remote locations and other hard to access applications. Narrow construction ensures compact design even with multi-channel configurations. No derating required as LOCC-Box functions independently of ambient temperature. The LOCC-Box devices are UL 508 and UL 2367 Listed.

Additional features such as gateway communication capabilities for remote monitoring and analysis are possible with the LUTZE LOCC-Box Net. Optional LOCC-Pads software offers the possibility for custom parameter setting, analysis and diagnostics. These are just some of the intelligent features of the LUTZE LOCC-Box electronic circuit breakers.

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