JobFlow Launches BraiderBot for 16 and 32 Carrier Braiding Machines

2 years ago, Jobflow launched the BraiderBot into the wire harness space to remove some roadblocks that harness builders face while braiding.  We’ve been able to help customers  add some automation to their 24-carrier harness braiders. Feedback has been very positive. The intuitive user interface means you can plug and play, with almost no additional maintenance. The ability to braid straight runs while watching for (and stopping at) branches and terminations means that employees can be doing other things while the BraiderBot does the boring stuff.

This year, we’re expanding our product line to help even more shops automate their braiding bottlenecks. At the 2024 EWPTE show in Milwaukee, we’ll be ready to show the world a BraiderBot installed on a 32-carrier NEB machine. Stop by booth 1313 to see us and run a machine yourself.  While you’re there, we can talk about installing BraiderBot on 16-carrier NEBs, as well. We look forward to connecting with you in Milwaukee!

At Jobflow, we’ve been involved with building wire harnesses for over 20 years. We’ve always been chasing the same thing: higher output efficiency. More specifically, how can we get more jobs completed with the resources we have? Now, we’re bringing that thinking to the industry with BraiderBot, an automation add-on for common harness braiders. It reduces manual labor required for each job, and removes a lot of the repetitive boredom for the workers involved.