Introducing PinMate, a guided wire insertion tool for harness manufacturers

Kansas City, MO – DIT-MCO International, a leader in electrical wiring test equipment, introduces PinMate, a guided wire insertion tool.

PinMate is designed to aid assemblers inserting wires into electrical connectors. A miniature projector visually guides the operator by illuminating the correct cavity for pin insertion. Also ideal for guided insertion of spare pins and seal plugs, the system illuminates multiple cavities simultaneously, showing the operator where to place all spare pins and seal plugs. In addition to being lightweight and flexible, PinMate does not require adapter cables. The connector to be pinned is aligned and held firmly in place in the device’s receiver. It features a large connector library with easy-to-use software. PinMate is as an excellent training aid for new operators. It improves throughput and quality, while eliminating mis-wires, and reducing eye strain and fatigue – saving time and money.

Originally designed by Boeing Defense Group in Mesa, AZ, for their in-house wiring shop, PinMate is being commercially developed and offered to the global wiring industry under license agreement between Boeing and DIT-MCO International.

David Shier, DIT-MCO president, stated, “PinMate continues our commitment to deliver innovative products, providing complete quality solutions to the wire harness industry. PinMate will save time and help eliminate wiring errors. We are excited to continue to develop this product and bring it to the market.”

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About DIT-MCO – DIT-MCO International LLC is a worldwide leader in automated cable/harness test systems with over 70 years’ experience providing test equipment for interconnect verification. Engineering, QC/QA, manufacturing, and test personnel around the world use DIT-MCO systems to verify the quality of their products. DIT-MCO testers are used extensively in the aerospace (military and commercial), defense, and transit/rail industries. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, DIT-MCO has sales and service offices in the US and UK, plus authorized agents and distributors around the world.