Herrmann Ultraschall Renews its Commitment to Environmental Protection

Karlsbad – Donating an additional 10,000 euros for the protection of oceans: After 2022, Herrmann Ultraschall is once again supporting the non-profit organization The Ocean Cleanup, which frees the oceans from plastic waste.

“With our donation as part of Herrmann Cares, we traditionally support organizations that align with our values,” says CEO Thomas Herrmann, explaining the background to the donation. “Just like us, The Ocean Cleanup stands for the sustainable use of plastic. With our safe ultrasonic welding technology, we can prevent the generation of waste and at the same time help to remove existing plastic waste from the environment with our donation.”

With the support of companies such as Herrmann Ultraschall, The Ocean Cleanup plans to remove around 90 percent of plastic waste from the oceans by 2040. The organization utilizes specially designed collection systems in rivers to prevent additional plastic parts from entering the oceans and harming ecosystems. Additionally, they extract plastic pieces from substantial accumulations, such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, to accomplish this goal. The collected plastic is recycled and used for the manufacture of new products.


About Herrmann Ultraschall

As a specialist in ultrasonic welding of plastics, packaging materials, nonwovens and non-ferrous metals, Herrmann has been developing safe and efficient welding systems for over 60 years. This results in over 2,000 successfully implemented welding solutions each year. With the services of Herrmann Engineering, more than 600 employees excite customers all over the world. The guiding principle “BONDING – MORE THAN MATERIALS” stands for a respectful and reliable collaboration. In this way, Herrmann ensures a sustainable and economical welding process in the long term as a trusted advisor.