From The Editor Nov/Dec 2021

Opportunity Knocks!!

Greetings Readers,

Wiring Harness News was extremely pleased to have exhibited at the recent Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi Michigan this past September. Last year’s show was canceled because of…well, you know why it was canceled…I’m tired of mentioning it. This years show was particularly encouraging for a couple of reasons. First, we didnt really know what to expect. Informa does a great job promoting, but we werent sure how many folks would turn out to exhibit and attend. I mean, this was our first show since the…well, you know.

I cant begin to tell you how pleased we were to see so many folks in attendance and enthusiastically engaged in commerce. Some folks had masks, some folks didnt have masks, and no one seemed to care one way or the other. People were exchanging ideas, making new contacts, and planning new business. It was a truly refreshing and upbeat atmosphere after the last couple of years.

The second reason we came away so energized, was the number of folks that came up to our booth and asked, “Where can I get harnesses built?” A number of folks saw the words ‘Wiring Harness’ and ran up and said, “Do you guys build harnesses?” They didnt even see the word ‘News,’ they were so excited they may have found someone to build their harness!

So, heres my advice (and the reason for my silly graphic in the margin). If you have the capacity, and are at all interested in building harnesses for the EV market, then I recommend attending and networking at next years event. Heck, you might even consider exhibiting. You wouldnt need much of a message on your booth backdrop other than, ‘We Build Harnesses!’

So, we will hopefully see you in 2022 at the WHMA Annual Conference, IPC APEX, The Electrical Wiring Processing Technology EXPO, or The Battery Show. Its time to get back out on the trade show circuit!

Kindest Regards,


PS  You can also tune in to The Battery Show Digital Days in early November. See details on page 52.