From the Editor – May/June 2021

From the Editor

Is the cosmos telling us something?

In recent years, we have experienced events that have shaken and disrupted supply chains around the world. Fukushima revealed some single sourcing pinch points that rattled the automotive industry (com- panies like Honda responded very well to that). We are still reeling from the effects of Covid-19 on critical materials. You could write a book about the supply chain gremlins revealed over the past 15 months.

Just recently, one of the new Golden Class container ships became lodged in the Suez Canal. That event stymied the worldwide flow of goods for almost a week. At the time of this writing, thereʼs still a log jam of ships waiting to pass through. I canʼt wait to hear about the odd shortages this will create.

So, you have to ask yourself, is the cosmos trying to tell us something? Should industry, in general, be paying better attention to critical areas in the supply chain and looking for weaknesses. Should we be consid- ering sourcing at least a portion of materials and components a little closer to home…wherever home is? I understand the logic in taking advantage of the competitive advantage of nations when it comes to labor, but how competitive are we when the supply chain of critical materials is disrupted?

Iʼm sure this is much easier said than done, but Iʼd love to hear your opinions and comments. Please email me at joe@wiringharness-

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Joe Tito
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