From the Editor – July August 2021

Greetings Readers,

In the last issue, my rant…I mean position…on sourcing closer to home, wherever home is, struck a cord. I received many positive comments. Since then, I reached out to Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative, for his input on the subject. Harry shared some great insights in a Q & A that starts on the front page of this issue. For me, the money quote is, “Putting products in boxes and shipping them for four to eight weeks adds zero value.” That nails it! Harry gives some extremely useful tips for helping manufactures convince OEMs that offshore is not always cheaper. I sincerely hope you give the article a look.

Now, we are seeing even more supply chain woes. This time caused by cybersecurity issues. Earlier this year, we reviewed the DoD’s new cybersecurity framework. They are requiring strict adherence for all suppliers, at any level, in DoD programs. It’s certainly something to take seriously if you are in that realm. You can review that article in the Jan/Feb issue, or just go to our website and type the word “cybersecurity” in the search box under the More tab.

It might be a good idea for any company, whether they are supplying to the  DoD or not, to follow these guidelines. At WHN, we have taken this issue very seriously and have greatly enhanced our own cybersecurity efforts. I hope you will consider doing the same.

Keep plugging away,

Joe Tito


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