Expo Wiretech Team Announces Formation of Trade Association for Mexico Harness Manufacturers & Suppliers

At the recent Expo Wiretech in Chihuahua Mexico, the management team announced the formation of UNMEXAR, Mexican Harness Union. The association hopes to bring together stakeholders in the harness arena including global companies, universities and government agencies. UNMEXAR hopes to collaborate in achieving competitive achievements for the various clusters, such as automotive, aerospace, white goods, and others.

The newly formed association seeks to promote unity among world-class companies, and generate business encounters, such as Expo Wiretech, to promote networking and facilitate collaboration.

Jesús Rodarte of Yazaki, and also Vice President of the UNMEXAR board of directors, spoke about what he hopes to achieve with the association. “I see a great opportunity for professional and personal growth in this association, as I can exchange the cultural aspects of different industries under the same objective: ensuring high quality in products using the technology and resources available in the automotive field.”

Mr. Rodarte is confident UNMEXAR will provide much needed synergy to the well-established Mexican harness industry. “My contribution is to seek ways to collaborate with entrepreneurs and industries to foster the growth of this automotive market with the highest quality standards and cutting-edge technology. I have had the opportunity to work from the early stages of harness manufacturing, testing the product for functionality, and thus understanding the current needs faced by the industries producing this type of product.”

If you would like more information about how you or your organization can become a part of UNMEXAR, either as a harness manufacturer or equipment supplier, visit them at