CURTI Wire Processing Equipment Opens US Office

CURTI Wire Processing Equipment Opens US Office

CURTI, a manufacturer of wire processing equipment, has announced the opening of a corporate sales office in West Chicago, Illinois. CURTI produces high speed wire and cable processing transfer lines for high volume cut, strip and crimp applications, as well as smaller stand-alone equipment to cut and strip wire. Carlo Accorsi, Sales and Marketing Manager, heads the new US location. He recently spoke about CURTI’s history, and plans for the future.

For over 60 years, CURTI, an Italian company, has been producing automatic machines to produce complex subassemblies for various industrial applications. With significant expertise in mechanical engineering, the company is divided into several divisions. Among those are packaging, energy, aerospace, and of course wire processing equipment.

The Wire Processing Division began in 1994 when CURTI acquired another Italian company that was making automatic equipment for processing electrical cables. They began to segment the market for this equipment with specially designed production lines to meet defined customer needs in automotive, appliance, and other high-volume harness applications [figures 1 and 2 (see figures at end of this page)]. CURTI has amassed a great proficiency in developing automated lines for automotive coax, data cables, and power cords.

In 2010, CURTI rounded their product offering in the harness arena by purchasing Makfil Systems that was making semi-automatic equipment for cutting, cutting/stripping and winding/unwinding of electrical cable (figures 3 and 4).

CURTI has attended the past six Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expos in Milwaukee, and Carlo says the response has been very good. “But it was tough because there are many potential customers here who want us to have a physical presence in the US.” CURTI already has many customers in the US, but Carlo is confident the addition of the new office will enable them to better understand the market, bring new business on board, and respond to the overall needs.”

As a company, CURTI plays to its strength in building mechanical reliability in everything they do. As such, you may not notice as many software features seen on many of their competitors equipment. “CURTI is really a mechanical engineering company so you will find our machines more robust from a mechanical point of view,” Carlo explained. He did mention that as they gain more understanding of the market, they plan to enlarge the product portfolio. He was clear in saying this expansion would occur outside the solutions their competitors currently have. “We have a team of people who have been in the wire processing business a lot of years, and they are more focused on developing something that is currently not on the market.”

CURTI has recently joined WHMA and plans to become even more visible at industry trade events as they expand personnel at the US office. You can contact Carlo Accorsi directly at [email protected], and you can see the product offering by going to CURTI.comand following the Divisions tab to the Wire Processing Division.

See below for figures.

Figure 1. WWP: Wire Working Platform



Figure 2. CAWP: transfer line for airbag connectors



Figure 3. ECS-35: Cut & Strip Machine

Figure 4. SP-200: Cutting Machine