Case Study – Schleuniger Helps Premier Cable Ensure Quality

Case Study

Schleuniger Helps Premier Cable Solutions Ensure Commitment to Quality!

Premier Cable Solutions, LLC located in Shullsburg, WI, specializes in the manufacture of custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, control boxes and console assemblies for a wide range of industries. As co-founder of Antenna Plus, LLC, Bill Liimatainen drew on over twenty years of experience in the design and manufacturing of low profile antennas to build PCS. When Bill sold his stake in Antenna Plus, he knew that he had a talented pool of experienced professionals available from which he could build this new enterprise. Bill was already very familiar with Schleuniger’s line of coaxial cable stripping machines, having previously processed millions of feet of cable, which made Schleuniger the logical choice for his new venture.

For any successful manufacturing operation, the key is to be able to automate as many processes as possible, without sacrificing quality and attention to detail. According to ElizaBeth Kimball, plant manager, “The quality of the equipment as well as excellent customer service is what has prompted us to continue to invest in Schleuniger. As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to buy Schleuniger equipment in an effort to automate more and more of our processes.” Premier Cable Solutions has found a partner in Schleuniger, who has demonstrated the desire to work with them to help identify specific needs and test potential solutions to improve production.

Premier Cable Solutions currently owns a MultiStrip 9480 automatic cut & strip system with accompanying PreFeeder 2200 and CableCoiler 1300. The flexibility of these machines enables them to process a variety of wires and cables in a wide range of sizes. In addition, they have a UniStrip 2300 wire stripping machine and several CT 32 S and CT 60 pneumatic crimping machines. By utilizing this equipment, they have freed up two employees to work on other aspects of the production process, which has resulted in more flexibility and growth. ElizaBeth added “We have found Schleuniger equipment to be very intuitive, which makes it easy to train and/or cross-train employees in all processes.”

When asked about the current state of wire processing and what to expect for the future, ElizaBeth responded “As more and more manufacturers are going to Mexico, we maintain that our commitment to the highest quality standards, quick turn-around and value-added services have helped us to develop a niche in this industry.” There’s no doubt Premier Cable Solutions’ dedication to these principles will guarantee the best quality products for its customers and ensure continued growth and success.

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