CAMI Research Featured Talking Guided-Assembly and Automation-Readiness at EWPTE23

A Complete Cable Management System

In addition to presenting a workshop and conference seminar at EWPTE23, CAMI Research Inc.  (Acton, MA), provided hands-on demonstrations of their test lab that talks: The versatile CableEye® cable and harness test system for fast, simple, and precise testing and guided assembly.

The entire suite of products is powered by the same easy-to-use operating software and, with the help of its signature easy-to-interpret color-coded graphics, instantly identifies not only when there is a fault, but what type of fault and where.

Impressive automation-readiness was featured using a simulated production batch test – relay outputs allowed control of peripherals such as a tower light, barcode reader, label printer, and ‘connect-here’ LEDs by way of example of the limitless options available. Fifty plus digital outputs per system are possible with use of CAMI’s relay boards.

Visitors used a barcode reader to activate a work instruction pop-up, input other essential data, and activate a test, all when prompted by the onscreen instructions. Work instructions may contain text, photos, interactive buttons, and triggers to open additional resources such as video, schematics, parts lists and BOMs. You can choose the exact amount of detail, imagery, and language you need to ensure your work instructions are carried out flawlessly.

At the guided-assembly and automation exhibits, visitors heard the system provide clear spoken instructions as well as seeing clear visual clues/guidance that can be used in a test-while-build scenario. Using AutoBuild™ guided assembly software, the operator will follow spoken and visual instructions for first-sided and second-sided pinning. When performing second-sided pinning, they will place the wire in the target cavity and test for continuity. A warning will be triggered if the wire is inserted into the wrong cavity. To initiate the instruction they can touch the screen or, while second-sided pinning, they may choose to use a probe.

On display were the low voltage testers models M3Z and M4. These measure continuity, resistance, quality of connection, and check for intermittent faults. The M4 also measures capacitance and length to fault, checks twist pairing, and can measure resistance with precision (4-wire).

HiPot testers HVX (1500V), and HVX-21 (2100V) with 4-wire and capacitance measurement capabilities were also demonstrated. Both models include industry-leading precision reporting for every wire tested. All CableEye HiPot testers perform low voltage tests – that must pass – before automatically proceeding to HiPot testing.

All testers ship with comprehensive, automation-ready software that allows for tester management, troubleshooting, pass/fail testing, and testing of any product volume and mix. Touch-screen compatible, the software provides maximum flexibility for the widest range of test needs: From prototyping and R&D through to batch testing, from High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) through to Low Mix High Volume (LMHV):

  • Set up measurement, reporting (e.g. documentation), networking, and log-in requirements.
  • Block unauthorized access and unauthorized changes to stored data and scripts.
  • Design, debug, and test automation scripts created with simple built-in macros. Activate scripts with barcode reader to automate testing and ensure consistency: Control tower lights, lock and release latches, diverter gates, label printers and more.
  • Set up complex automation tasks with built-in JavaScript.
  • Create pop-up windows for operator work instructions. Follow displayed instructions and photos to set up and test batches of cables and automatically generate labels and reports.
  • Design First-Article cables and modify others.
  • Link custom test fixtures to CableEye software using the optional PinMap™ software module.
  • Manage integration with other test instruments using the optional Applications Programming Interface (API) software module: Control the tester with your custom GUI software interface, LabView™, Visual Basic®, Visual C++®, and Visual C#® scripting languages or Microsoft®.NET™ framework.
  • With single-click or barcode reader activation, enable the Production Mode to display only a limited set of essential controls and information to the production worker.
  • Update the software anytime with a simple download and ensure your test system remains current.

All new testers ship ready-to-use with a two-year Product Support Subscription (PSS) comprising warranty, free tech support, complimentary software upgrades and more. As a result of being able to download software updates, customers operating older systems end up with more feature-rich units than when first purchased. The PSS is renewable, though not required for tester operation.

About CAMI Research:

CAMI Research provides advanced ATE systems for cable and wire harness test and cable management to discerning global customers who require accurate and dependable assembly & testing in order to deliver top quality product. CableEye® wiring analyzers and guided assembly systems benefit products used in Transportation, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Defense, Robotics and more.