CAMI Delivers Sales Record in 2022

Presents “Improving Reliability of Continuity and HiPot Testing” a Professional Development Course at EWPTE, Milwaukee

Presents “Improving Reliability of Continuity and HiPot Testing” a Professional Development Course at EWPTE, Milwaukee

CAMI Research Inc. (Acton, MA), manufacturer of the CableEye® automation-ready cable and harness test system, announces a record year for sales in 2022 beating the previous record year (2021) by over 20%. CAMI is an essential manufacturer in the supply chain for defense and medical industries.

The company has been a leader in innovating highly configurable test solutions for simple and complex multiconductor cables and harnesses for thirty years. CAMI provides these advanced wiring analyzers and guided assembly systems to discerning global customers who require accurate and dependable assembly and testing in order to deliver top quality product. Systems are used for countless test applications of products destined for Transportation, Aerospace, Energy, Appliances, Medical Devices, Defense, Robotics, Telecom and much more. Trusted by industry leaders such as CERN, Ford, GE, Hitachi, NASA, Abbott, TESLA, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Airborn, Furukawa, TE Connectivity, and the Nobel prize-winning group, LIGO, thousands of test systems have shipped globally over the years.

Testing your cables and wire harness assemblies is only part of the solution. By combining test, fault location, design, documentation, labeling, database storage, and automation in one instrument, your CableEye test and management system covers all the bases. Set up your test station to perform multiple background tasks, including environmental data acquisition, all triggered automatically with a single click of a button or a barcode scan. Use for R&D, prototyping, production (batch testing, HMLV, LMHV), diagnostics, and design.

All CableEye testers ship with comprehensive software providing test functions, connectors database, graphic wiring display, reporting, data logging, automation scripting and many more features. Truly future-ready, this software is readily upgradable so that in twenty years, your system will have even more features than when it was purchased.

The Production View for Pass/Fail checks while running an automated test is shown in the screenshot. Displayed on any sized screen you desire, the color-coded graphic-rich display provides clarity and, at the click of a button, you may visualize the wiring schematically or by netlist. Components are automatically detected and displayed (including Diode orientation), wiring faults are color-coded, and full measurement data is provided for every pin- to-pin connection. Another click provides a detailed customizable report, complete with wiring schematic and netlist, for your own records or for your customer. A short (red) is clearly identified in this screenshot, and both audio and visual signals indicated the harness test has failed.