Blue Valley Capital: Introducing Greg Shine

It is with both excitement and a sense of humility that I embrace the opportunity to contribute to the M&A 101 column in Wire Harness News, stepping into Loren Smith’s respected role. At Blue Valley, we often address a pivotal question from business owners within the wire harness sector: “What is the best time to sell my business?” My journey in this industry might illuminate this question for many.

My name is Greg Shine, and our paths have likely crossed at some point. As a Sell-Side Advisor at Blue Valley Capital, I bring a wealth of personal experience to the table. My entrepreneurial adventure began in 1984 when, with just a telephone and a paper clip, my father and I launched Shine Wire. At the age of 21, my ambition was not just to carve out a niche in the wire harnessing and cable assembly industries but also to foster job creation and exert a positive impact on our community through servant leadership.

The departure of Sprague Electric and GE, which left 2,500 individuals jobless, presented us with an opportunity to effect change. Initially operating as a value-added distributor, we quickly branched into custom wire harnessing and cable assemblies, focusing exclusively on wire harnessing by 1990 and establishing a new facility in Adams, Massachusetts.

The 1990s were a period of strong growth for us. We underwent rebranding to SHINE, embraced automation, and expanded our facilities. Our growth was propelled by our core value of service, enabling us to provide advancement opportunities while preserving our tradition of local hiring.

By our 30th anniversary in 2014, SHINE had penetrated expanding markets such as 3D printing, defense, medical, and robotics, enjoying consistent growth and an ever-broadening customer base both domestically and internationally.

The contemplation of selling SHINE became a reality as I considered the future of our family business, particularly since my children had chosen different career paths. In 2019, I sought the expertise of Blue Valley Capital through industry connections. My conversations with Loren Smith were transformative, underscoring the wisdom of selling at a “good” time rather than holding out for the “best” time, taking into account business readiness, market conditions, and personal aspirations.

This approach culminated in the successful sale of SHINE to a buyer whose values aligned with ours, marking the beginning of a new chapter in my late 50s filled with fresh opportunities.

A conversation with Loren post-sale made it clear: I was not headed for retirement but rather for what I term ‘rewirement.’ Joining Blue Valley Capital felt predestined, a “bashert moment” as Loren described it—using the Yiddish word for destiny. Working alongside Loren and gleaning from his wisdom has been an invaluable experience. At Blue Valley, our mission is to provide strategic, value-driven advice to business owners who are looking for a path to retirement.

As we anticipate an exciting 2024, we are enthusiastic about the prospects in our pipeline. Specializing in sell-side advisory for wire harness companies, our boutique firm is distinguished by its unmatched expertise, making us the go-to advisor for business owners considering the sale of their companies. Our trusted network of reliable and financially prepared buyers ensures not only the feasibility of transactions but also their execution with precision and foresight.

If you are contemplating the “good” time to sell, I invite you to start a dialogue with us. I offer my genuine empathy and deep insight, aiming to guide you towards a sale that is not just timely but feels destined—your very own ‘bashert’ moment in business. Together, we will tailor a journey that aligns with your goals and visions, ensuring a realistic match for your future aspirations.

Blue Valley’s dedication to client success is rooted in our history and industry expertise, cultivated through years of firsthand involvement in growing and selling our own wire harness and cable assembly companies. Our advantage lies in our team’s amassed experience, which mirrors the entrepreneurial path—complete with its obstacles and victories—that you, as business owners, navigate. This shared experience not only elevates the level of our advisory services but also deepens the bond with the clients we serve, ensuring a partnership that is both understanding and effective.