Behind the Scenes at WHN

We’re doing some exciting things at Wiring Harness News, and it’s producing some exciting results. We thought we would take you behind the scenes and talk about the changes we have made over the past year or so.

Print Publication

If you are holding this issue in your hands and remember the old newspaper print version, you no doubt notice the improvement we have made with our new “magazine” format. Reaction to the publication has been extremely positive. The print is easier to read, and the colors are much more vibrant. QR codes now work flawlessly and image details are much clearer. We have updated our branding and the overall look of the publication to reflect our new approach to industry coverage. Along those lines, WHN is creating more organic content than ever, helping readers adapt to a quickly changing wire harness industry.

WHN Online

Over the past year and a half, WHN has gone to great lengths to improve our online presence. If you haven’t been on our website in a while, take a look at We realize a dynamic industry can’t always wait for the next issue, so we are providing you with up-to-date information on industry news and events including trade shows and WHN partner’s webinars. You will also find videos of new products on the home page. To address the all-important wire harness clusters in Mexico, we are providing our feature articles in Spanish.

To address our readers around the world, and those who just prefer an electronic format, we have taken the same care with the reader experience that we delivered to the print magazine. Using Adobe’s latest Flipbook version, we recreate the issue electronically on our website, but with many interactive features.  Advertisers can link their ad to a landing page or a specific place on their website. Readers can click on an article to get a WordPress (reader) version with additional information and graphics that just don’t make it into the print issue.

All this has produced results that have blown us away. Over the span of each bi-monthly issue, we average over 9,500 visitors to the website who are checking out content on the home page or jumping to the Flipbook version. Those numbers are growing with each issue. Check out the map in the adjacent ad, and you will see that our readers span the globe. We cover harness design and manufacturing hubs in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Europe, China and Africa to name a few.

Trade Shows

WHN has made a commitment to be where our readers are. Not only do we attend harness industry events like the WHMA Leadership Summit, EWPT Expo, and Wiretech Mexico, we also   exhibit at The Battery Show, The Automotive Wire Harness & EDS Conference and the IPC/APEX show. We have made a commitment to be where our readers and advertisers are, so if you know of an event we should be attending, let us know.

If you think you might want to leverage our platform to get the word out about your product or service, talk to Jim Brown about the various opportunities. Stay connected, and remember, the best way to reach our audience digitally is to be in our print publication!