Automated Wire Processing for Panel Builds

Automated Wire Processing for Panel Builds

Komax Automated Wire Processing Enables Competitive Advantage at Connexa

It is very time-consuming to design and build industrial control panels manually and is historically dependent on specialists.  Estimates vary, but it can take a specialist approximately 105 seconds to process one wire manually.  For example, if there are 500 wires inside the control panel, this adds up to 15 hours.  With semi-automated production, you can cut the amount of time required by up to 35 percent.  Using fully automated production, you can reduce it by up to 50 percent – or to just 7.5 hours.

Such is the recent experience at Connexa, an end-to-end integrator of power systems, automation and control systems, and connectivity systems for field applications.  Headquartered in Comfort, Texas, they provide value to their customers by building integrated, turnkey systems, ready to deploy to the field, which reduces field installation costs, provides in house quality control, and systems testing.  Connexa specializes in Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) services, remote solar power, UPS power backup, and industrial control panel applications with internal design and engineering, custom assemblies, and its own line of industrial power products.  As one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, Connexa has been included in the Inc 5000 in 2018 and 2019.

Developed to meet the highest demands of the industry for flexibility in automated wire assembly, Komax launched the Zeta 640 and Zeta 650 fully automated wire processing platforms in 2018.  The Zeta 640 and Zeta 650 have the unique ability to process many different cables and terminals without changeovers, just-in-time, for batches of any size.  Automated processes reduce manufacturing time by up to 50 percent.

These fully automatic wire processing machines provide maximum flexibility across a wide range of applications.  The Zeta 640 is equipped with five process modules in the standard configuration, opening up many new possibilities for small batches or sequences.  The Zeta 650 is designed for eight modules, reducing changeovers and minimizing interruptions.  Both machines can be extended by five additional modules as required.  EtherCAT improves the overall system performance and significantly increases throughput.  Continuous data flow to the machine from any system can be easily converted into readable data and sent directly to the machine making entry error-free and highly efficient.

This new generation of Zeta platforms automates all processes such as cutting to length, stripping, labeling, and sleeve insertion, simultaneously and on both wire ends.  Three pairs of blades cover the entire cross-section range of 0.22 – 6mm² (AWG24 – AWG10), enabling production without the need for changeovers.  The automatic wire changer provides up to 36 different wires over the entire cross-section range.  Up to two automated inkjet printers mark the wires in black and one additional color within the same sequence.

Connexa purchased a Zeta 640 wire processing machine from Komax in 2019 and it was in production by the summer of 2019.  As one of the few control panel shops in the U.S. with a Zeta machine in operation, they have realized a significant competitive advantage while using the machine.  The machine has dramatically improved lead times and enhanced the quality of Connexa’s control panel production.  They also recognize the great support and training provided by Komax.  Connexa’s customers appreciate the extra value, and the Zeta machine is the centerpiece of each customer tour of their facility.  “Customers are amazed at the speed and technology of the machine, and it has turned into a great marketing tool.” ,  states, Mike Postel, Connexa Founder and President.

As a leading integrator of new technologies such as IIOT, edge computing, solar power, and new telecommunication connectivity, Connexa sees these new innovations as the future of its business.  Building more complex field systems require the latest in manufacturing technology and the Komax Zeta fills that role when it comes to wire processing. Mike continues: “These capabilities have opened new markets for Connexa and has allowed us to expand and diversify our product offerings outside of our traditional markets.  With the Zeta machine and the implementation of other digital technologies, Connexa continues to improve our operations.”

To slash throughput time and make production processes of industrial control panels more flexible and ideal, Komax offers a range of optimum automation solutions.  These are designed to improve the processes, increase efficiencies, and reduce the technical demands associated with assembly.  As a result, they generate major time and cost savings while simultaneously boosting quality and economic return.  These perfectly coordinated solutions cover all needs from entry-level automation right through to fully automated wire assembly – whether producing a single control panel or manufacturing a series.

In short, the Komax wire processing portfolio provides industrial control panel manufacturers the ability to:

Save With Automation

– Reduce your production costs

– Cut your production times by up to 50%

– The savings start from a batch size of one


Flexibly Increase Efficiency

– Wide processing range for wire ends

– Optimized logistics

– Greater workforce flexibility


Achieve Top Quality

– Less personnel training required

– Fewer input errors

– Consistently high quality throughout

As the pioneer and market leader for over 40 years, Komax provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for any situation that calls for precision wire processing.  Komax manufactures machinery and equipment for various industries, catering to every conceivable degree of automation and customization.  Its range of quality tools, test systems and intelligent networking solutions complete the portfolio, and ensure safe and efficient production.

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