Atkore Releases MC Glide Fire Alarm™ Control Cable

  Harvey, IL, – The innovative, patented MC Glide Fire Alarm™ Control Cable is a flatter, smoother, and more time-effective solution for cable installation, available under Atkore’s AFC Cable Systems® brand and the MC Glide Product Family. MC Glide Fire Alarm works with the same tools, fittings, and supports as traditional MC Cables, and is designed to reduce fatigue when pulling cable. The cable was also named a 2022 NECA Showstoppers winner last month.   MC Glide Fire Alarm’s U.S.-patented galvanized steel armor allows for a seamless glide through metal studs and ceilings, without sacrificing flexibility or strength. It may also be surface-mounted, fished, and/or embedded into plaster, providing a highly versatile, low-resistance approach to cable installation. Its minimal resistance equates to less cable hang-ups, decreasing the chance of knocking down studs and reducing stress on installers’ backs. MC Glide Fire Alarm offers the same compatibility as traditional MC Cables while continuing to meet all applicable OSHA and HUD requirements.   “MC Glide Fire Alarm was designed with installers in mind,” said Paulo da Moura, Product Manager. “The cable will serve the industry well and provide experts with the means necessary to do their jobs safely and easily.”   MC Glide Fire Alarm is a cable-tray-rated, plenum-rated powerhouse that is UL classified for 1-, 2-, and 3-hour through-penetration, to be installed in accordance with the NEC®. To request a sample or to learn more about MC Glide Fire Alarm, visit
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