Artos Engineering acquired by Komax Group – WHN Interviews Key Leaders

Artos Engineering acquired by Komax Group – WHN Interviews Key Leaders

Brookfield, Wisc., Feb. 22, 2019 – Artos Engineering Company, a leader in wire processing automation, has been acquired by the Komax Group, Dierikon, Switzerland, a global automation technology company. Terms of the acquisition were not revealed.

In acquiring Artos Engineering, Komax is expanding its customer base in North America and adding to its expertise in application development. John Olsen, CEO and majority shareholder of Artos Engineering, will continue to head the company after the sale, contributing his expertise to the strengthening of Komax’s position in North America. Artos Engineering Company will retain its brand and become one of the Komax Group of more than 30 companies.

“We are excited to join the Komax Group and are looking forward to this opportunity to reach additional markets and to develop innovative solutions for our customers,” says John Olsen, CEO of Artos Engineering Company.

For Matijas Meyer, CEO of the Komax Group, the acquisition will be positive for customers: “I am delighted that such a long-established company as Artos Engineering is now part of the Komax Group. Our customers will benefit from the strengths of both companies, plus the move will deliver other competitive advantages.”

WHN caught up with John Olsen, CEO of Artos and Tim Macalpine, President of Komax USA for some specific questions about the acquisition:

What was the strategic purpose for the acquisition? 

John Olsen, Artos: From Artos’ perspective, joining the Komax Group expands our presence on a global scale. As the market leader, Komax has access to markets and customer opportunities we would never realize as a regional supplier. Additionally, Komax brings strong financial backing to support our product development, application engineering and investment opportunities. Artos’ strong support in the North American marketplace as well as our depth of customer application knowledge, combined with Komax’s broad product range will provide our collective customers with unmatched solutions for their full wire processing requirements.

Tim Macapline, Komax: Komax has four Strategic Pillars (Solutions Along the Value Chain, Innovative Production Concepts, Global Customer Proximity, Development of Non-automotive Markets) and the Artos Engineering acquisition fits with our strategies, including the development of local solutions along the value chain and increasing our global proximity to our customers. To remain competitive, Komax customers need to be flexible and select the optimal economic locations for their production processes – in other words, set up operations wherever their end customers are. This is also true for Komax. To ensure it stays close to its customers, including when these customers choose to relocate their operations, Komax likewise has to show flexibility. For this reason, Komax seeks to expand its global reach in a targeted way whether it be through acquisitions or through the establishment of new sites.

How do the two companies complement each other? What are their strengths? 


Tim Macapline, Komax: Artos Engineering has been a leader in wire processing automation for over 100 years and brings an extensive amount of experience in optimizing standard machines with applications that accommodate specific customer needs. Combining this experience with the footprint and added R&D resources Komax has to offer will be a winning combination for the industry.


How will the acquisition roll out — what will customers see down the road in terms of corporate identity?

Tim Macapline, Komax: Both companies will continue to operate independently, while leveraging their mutual resources to benefit the market place. The Artos team members with their great know-how and partners were as big a part of the acquisition decision as the machine-installed base. Our organizations will grow together to provide better solutions/products for our partners/customers, which will bring them competitive advantages.

John Olsen, Artos: Through this transaction, both Komax and Artos are committed to retaining the strengths of each of our organizations. We will both remain with our own identities in the marketplace. Artos will retain its name, as a member of the Komax Group, and its focus will continue to be on existing products, with the additional responsibility of utilizing our engineering expertise to assist our total Group’s customer base with application and automation opportunities.

What other considerations went into the decision-making process? 

John Olsen, Artos: From a personal perspective, I have considered not only what is in the best interest of our shareholders, but more importantly, what is in the best interest of our employees and company long term. Artos will celebrate 108 years since being incorporated in 1911. We have prospered for these many years because we have always had hard working and loyal employees dedicated first to our customers. Additionally, we have had leadership which has learned to adapt our focus and create new opportunities for our company. I see this merger as the next natural step for our company and remain excited for our future together as a member of the Komax Group.


About Artos Engineering Company

Founded in 1911, Artos Engineering stands out with its customer focus, portfolio of products and wealth of experience in developing innovative applications for wire processing equipment. Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisc., the company has 50 employees and primarily serves customers in the industrial, automotive, and aerospace market segments. Visit Artos at booth 1205 at the EWPT Expo in Milwaukee, May 8 – 9 In Milwaukee.


About the Komax Group
As the leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality solutions for the wire processing industry, the Komax Group helps its customers implement economical and safe manufacturing processes, especially in the automotive supply sector. The Komax Group employs about 2000 people worldwide and provides sales and service support via subsidiaries and independent agents in more than 60 countries. Visit Komax at booth 1131 at the EWPT Expo in Milwaukee, May 8 – 9 In Milwaukee.