Mexico Assembly WireTech Expo

The largest harness exhibition in the north of the country.

If you have a machining or automation workshop, if you are a supplier of electrical equipment, if you work in an assembly and wiring company or complete harnesses, this is the right place for you.

More than 1,000 visitors, of which 42.62% were focused on the automotive industry and the rest in different sectors such as the aerospace industry, white goods, among others.

It should be noted that 22.03% of our visitors were engineers, 24% sales managers, 17% plant managers, and the rest of our visitors are in the purchasing, sales and marketing area.
24% of our visitors belong to OEMS companies, 13.22% Tier 2 companies, 16.30% Tier 1 companies and 42.18% indicated that they belong to this industry.

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WireTech 2022


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