EWPT 2022 New Product: CAMI’s M2Z Low Voltage Multi-Conductor Cable Tester

A Complete Cable Management System

CAMI Research Inc.  (Acton, MA), manufacturer of the CableEye® brand of automation-ready cable and harness test systems, will release the model M2Z low voltage test system at the EWPTE in Milwaukee. In addition to checking for opens, shorts, and miswires, this entry-level tester checks for intermittent faults and diode orientation. The control module has 128 test points and includes a probe socket with probe. The M2Z ships with comprehensive, automation-ready software that allows for tester management, troubleshooting, pass/fail testing, and testing of any product volume and mix from prototyping through to batch testing.


A leader in the development of PC-based cable and wire harness test systems, CAMI offers the CableEye suite of products complete with accessories – including auto-detected, plug-in connector boards for fast, convenient set-up and testing of standard cables. When pre-populated and pre-configured boards are used, the software automatically displays a graphic of the connectors in addition to the wiring under test. The tester can be readily programmed to do the same for custom boards and fixtures. These boards are designed to fit all CableEye testers.

With a single click, the wiring schematic switches to a customizable netlist view which can be set to display wiring colors. In both views, a large PASS/FAIL indicator is clearly visible and distinctive audible tones are played.

Each test board may be paired with other CableEye adapter boards to accommodate any combination of connectors. An incredibly versatile test system, most CableEye testers are expandable to accommodate large and complex harnesses, and users can connect, and configure them in numerous ways — set up an array of QuickMount™ housings fitted connector boards,plug custom interface cables directly into any of the 64 pin headers on the control and expansion modules, or use a test interface panel, perhaps on a rack-mounted system. Not just for testing, CableEye systems provide complete cable management offering features not available on any other cable test equipment, and may be used to test unlimited types of connectors.

Cristina and Hugo Alvarez

The entry-level M2Z provides basic continuity measurement in cables and small wire harnesses. It is suitable for cables carrying digital signals or any electronic signaling where small amounts of resistance in the cable or connections will not affect the function of equipment to which the cables are connected. The entire cable may be scanned for intermittent connections at a fast cycle rate to test for bad connections that may result from motion or flexing. The unit has 128 test points which is enough to test cables or wire harnesses with up to 64 conductors. Other models can be expanded up to 2,560 +24 test points by connecting expansion modules (128-points per module).

A probe is included which works with our software to identify unterminated wires. Other models include a remote control socket to be used for either an optional external footswitch, or for a custom remote control to extend panel indicators and test button, and an accessory socket for minihook connectors or a probe for use with AutoBuild™ guided assembly.

M2Z Software

The M2Z ships with comprehensive, automation-ready software that allows for tester management, troubleshooting, pass/fail testing, and testing of any product volume and mix. Touch-screen compatible, the software provides maximum flexibility for the widest range of test needs: From prototyping and R&D through to batch testing, from High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) through to Low Mix High Volume (LMHV):

  • Set up measurement, reporting (e.g. documentation), networking, and log-in requirements.
  • Block unauthorized access and unauthorized changes to stored data and scripts.
  • Design, debug, and test automation scripts created with simple built-in macros. Activate scripts with barcode reader to automate testing and ensure consistency: Control tower lights, lock and release latches, diverter gates, label printers and more.
  • Set up complex automation tasks with built-in JavaScript.
  • Create pop-up windows for operator work instructions. Follow displayed instructions and photos to set up and test batches of cables and automatically generate labels and reports.
  • Design First-Article cables and modify others.
  • Link custom test fixtures to CableEye software using the optional PinMap™ software module.
  • Manage integration with other test instruments using the optional Applications Programming Interface (API) software module: Control the M2Z with your custom GUI software interface, LabView™, Visual Basic®, Visual C++®, and Visual C#® scripting languages or Microsoft®.NET™ framework.
  • With single-click or barcode reader activation, enable the Production Mode to display only a limited set of essential controls and information to the production worker.
  • Update the software anytime with a simple download and ensure your test system remains current.

Industry Standards

All low voltage CableEye systems easily handle low voltage electrical testing requirements of the IPC/WHMA-A-620 guidelines in addition to the most exacting reporting requirements of government-contracted and ISO 9000-style certified companies.


All new testers ship ready-to-use with a two-year Product Support Subscription (PSS) comprising warranty, free tech support, complimentary software upgrades and more. The PSS is renewable, though not required for tester operation.

Availability & Domestic US Pricing

Accepting orders from 10 May 2022 for July delivery, the M2Z starts at $1,495 USD and includes automation-ready operating software, a standard connector board set (CB15C), and probe. Requires any Windows®-capable computer running Windows 7 or later. Compatible with touchscreen and laptop PCs.

Contact [email protected] or (978) 266-2655 for a quote.

International Sales: Prices are USA only and subject to exchange rates, freight and import costs. Contact your local authorized distributor for local pricing.

CAMI Research produces expandable and upgradable diagnostic Cable & Harness Test Systems for assembly, prototyping, production, and QC of standard or custom cables. CableEye® Testers display, and document basic electrical properties such as continuity, resistance, capacitance, dielectric breakdown, insulation resistance, miswires, and intermittent defects.