30 Years at WHMA Conference for WHN

WHMA recently celebrated their 30th Annual Conference in Albuquerque, NM.  WHN has been proud to have joined WHMA on the journey, exhibiting at every event since the beginning. The most recent conference proved, once again, that WHMA is always evolving ahead of the industry. Marilyn Magowan, former Editor at Wiring Harness News, remembered the many conferences she attended through the years. “The events were a hit with from the very first one in Novi, MI. I remember subsequent shows in Clearwater, Las Vegas, Atlanta with other fantastic locations. They were always great networking opportunities, and we had a lot of fun learning.”

This year was no different with a dynamic roster of speakers. Author and speaker Dan Thurman wowed the crowd with some amazing stunts and interaction while conveying a powerful message about leaning forward into new challenges, and how trying something harder simplifies the current level. He left attendees excited to try something harder, say something kinder, and give something greater.

Kit Welchlin, Professional Consultant and Minnesota Speakers Association Hall of Famer provided a roadmap for improving communication and fostering winners in your organization. Christopher Lee, Ph.D, Professor and Author offered strategies to develop leaders in the 21st century with tips on managing the efforts of Gen Z workers. Pamela Barnum, Trust Strategist & Nonverbal Communication Expert described trust as existing at the intersection of confidence and empathy. She gave detailed instruction on developing the latter based on decoding non-verbal cues from our coworkers and loved ones.

Back by popular demand, Peter Zeihan and Shawn DuBravac appeared with virtual presentations. Peter is a Strategist, Thinker and frequent guest on many media thought programs and podcasts. His predictions of what will happen on the world stage have been eerily accurate. Some of the scenarios he proposed were a bit concerning, while others were very optimistic. Shawn has been at a few past WHMA Conferences and his predictions are very specific to the harness industry. His research is based on the most recent data he compiles in the various sectors and provides an excellent basis for decision making.

One of the roundtables that attracted the interest of many was titled Wiring Harness Design Validation and was hosted by career harness industry leader Arik Vrobel. Arik’s new venture, Cableteque, seeks to tackle the disconnect between customer, CAE, data and reality. Look for some a detailed analysis of the problem, along with Cableteque’s new industry solutions, in the next issue of WHN.

The roundtable sessions are always a hit. Those hosted by TE Connectivity, Marsh Electronics, IPC, Telsonic and others delivered a plethora of information attendees can put into action now.

Many thanks to WHMA for giving us the opportunity to network with our readers over the years. The WHMA Annual Conference has always been a space to have more in-depth conversations and plan strategy. For WHN, it’s a diamond opportunity to listen to the questions concerns and challenges that cable assembly and harness manufacturers face. It allows us in to better focus our content on issues that truly help the industry. We feel confident future attendance at this event will heighten the focus of your organization as well.

Heard in the Isles

Last year, attendees told us they were beyond busy, with no gaps in their schedules to allow for new business. This year, manufacturers we spoke with were still quite busy, but were beginning to see opportunities in their manufacturing schedules to accommodate new customers. Last year, one manufacturer mentioned they had a list of “call back” customers. This year, that same company said they were just beginning to look at that list to fill gaps on the horizon. Most attributed at least part of 2022 levels to over buying. There does, however, seem to be some gentle softening, at least in the craziness, of the last couple years.

Another very interesting comment in a breakout roundtable was made by a manufacturer of high voltage cables. He expressed consternation with his ability to accommodate his current hi-voltage cable needs. He has grave concerns as to how the world demand will match supplies to meet the lofty electrification goals stated by OEMs and governments.